FBI Details California-Based Terror Plot

The suspects all recorded talking about wanting to be terrorists, but not clear whether they actually contacted known terrorist groups


Three Southern California men charged this week with plotting to kill Americans and bomb U.S. military bases overseas spent months preparing for a trip to Afghanistan where, authorities say, they hoped to join the Taliban and eventually graduate to the ranks of al-Qaida.

They seemed determined to reach their goal—even excited about the prospects of being terrorists—and weren't dissuaded when at least one of them suspected someone might be following them.

The men were unaware that one of their cohorts was an FBI informant who recorded conversations that helped thwart the plot by what authorities called a valid, homegrown extremist network.

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  1. I’m a bit torn about this.
    On the one hand, I don’t enjoy being blown up.
    On the other hand, what right do we have to stop people from doing what they want? They hadn’t done anything wrong.
    By this logic, we should go and arrest or kill every single middle eastern man, woman, and child because they could eventually become evil terrorists.
    Okay, I guess I’m not really torn about this. This was wrong.

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