Police Abuse

Cop Forces Disabled Woman Off the Road For Going Two MPH Over the Limit


Reason 24/7 features a story on a cop in Florida who carried out what is called a P.I.T (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver on a speeding car back in October. The maneuver is commonly used by police to stop reckless drivers who pose a serious danger to others on the road.

However, in this instance the driver was 62-year-old Sandra Silasavage, who was driving her 2008 Ford Expedition at 57mph on a stretch of road with a 55mph speed limit.  Deputy Sean Freeman of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Department, who forced Silasavage off the road, claims that he saw her hunched over the wheel and did not slow down when he turned his blue lights on. Silasavage claims that she did not see the lights.

Silasavage might have been hunched over because of a horse riding accident from decades ago that broke her back. Her spine is permanently bent and twisted, she requires a cane to walk, and has a morphine pump implanted in her spine. Freeman evidently thought Silasavage dangerous enough to force her off the road, total her car, and put her in hospital. She has been charged with fleeing and eluding and possession of four oxycodone pills without a prescription. The Sheriff's Office maintains that Deputy Freeman's use of the P.I.T maneuver was acceptable.

Understandably, Silasavage is upset:

"I was so angry. I could not believe he did that while I was trying to pull over," Silasavage said. "I can't understand it. He said he was concerned we were close to a construction site, but that's another four miles farther west."

Inmates thought the charges laughable:

"It's ludicrous," Silasavage said. "Fleeing and eluding? Ridiculous. Just take a look at me. Are you kidding? The inmates at Rock Road all fell about laughing when they heard what I'd been charged with. I was sitting in a wheelchair."

The case has yet to go to court. 


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  1. Pfff – it’s not like a dog got shot or something.

  2. Pigs gonna pig.

  3. The Sheriff’s Office maintains that Deputy Freeman’s use of the P.I.T maneuver was acceptable.


  4. Hopefully the office used the time that she was in the hospital to visit her home and shoot her dog, just in case.

  5. were any steroids found in his system?

  6. This is why any encounter with a cop is cause to get very nervous. You just don’t know if this encounter is going to be one with the out-of-control cop who is having a bad day and does insane shit like this.

    1. Especially if you’re in the Seattle area and you happen to get the cop whose quantum particle research grant just got turned down, or maybe he was only able to bench 1,000lbs that morning.

      1. Or his morning bowl of Apha-Bit cereal was all capital letters and punctuation.

        1. Or his morning bowl of Apha-Bit cereal was all capital letters and punctuation.

          I used to love Alpha-Bits cereal when I was a kid. Every morning, before my classes at Julliard, I’d have a big bowl. I’d sit at the table with my dad Barry Goldwater and we’d talk about our plans for the day.

      2. “I’ve been ionized, but I’m okay now.”

  7. I think that the default reaction of the department that this was in any way acceptable is almost as troubling as the incident itself. Supervisors completely tone deaf to reasonable behavior in use of deadly force encourage this recklessness.

    On the other hand, the taxpayers will probably be handing the lady a big, fat check that in no way will negatively impact the operations of their police department.

    1. Such cynicism.

    2. A couple of years back here in Atlanta we had a couple of teenagers caught w/ pot in the car. Being dumb, they decided to run. Of course this gave the cop a raging hard on so the chase was on. At around 100 mph the cop executed the pit and of course the kids were killed in the ensuing and predictable horrifying wreck. GBI review said it was completely standard and called for. No need to think officer…at’ a boy.

  8. Its PUNK cops like this that I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty. Worthless P O S!


    1. I have to take everything I said about Ray Kurzweil back. The singularity has arrived.

      1. No, stupid bot is still stupid.

  9. This seems like a good time to share my new “officer safety” video. (Watch for about a minute, very safe for work.)

    1. I fail at linking. Skip to about the 10-minute mark.

      1. A refresh seemed to do the trick.

    2. Pretty much sums it up.

    3. So, you’re saying the best way to deal with paranoid psychopath cops is to projectile vomit rainbows onto them?

      1. If you’re an alien with a cute death ray, I’d say you might consider it.

  10. I had a cop force me off the road in Georgia because I didn’t pass him. I was admittedly speeding on the highway, doing about 80 in the left lane but saw him and slowed down right away and pulled into the right lane about a car length or two behind.

    He slowed down and knocked me off the road (I tried getting back into the other lane, but he blocked me), then just drove off.

    I was just lucky I didn’t get arrested.

