Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims Continues in Myanmar

Buddhists want Muslims in camps and deported


SITTWE, Myanmar — The Buddhist monastery on the edge of this seaside town is a picture of tranquillity, with novice monks in saffron robes finding shade under a towering tree and their teacher, U Nyarna, greeting a visitor in a sunlit prayer room.

But in these placid surroundings Mr. Nyarna's message is discordant, and a far cry from the Buddhist precept of avoiding harm to living creatures. Unprompted, Mr. Nyarna launches into a rant against Muslims, calling them invaders, unwanted guests and "vipers in our laps."

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  1. Frisbeetarian buddhists don’t grok the real sort. I didn’t either until I was in Asia watching a long line of buddhists kneel on a little board, bow and whip themselves after every step walking up the road on their pilgrimage. I tried asking the driver about it and he laughed saying that his great-squared grandfather converted away from buddhism for that reason.

  2. The Buddhists recognize the true threat of Islamofascism. Too bad the West is too stupid to do the same.

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