Hungarian Parliamentarian Wants Government to Draw up List of Dangerous Jews


Two different statues of Miklos Horthy went up in Hungary during my brief visit there this summer

Hungary, long considered one of post-communist Central Europe's biggest success stories, has been backsliding fast since the rancidly populist Fidesz–Hungarian Civic Union party headed by Viktor Orbán won a two-thirds parliamentary majority in 2010. Among the many illiberal developments has been an alarming resurgence in government-sanctioned anti-Semitism.

Now Reuters is reporting on an appalling new development:


A Hungarian far-right politician urged the government to draw up lists of Jews who pose a "national security risk", stirring outrage among Jewish leaders who saw echoes of fascist policies that led to the Holocaust.

Marton Gyongyosi, a leader of Hungary's third-strongest political party Jobbik, said the list was necessary because of heightened tensions following the brief conflict in Gaza and should include members of parliament. […]

Gyongyosi, who leads Jobbik's foreign policy cabinet, told Parliament: "I know how many people with Hungarian ancestry live in Israel, and how many Israeli Jews live in Hungary," according to a video posted on Jobbik's website late on Monday.

"I think such a conflict makes it timely to tally up people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian government, who, indeed, pose a national security risk to Hungary."

Jobbik holds 44 of 386 seats in the Hungarian Parliament, according to the Reuters report. Fidesz and the government condemned Gyongyosi's statement.

A half-million Hungarian Jews died during the Holocaust, often with the enthusiastic participation of their non-Jewish countrymen.

Link via the Twitter feed of Nick Denton.

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  1. You know who else drew up lists of Jews who posed a “national security risk”…

    1. Und erst, meine Freunden!!

    2. Pontius Pilate?

    3. Joe McCarthy?

    4. Your mom?

    5. Are we even allowed to discuss this article? We’ll surely descend into a Godwin singularity.

      1. You know who else descended into a Godwin singularity ….


        Jus’ sayin’

  2. Hungary, long considered one of post-communist Central Europe’s biggest success stories, has been backsliding fast since the rancidly populist Fidesz?Hungarian Civic Union party headed by Viktor Orb?n won a two-thirds parliamentary majority in 2010.

    I used to hope otherwise, but the older I get, the more I’m convinced that mankind doesn’t like being off the leash.

    1. Fucked we are, yes, hmmmm.

    2. Just wait till the Magyar Brotherhood gets hold of the rains of power.

      1. It will be a very wet day indeed when that happens.

    3. Hungary was backsliding well before Fidesz got into power. Fisdesz was preceded by a rancidly socialist government.

      1. Yeah, but the rancid socialists are OK in the eyes of the chattering classes in Brussels.

    4. The worst human emotions–hate, envy, jealousy–are some of the most powerful. Unfortunately.

      1. The worst human emotions are whatever you have, dickweed.

        1. Contempt and boredom?

      2. Fucking Dark Side and their hate cookies.

        1. Mmmmm, hate cookies…

          It’s the fear and anger that really make them good.

      3. “Feelings aren’t positive and negative, they simply exist. It’s what we do with those feelings that becomes good or bad. For example, feeling angry about an injustice could lead someone to take a positive action to correct it.”

        — Counselor Troi

        1. Why was she on the show again?

            1. Yeah, but why did she have dialogue? Lt. Uhura, for instance, only spoke more than a handful of words on occasion. And she was an okay character, anyway.

              1. Wasn’t she the ship’s Sex Counselor?

                1. Oh, was that it? Then why was she on the bridge? It’s not like Picard was having much sex.

                  1. It’s not like Picard was having much sex.

                    Riker, OTOH…

                2. There were times, especially during the earlier seasons, when based on her wardrobe I had to kind of wonder just what kind of “counselor” she was.

                  It’s just too bad that she wasn’t more attractive. I never really thought she was that hot. In fact a lot of those more revealing outfits were really not flattering on her at all.

                  1. TNG literally had the worst women on it. TOS had a bunch of hot women, even VOY had Jeri Ryan and ENT had Jolene Blalock. Just another crime TNG is responsible for.

