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Reason Writers on TV: Brian Doherty on RT Talking Rand Paul's Stand For the 6th Amendment


Rand Paul wants his Senate colleagues to vote on an amendment to a defense authorization bill that would guarantee that, to quote the amendment:

A citizen of the United States who is captured or arrested in the United States and detained by the Armed Forces of the United States pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107–40) shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense…

The rest of the Senate does not seem inclined to want this vote to happen. I blogged about this last week, and talked about it on RT this afternoon:

From Roll Call today:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., held up the defense bill last week, seeking a deal to secure a vote on a contentious amendment about jury trials for Americans detained as part of alleged acts of terrorism.

Without making an agreement with Paul, [Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid would have to file a cloture motion to even start the floor debate, which would burn valuable time. Other senators want to offer significant amendments, as well.

Matt Welch on how Rand Paul goes against the GOP grain on defense spending.

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  1. But more importantly, what does he think about the age of the Earth and rape? That's what really matters!

    1. Gaia is way past the age of consent.

      1. So strip mining is ordinary rape, not that namby-pamby statutory variant?

        1. Gaia is saying "No!" with hurricanes and increased temperatures.

          1. Sounds like PMS.

            1. More like menopause, actually.

              1. Its menopause, Al Gore pisses & moans about the hot flashes. Gaia's appetite for carbon is insatiable, apparently.

  2. a contentious amendment about jury trials for Americans detained as part of alleged acts of terrorism.

    Contentious. Con-fucking-tentious. OMIGOD JURY TRIALS FOR AMERICANS! The terrorists will surely win now!

    1. That's how far the bipartisan consensus on civil liberties has swung authoritarian. Both parties agree that trial by jury is a luxury and not a fundamental right as far as the government is concerned.

      1. And the sad thing is, I honestly think a majority of people approve of it as long as the government says their locking up terrorists. Which of course defeats the entire purpose of due process and a trial

        1. *they're

        2. Yeah, I was once party to a debate in a college in the most liberal part of New Jersey and I lost because I said it is better to let ten guilty men go free rather than let one innocent man hang. I am convinced that Americans will one day be polarized into to camps, totalitarian and libertarian, and the totalitarians will vastly out number us.

          1. Yeah, but we have all the guns.

            1. ...Don't count on it. Unfortunately, not all gun owners are libertarian, or even libertarian leaning. A lot of 'em got a hard on for the military and the WOT.

          2. I lost because I said it is better to let ten guilty men go free rather than let one innocent man hang.

            That's a really bad meme.

            1. Indeed. What if those ten guilty men are serial killers, and after they are let free, each kills an innocent man?

              1. It is not such a bad meme.

                I can imagine many what ifs. The reality is that the criminal justice system's track record is pretty bad. If you find one out of ten to be innocent, chances are 4 or 5 others are too and you just missed it.

                Sticking to the rules laid out by the constitution and dispensing with hanging would go a long way towards keeping blood off of our hands. In principle I have no problem hanging child molesters and murderers....i could easily string them up personally and sleep well at night. I am just not confident enough in myself to know for certain who is guilty, and less confident in the system to figure it out.

                Again, experience tells me that the innocent are more likely to hang than the guilty. I can find gobs of cases where that is exactly what happened.

      2. Not just jury trial, but habeas corpus, due process, etc. is increasingly frowned upon by both parties, and a troubling fraction of the public.

      3. "...trial by jury is a luxury and not a fundamental right..."

        "...I lost because I said it is better to let ten guilty men go free rather than let one innocent man hang."

        I am an athiest...not the fire breathing evangelical kind, and I do give xianity much credit for the ideas and principles it has helped spread. Two of the most important are what is being ignored by statists here.

        A person is intrinsically valuable and has inalienable rights. I disagree with the religious on where that comes from, but so what. The state does not give them and cannot take them away.

        Didnt god supposedly offer to spare a whole city of sinners if a single good person could be found in it? A system that destroys the innocent to assure that no guilty go free is not consistent with our cultural or legal values.

        Maybe there is someone smarter than I am who can figure out how to whack the socons, and the right in gerneral, in the head with this outrageous betrayal of our values.

        1. No, the city was destroyed. Abraham was arguing for the one good person standard, but God held out for more. Abraham had to settle for a rescue operation for Lott.

