Police Abuse

WA County Pays Additional $1.4M To settle Police Abuse, Cover-Up

King County has already paid $10M for the damage inflicted on Christopher Harris


SEATTLE — Attorneys representing the family of Christopher Harris today announced they have reached a $1.478 million settlement regarding allegations that the King County Sheriff's Department intentionally withheld highly damaging documents showing that Deputy Matthew Paul exhibited a pattern of behavioral issues before and after he shoved Harris into a wall in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

When the documents were uncovered following a $10 million settlement in a civil trial against King County, Sim Osborn, the Harris family's attorney, filed additional claims. The documents allegedly included at least four complaints that the deputy who attacked Harris had previously used unnecessary or excessive force.

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  1. Stick it to them, take them for every penny they have!

    The United States is now a Police state. The elections are now selections by the rich and powerful and are designed to give the illusion of representative government. Our police have gone from "protect and serve" to "arrest and shakedown" We have no courts with the guts to stop these money grubbing thug cop errand boy bill collectors through application of the Bill of Rights because several Congressmen have boldly stated they do not care what the constitution says ? they will do what they want and this attitude has filtered down to the local political and court level. Shun the Cops and local politicians ? do not serve them in restaurants or in retail stores nor assist them ? they deserve insult and psychological abuse rather than any assistance. Passive resistance includes ignoring their presence, screwing up their orders, when questioned by them use "I don't remember I have a memory problem", cold food, too much pepper, overcooked food, warm soda, and three day old coffee and week old doughnuts. They just may get the message to stop with the thuggery. The Police are no longer "constables of the peace" but "enforcers of the tyrants". TSA is what all Police will soon act like.

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