                    1. The big difference between TOS and most Star Trek that followed were the characters. They were very well done in the original and only sporadically well done in the later shows.

                    2. That’s because Gene created the ultimate trinity in Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The captain superhero, his brilliant first officer, and the curmudgeonly doctor with their corresponding conflicts was a brilliant creation. In TNG, they tried to split Kirk into Picard plus Riker, and it didn’t work. They couldn’t do a Vulcan-human hybrid again, so all of Spock’s internal conflicts became unavailable to any subsequent characters. Basically, Gene’s first formulation was so comprehensive it made it impossible to do another good cast.

                    3. Not impossible. Just difficult. The guys running the show just couldn’t hack it.

          1. One of the best moments in TNG history was when Ro Laren and O’Brien realized that Troi was the highest-ranking officer on the bridge when it was cut off from the rest of the ship and was thus in command. The sense of “we’re fucked” was palpable.

            1. Quickly ruined by her not being incompetent.

              Want a woman to be competent in command? Then bring her on the show as someone with that experience. Instead, they threw her and Crusher into situations they couldn’t possibly be qualified for, and they did just peachy. Picard should go perform some surgery.

              When McCoy had command moments, he was clearly out of his element and acted that way.

              1. It did kind of cheapen the whole mystique of being “The Captain” didn’t it? I mean, if it’s so easy to command a starship that the designated vapid pseudo eye-candy can do it, then that means there’s really nothing special about Picard.

                1. Exactly. The show was terrible with stuff like that.

          2. Alt-Universe Troi on Six action soft porn novels.

  3. I got a clear view of anti-semitic irrationality since going online back in the FIDOnet days. My last name is very WASP. It’s so English it shows up in the A&E Hornblower series. Yet I can’t count the number of times I’ve been “accused” of being a Jew on FIDOnet and Internet.

    1. Hey, the ampersands work again!

      1. Only a Jew would use ampersands. You’re a convert, aren’t you!

      2. Ampersands are for goyim only!

  4. Say, is that some sort of chocolate statue?

    1. Yeah, but it looks all hazel-nutty. Yech.

      1. Some sort of Hungarian chocolate?

    2. That’s a wooden statue of Admiral Horthy, Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary 1920-44 (“a kingdom without a king, a country which had no coastline led by an admiral”).

      This statute was erected recently, then not long afterward a Hungarian-Jewish lawyer poured red paint on it while shouting “mass murderer!” (AFAIK)

      The charge is debatable: on the one hand, Hungary was under German military occupation by the time the deportations started, the Prime Minister was forced on Horthy by the Germans, Horthy claimed that he thought that the deportations were for the purpose of providing manpower for the German war industry, the Western Allies refused to prosecute him as a war criminal or hand him over to the Russians/Hungarians.

      On the other hand, he did not resign; he did put an end to the deportations once Hungary was heavily bombed by the Americans, and even if he had a good-faith belief that the purpose of the deportations was work in the Reich, he allowed Hungarian citizens to be taken for essentially slave labor.

  5. Reuters needs to get writers a little better schooled in history. It was Nazism, and its particular brand of fascism, that was anti-Semitic as a basic policy (which they exported to conquered nations). There were Jews involved in Italian fascism until Hitler attained the upper hand in the relationship and forced their expulsion. Fascism, per se, isn’t anti-Semitic. Look at the USA, there are plenty of Jews involved with our brand of fascism. And there are plenty of Jews who are communists, and of course there are plenty who are free marketeers. To say that fascism and anti-semitism are co-joined only fuels semantic breakdown that when you properly label the US economic system as fascistic people guffaw because there aren’t Jews being marched off to camps so it can’t be fascism.

    1. Mises helpfully points out that many of the philosophical tenets of Nazism were first propounded by Jews – Nazism is just socialism + anti-Semitism.

      1. + Nationalism. Don’t forget about that. It’s even in the name: National Socialism.

        1. Sort of like the modern day “Republican” and “Democrat” parties in the United States of America, both of which are nationalist and socialist, to different degrees.