    2. Hard to believe isn't it? We can't get 50 Senators who believe American citizens rate a jury trial when accused of a crime.

      1. What?!?..You want the terrorists to win?..Why do you hate America, Drake?

        1. I bet they don't hate us for our freedoms any more.

  3. OT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....ure=showob (and THAT'S the best I could find)

    Somebody's going to have to explain 2 Broke Girls. I can buy that some people like Two and a Half Men for the raunchy humor. I even can see how people are still clinging to Big Bang, even as it has lost all of the charm it had early on. Heck, even Mike and Molly stands out for steering clear of the raunch for a Chucke Lorre sitcom.

    But 2 Broke Girls has absolutely no chemistry between characters, the raunch isn't anything Two and Half Men hasn't done for 10 years now, and the acting and jokes are the most flat and joyless that I have ever seen. Someone tell me, how did this show get renewed for a SECOND season?!

    1. Wow, it's everything you said it was...plus a laugh track.

      1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....playnext=1

        I'll repeat, it was renewed for a second season. And what's more disturbing, it's receiving mixed-to-positive critical reviews.

        1. Is the brunette supposed to be the cool girl who appeals to geeks? Please say yes.

          1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....ws&list=SL

            It commits the same mistake all Chuck Lorre, multi-cam sitcoms commit: It scrapes the bottom of the barrel for humor that was lame 12 years ago.

            1. Holy shit, that's Garret Morris. Do they give him a decent amount of time for his character or is it mostly cameo?

              1. Hes a series regular, which is nice for him, but he deserves better.

          2. Kat Dennings? Yes, and she has MASSIVE boobs.

        2. It received those because some critics (AV Club's Tood VanDerWuff, and believe me, all the comments disagreed with him and the show sort of broke him because he kept trying to see the show he wanted it to be and not the shit in front of his eyes) were hoping it would become a socio-economic sitcom for the "Occupy" generation.

          Yes, that really happened.

          1. Holy cow AV Club is retarded. I stopped going there when I realized they were pretentious 'seen it all' assholes, and lefties to boot.

            1. The reviews are kind of fun, if you just read the first season that Todd covered. It's a man's slow descent into madness. It also happened during Glee's Season 3, which he also reviewed and also drove him crazy.

              I believe he's still in the Sanitarium for a few years more.

          2. Speaking of "Occupy Generation", check out this freaky trailer

            "Now You See Me"

          3. Oh, the man's not as hopeless as you make him sound. Here's something more recent:

            As the first season of 2 Broke Girls draws to a close, I find myself wondering just what it was about the show that made me so hopeful for it back in the early days. (Join me in season finale week, when I revisit the show's pilot and see if I can rekindle some of that love!) Most of the problems?weird story construction, stereotypical characters, bad jokes?that have bedeviled the show have been there from the very beginning, though I will certainly say they've gotten worse as the season has gone along and the show hasn't bothered to diversify its rhythms at all. (Tonight's episode? Yet another tale of why Max and Caroline have such trouble trusting each other and being friends, as if we hadn't already thought about that 21 times before.)

        3. Why are you watching TV? How do you think we ended up with all the pod people who think elections are about free stuff, terrorism and vaginas?


          1. I grew up watching Sliders and Cop Rock and I turned out OK.

          2. A profile of SIV

            1. I'm watching the Twilight Zone "From Agnes With Love" episode right now.

              1. And I caught part of the Dust Bowl documentary earlier.

            2. And later you will read Proust or catch a Bergman or Truffaut film down at the university.

              1. Ingmar is vastly overrated.

    2. Kat Dennings pretty face, stoner eyes & smile, nice skin, big boobs and fat bottom. I don't watch it, but at least that much is obvious.

      1. I mean, pulling her name up on google images brings up exactly one bad picture amongst thousands.


        Face is a total mess in that shot.

        1. Face is a total mess in that shot.

          Doesn't matter. I still would it hit harder than a woman falsely accused of adultery at a public stoning in Pakistan would be.

          1. So a gangbang? You have a sick mind.

            1. Guilty as charged.

              1. I'm thinking more of a chain. Go ahead, you first, I'm all about the sloppy seconds. Women are so fucking hot and nasty after wearing out the first dude.

