Public Meeting Prayers Raise Growing Objections

Some of us just check our email


It happens every week at meetings in towns, counties and cities nationwide. A lawmaker or religious leader leads a prayer before officials begin the business of zoning changes, contract approvals and trash pickup.

But citizens are increasingly taking issue with these prayers, some of which have been in place for decades. At least five lawsuits around the country — in California, Florida, Missouri, New York, and Tennessee — are actively challenging pre-meeting prayers.

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  1. Yeah this is a good sign for our culture.

    Lack of tolerance and marginalization of those who profess a morality.

    its a "good faith" practice done by well meaning ppl. if you object to this you have thin skin when it comes to others mistakes and false perceptions.

    Im generally all for separation of church and state, even crosses in govt cemetaries should stop. maybe they have a point, but legislating expression of beliefs is insanely intolerant.

    This kind of radicalism demands that all anouncements from private citizens by banned, and no community boards be allowed on govt property. its a disallowing of a subculture to have space in public operations. govt would have to treat all subgroups that way.

    1. prejudicial to a subculture who is acting in earnest, even if wrong.

      we shouldnt treat anyone prejudicial, but govt simply cant legally.

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