    1. I had to swerve off the road into a ditch to avoid a head-on collision with a cop in Tallahassee. He was typing on his laptop while driving and swerving across both lanes on a narrow two-lane road. I don’t think he ever saw me.

      For anyone familiar with Tallahassee, I was driving on Old Bainbridge Rd out by Fred George Rd.

      1. Shit, Old Braindead has perilously deep ditches and no shoulder in some parts IIRC. But I live in Wakulla. The question is what was someone presumably intelligent (yes you, Mensan) doing in a shithole like Tallahassee?

        1. Getting one of my college degrees.

          1. Correction: getting two of my college degrees.

            1. In tractor pullz and Rush Limbaugh studies?

      2. Ha! A lifetime ago, I worked at Mike’s Beer Barn; selling draught beer by the gallon and 1/2 gallon at the drive through window and loading an endless stream of kegs into cars.

  11. Peasants should know that driving is a government given privilege and be thankful if the cop only cripples you (or further cripples you). Cops have a right to do whatever the fuck they want on their public roads.

  12. The Sheriff’s Office maintains that Deputy Freeman’s use of the P.I.T maneuver was acceptable.

    In other words, they intend to continue injuring old ladies.

  13. Procedures were followed…

    1. What is with Florida Cops?

      They’re just like all cops?

  14. If a private citizen did this it would be like, at least three felonies. Assault with a deadly weapon, battery, felony destruction of property. But just because he’s a cop this is somehow legal? Ridiculous.

    1. But just because he’s a cop this is somehow legal?

    2. Not just legal, but perfectly acceptable behavior.

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    1. Is it good? I started playing stalker shadow of chernobyl, with the 2009 complete mod, for some reason. I was bored with New Vegas for a while.

      1. Of course it’s good. It’s Borderlands. Didn’t you play the first one?

        1. Nope. Last several games that I finished are Skyrim, Arcania Gothic 4, Risen, Risen 2, Gothic 3, Two Worlds 2, Draon Age Origins, and Fallout 3. Started on New Vegas, about 40 hours in, and now playing Stalker. Oh, and also just started playing a little Sleeping Dogs, not sure about this, it’s sort of weird and not so much my type of game, like a Martial Arts in Hong Kong GTA.

          Is borderlands FPS or RPG? I tend to RPG, but will do FPS if it includes RPG aspects.

          1. Dude, it is a FPS and an RPG. That is what makes it so great. And it does random loot drops. If you want to stay cheap do the first one first and the new one will probably have gone down in price by the time you’re ready for it.

            1. Awesome. Now you have done it, you have made me go looking to buy another game.

              That is actually the type of games that I like best, which is why I love New Vegas so much. Stalker is similar, but probably not quite so much RPG as New Vegas.

              I will take a looksie at the first one, if the graphics are acceptable I will give it a try.

              I think I got New Vegas with all the add-ons for $20, or something like that, which was a hell of a bargain.

              You are playing that on PC, right? I am one of those PC gamiing elitist snobs. I can’t remember if you are, or a console peep.

              1. I am absolutely a PC snob with a GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Consoles are for poor people and chimps.

                You can get the first one from Steam, with all 4 DLCs, for $30. It provides a tremendous amount of gameplay and some of the DLCs are really good (Zombie and General Knox). Just realize the game is much less about plotline (though it has one) and more about killing things and getting loot and making your character stupid powerful with insane guns. But with humor.

                1. Consoles are for poor people and chimps

                  lol. Yes, consoles suck. I have an xbox 360, but never use it. I was playing red dead redemption a little, but graphics suck ballz compared to PC. I was heckling the life out of one of my co-workers for talking about how great Skyrim looks on the xbox. I am using a Radeon 5750. The first game I have ever had to push it is Sleeping Dogs on extreme level, although it runs fine on high. It’s upgrade time for me, I need a new board, chip, and ram. After Christmas…

                  Just realize the game is much less about plotline and more about killing things and getting loot

                  Did I mention that Fallout New Vegas is one of my favorites? Killing things, upgrading weapons, and plundering loot is da shit.

                  1. Try planetside 2.. its free to play, FPS MMO. I’m running a radeon 4870 (getting a bit old) and when huge battles get going I get chunky even on low settings. Most games play fine maxed.

                2. I’ve got a GTX 550 Ti and had major frame rate issues playing CoD and any Blizzard games. Thinkin’ this might be my last GeForce build.

              2. There’s nothing wrong with console gaming. I have everything… 360, PS3 (which died last week :'(), Wii, Wii U, Vita, 3DS.

                Plus I have a beastly gaming PC. I have a shitton of games on my PC, but it’s been a while since I played on it.