    2. A good point, and one I’ve made before.

      If you try to tell people that the US is sliding towards fascism, they just point out that the Gestapo didn’t arrest you for saying there, and there aren’t Jews in camps, so therefore, it must not be a dictatorship.

      Hitler did the world an even larger disservice than anyone thought – he permanently set the bar. Anything less than full-on Nazi Germany is now considered “not so bad”.

      1. …Gestapo didn’t arrest you for saying that


      2. Hitler wasn’t all bad, though. I mean, he built roads, right?

      3. You know who else set the bar for being an evil authoritarian leader?

  6. *rubs eyes*

    What year is it again?

  7. I don’t think anti-semitism ever really disappeared from Europe. As the holocaust becomes more and more of a distant memory, we’re going to see more of this shit in the years to come. There are days when I honestly hope that the Mayan apocalypse really does happen next month. Goddammit people fucking suck.

    1. At least the Gypsies are safe.

      1. There are advantages to being transients. You can pack up and leave whenever you need to.

      2. Honestly, Gypsies deserve the hate. Gypsies, regardless of ethnicity are a culture of career traveling grifters, murderers, and slavers. Roma play a HUGE role in the sex-slave trade throughout Europe.

        And yeah, Europe is lousy with Jew-hate. It has no small bearing on why they lap up all the Palestinian agitprop theater.

        1. So much for the gypsies being safe….

        2. My friends in Finland bitch about Gypsy “culture”, and how all the multiculturalism types are just enablers.

    2. Exactly right. Anyone with eyes the last 10-12 years can see this. Anti-Jewish terrorism has only licensed public expressions of ‘intellectual’ anti-Semitism in Europe. It’s the ‘defining deviancy down’ problem referenced above WRT to Hitler as the only standard for dictatorship.

      The way I look at it: Europe was openly anti-Jewish for hundreds of years. The last 70 years anti-Semitism has been dormant, largely because of Holocaust shame. But people get tired of being ashamed of their history, and then turn their negative emotions on what they perceive to be the source of that shame. Hence, European anti-Israelism and growing anti-Jewish sentiment generally.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, Jews, Central Europe doesn’t like vampires either.


    Some super special someone linked to this this morning, but without that browser window being open I can’t give them the proper credit due to them for their hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.

  9. Slappy’s beloved A3P:

    Movies like Lincoln are thus mainly intended to further the cause of the suicide of White America?to be an object lesson on the necessity of multiculturalism and the moral imperative of the displacement and disempowerment of Whites.

    Lots of Jewish involvement: Produced and directed by Jewish ethnic activist Stephen Spielberg (Schindler’s List; see also here), starring Daniel Day-Lewis (half Jewish), based on a biography of Lincoln by plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin (married to a Jew), screenplay by gay activist Tony Kushner, who says he decided not to portray Lincoln as gay. One doesn’t want to get too far out ahead of the cultural zeitgeist. Maybe in a few years.

    Kushner is proud of bringing his Jewish sensibilities to the project. Wikipedia: “Kushner said Lincoln’s abolitionist ideals made him appealing to a Jewish writer, and although he felt Lincoln was Christian, he noted the president rarely quoted the New Testament and that his ‘thinking and his ethical deliberation seem very talmudic'”.

    American history through Jewish eyes, as a morality play where Lincoln’s moral standing derives from his acceptance of Jewish values. I guess if Lincoln quoted the New Testament more, he could never have become an icon of multicultural virtue.

    1. Kushner said Lincoln’s abolitionist ideals made him appealing to a Jewish writer

      Er — idealistic abolitionist hated the guy.

    2. Lincoln was no abolitionist. Circumstance lead him to offer the Emancipation Declaration, not a great love of black folk.

      Same way as Obama is no gay rights activist. Circumstance and a loud-mouthed Veep forced his hand, and now everyone thinks he’s some champion of gays.

  10. It was hear that I learned of Fidesz’s strange metamorphosis from mostly libertarian to…uh…this. Interesting case of ideologic drift.

    1. “hear”, not “hear”. I got hung up between that and “heard” instead of “learned”.

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