                1. Console gaming is ok as long as you don’t care about graphics or modding or anything else that most hardcore gamers care about. I also prefer the feel of WASD and a mouse over a controller.

  16. No matter how many of these I see, my favorite is still the cop beating the shit out of a guy in a holding tank who is handcuffed to a bench while the cop screams over and over that he is not a goon. You just cant make this stuff up.

    I cant find the damned video now.

  17. “It’s ludicrous,” Silasavage said. “Fleeing and eluding? Ridiculous. Just take a look at me. Are you kidding? The inmates at Rock Road all fell about laughing when they heard what I’d been charged with. I was sitting in a wheelchair.”

    I suspect “fleeing and eluding” refers to the fact that you were driving a vehicle, moron. Seriously?

    This is one side of the story, of course, and obviously cops often think they can get away with anything so it’s likely they’re lying. But the fleeing and eluding charge is not ipso facto absurd.

    1. Authority’s dick won’t suck itself; that’s what Tulpa’s for. Slurp slurp!

      1. He has a PhD, you know. He’s very smart, much smarter than you. How dare you not accept his snide condescension and sloppy reasoning? That’s glib. You’re glib.

    2. Tulip – proving once again that there is no Peak Stupid as long as he draws breath

    3. I suspect “fleeing and eluding” refers to the fact that you were driving a vehicle

      Wrong again, shitbird. “Fleeing and eluding” means that you some some sign of knowing you are being pursued by the police and take positive actions to attempt to get away through speed (fleeing) or hiding/evasive maneuvers (eluding). That the pig’s story is that she was going 57 in a 55 and he was concerned that she was slumped over the wheel when he ran her off the road for the safety of other drivers, means one way to the other, Officer Fuckstick is lying.

      No matter how shit-smeared a cop’s cock is, you go down on it with an idiot’s grin and the skill of a toothless whore.

  18. “Acceptable”, my ass. That was reckless endangerment at the very least, and the thug really should be prosecuted for attempted murder.


    1. Yeah, she’s a menace!

      Oh – you mean the cop.

      Never mind.

      /Emily Littela

  19. He said he was concerned we were close to a construction site

    And here I was convinced that construction sites were only about setting up speed cameras to collect moar revenue for the great society. It’s nice to see that it’s now also about getting those damned old hunchback pill poppers off the road, they were becoming one hell of a menace.

    1. “moar” whoa! whoo-hoo, haha right on.

      1. Who are you?

        1. It’s the laughtrack from Two and a Half Men trolling for work.

  20. 2 mph isn’t even citable in Florida. The statutes say up to 5 mph over the limit officers can only issue a warning. Most of them won’t even bother pulling you over for less than 10 mph over, but this fucking psychopath thinks it’s justifiable to intentionally cause a car crash.

    1. I don’t even think the speed cams will go off here if you aren’t more than 10 over. Never heard of anyone getting pulled over for less than 5 over, even in a school zone.

    2. Here’s what I suspect happened. He’s driving along, and sees that she’s slumped in the seat (because her deformed spine prevents her from sitting up).

      She’s tootling along on the cruise control, and of course, can’t see to well out of her mirrors because her head is so low.

      He puts on his lights. No response. He thinks “ZOMG OUI iz passed out! I must decisively act!” and pits her. Of course, if she had been OUI, he’d have been a hero. Instead if the truth comes out, he’s a zero. So he spins his yarn about her attempting to flee etc.

      It’s always very important to remember that interacting with police is like interacting with a chimpanzee. You can get along famously with them, they’ll even give you hugs and stuff, but some day, with little or no warning, they’ll try to bite your face off and gouge out your eyes.

      Which is why you should avoid them at all costs.

      1. That’s quite an analogy, tarran. Very apt. There’s no way you came up with it yourself. You probably stole it from NutraSweet’s trash.

        1. You know, Epi, not every good idea comes from dumpster diving.

          I know you are saying that because you are from Connecticut which is a state that’s really the ginger Down’s syndrome girl that was the product of MA’s and NY’s incestuous tryst, and you think all ideas come from the trash of your betters.

          And, it’s kind of understandable that your myopic vision of how intelligence works was wakened even further by the knowledge that your hero Bill Gates used precisely that method to learn how to code the Basic compiler he sold to IBM back in the day, and perhaps if the guys at Netscape had had the courtesy to leave printouts in their garbage, perhaps Internet Explorer wouldn’t be such a disaster.

          So I forgive you for being an ignorant slut since you can’t help it… well I forgive the ignorance anyway.

      2. I’m sure he could have gotten her attention with a siren blast.

      3. After reading the comment thread in the linked article, I think you’re right. Dudley Do-Right fucked up something awful. No other explanation makes sense. Even Andy Breckman couldn’t come up with one.

        Do-Right must’ve been influenced by the extravagant use of the PIT maneuver by other police in his dept., and it looks like he didn’t really know its limitations or how to execute it properly.

        1. This is what happens when Andy won’t let Barney use his one bullet.

          Who am I kidding? Even Barney Fife had the sense to not go around crippling a cripple even further.

        2. And, I hate to be a sexist piglet about this, but have you seen the new LED flashing lights on NW Florida police cars? Blue and Pink (yes, friggin pink) stroboscopic LEDs flashing so fast as to be nearly invisible in bright daylight … but nearly blinding at the same time, if you look directly at them.

          [Also, they are like those white-strobe lights marking some radio towers, if your eye is moving when they blink, they look like they are all over the place. Not such an issue on a police car, where it’s not going to smack you out of there air. But, pink lights! Pink, I say! Not any sort of red, but pure magenta-tized PINK!]

          1. NW Florida? You mean Alabama?

    3. This guy’s story is suspect in more ways than just that, but that is the first thing that comes to mind.

      She claims she didnt see the lights. He did not counter by saying that he turned the siren on. No siren, just lights….and he runs her off the road?

      How soon after turning on his lights, assuming he actually did, before he hit her?

      Why is hunching over the wheel suspicious?

    4. WRONG!

      The entire police department thinks it’s acceptable, not just that psycho.

  21. Stinking old people, if they’d just die already none of this would be an issue, now would it?

    1. Fuck off and die, troll.

  22. Shit. Guess what’s gonna be on the news for the next several weeks:

    Florida man cites ‘stand your ground’ after killing of black teen amid loud music dispute

    Now that the finally found a real one, this is gonna get ridiculous.

    1. That racist baby killer’s gotta be a Bush or a Romney.

    2. That is one old-looking 45-year-old. I would have guessed early sixties.

    3. Sounds like a pretty clear-cut murder case.

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  24. OT:
    State gov’t requires flame-retardant, turns out that they may not be healthy (and “may” is used advisedly; some symptoms are ‘linked’ to the chems. Lefty-speak for OMG!)

    “California has been a prominent force behind fire retardants because of a 1975 state law, the only one of its kind in the nation,…”

    And, since they are required by a brain-dead ‘DO SOMETHING’ law, they are, of course, the fault of the companies which complied (from the comments):
    “People who take the time to learn have known about chemicals like these for a long time. It’s the lack of government oversight from agencies staffed and headed by industry insiders that go back and forth between the regulated and the regulators that has allowed this problem to exist.”
    Not all of them are that stupid, but, hey…

  25. Cool video.

    What happens to your ammo in a fire.

      1. “I wept openly at 12:40”

        I was thinking the same thing myself. As expensive as retail commercial ammunition is, the 400,000 rnds of ammunition used in that test would have been outrageously expensive. The 7mm Magnum ammunition alone is about ~$35-$45.00 a box (retail), I can just imagine how much the .416 Rigby or .458 Winchester Magnum ammunition was worth.

        1. It was like a slow motion nightmare…would rather have read jezebel while SF narrated a Warty/Epi love story.

          1. Noooooooooooooooo!

          2. Damn you squirrels, I. AM. NOT. SPAM!

            CB, that’s some brain scaring imagery right there.

  26. Sounds like someone was resisting.

  27. Does anyone have a problem with the fact that an old woman who can’t sit upright behind the wheel of an SUV, and has a morphine pump in her spine, has a license to drive on the road?

    I was sitting in the store parking lot waiting on my wife and I see this ancient women with a cane, can barely walk, take 20 minutes to walk 10 ft, another 10 minutes to open the door and maneuver herself behind the wheel of her giant Lincoln. Nobody can convince me this lady has any ability react in time to anything on the road much less find her way home while staying in her lane.

    1. A) Florida.
      B) my 75 year old father is for Driver retesting every two years after 65.

      /Can’t tell if you’re just concern trolling.

    2. Nobody can convince me

      That’s all you needed to say. Fuckwit concern troll.

  28. This is what juries are for. Let’s just hope she get’s twelve responsible adults instead of twelve pig-fellators.

  29. Why the hell would a woman with back problems want oxycodone pills?

  30. Her mistake is going 2mph over the limit, clearly she should have been going at least 80mph.

  31. The modern Police State in action.

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