          2. Kat Dennings is a vagitarian.

            1. Or so all the celesb-following lesbians in my tumblr feed tell me.

              1. Sound's like wishful thinking on their part.

        2. Yeah, that's the light. She's super hot, but I feel like they are not doing a very good job of making her look hot on that show.

          She looks better in real life but I want to put some different lipstick on her. Her facial features are similar to mine, in terms of general proportion, and our coloring too, and I feel like these dark reds she seems to favor make people like us look too goth-y. Something more like this, I like better. Okay I just want that color for myself.

          1. I don't like it when curly haired girls straightened it out like that.

            And I don't like it when redheads shave the carpet. Trim yes, but not a shave.

            In both cases, you were given a gift.

            1. Yeah I have no idea if her hair is really curly or not, but I doubt it's as straight as in that shoot. But I was focused on the lipstick, man, the lipstick.

              1. Lip stick is nice, lighting though is weird there as it doesn't highlight anything. And she has a skull to die for that naturally captures unusual surfaces for lighting to make interesting pictures. She's a photographers dream, but it looks like they are trying hard there to obscure that. They even get rid of the definition in her cheeks. Like a deraceanation in progress there.

                1. It's true. Seems like they are sort of going for a Zooey Deschanel thing almost. Which is way less hot.

                  1. I hate Zooey. Least interesting celeb of this decade.

                    1. I am not remotely surprised to hear you say that.

                      She has very pretty eyes. Like a doll. But otherwise, blah.

                    2. Least interesting celeb of this decade.

                      I do not give a shit; I'd still wreck that.

                  2. I dunno, I find Zooey's voice is hypnotic.

                    1. I liked her after Hitchhiker's Guide

      2. The most effective of the CBS sitcoms has been Big Bang. But only through its first season (at most, its first two seasons).

        It did have the typical CBS blandness that harkened back to the blandness of 1990s ABC sitcoms. But it at least tackled the physics subject matter, which, at least when compared to other Lorre programming, was pretty radical. I could catch a few of those early episodes and laugh a bit as I caught the occasional physics-related joke.

        But, I can't force myself to watch it now. The Katey Cuomo character Penny is loathsome, and they've completely forgotten about the Melissa Gilbert character (the only non-idiot female character).

        1. *Oops, sorry "Sara" Gilbert.

        2. How I Met Your Mother was okay for a while, but Ted developed a dating history worse than any player I know making his sincerity act complete delusional bullshit. Loved the muffin girl from the first season, she was even a little plump but had an adorable personality.

        3. Eh, I'd argue the first two or even three for How I Met Your Mother. It became unbearable when Zoe entered. It also refuses to do what it should have done: Season 5 or 6, introduce the mother. Let us have some of their early courtship. Then, end in season 6 or 7, culminating in their marriage.

          The show just refuses not to end with the cutesy tag line, "And THAT was How I Met Your Mother!"

          1. But if they end that show they have to come up with something new...and you know how modern entertainment industry feels about that.

          2. Okay, okay. I admit I have never caught an episode of How I Met Your Mother. It should be a good indicator that Joss Whedon is a fan. I just keep forgetting that it exists.

            1. It should be a good indicator that Joss Whedon is a fan.


              Since bringing up Whedon's hackery here is a futile as King Lear raging against the storm, I'll just settle for a "Fuck all you motherfuckers!"

              I'm going to bed.

              1. Eh; I only really like one thing Whedon has come up with (Firefly) and the fact that he has stated he'd have been with the Alliance kind of makes me wish he'd have had nothing to do with it. He's like the George Lucas of TV.

              2. I'll just settle for a "Fuck all you motherfuckers!"

                Don't worry, I've got you covered.

          3. Jennifer morrison's character, I do recall. Kyle MsomthinScottish as her husband was pretty entertaining.

            I wonder how obnoxious the characters of House (not just the title character) will appear to people a generation from now. Watched the first few seasons and I began to loath everyone under forty on that show.

        4. The other problem is that Big Bang kind of hates its character and makes fun of them. "Ha ha! That nerd!"

          1. Well. Early on, the show seemed to be celebrating the scientist characters. (Well, all except the Howard character, which should have been a clear sign of things to come.) But, the series gained that initial fame, and like that, the writers went to scraping-the-barrel mode. The "nerds are so weak and puny and awkward" joke is the lamest but cheapest one to write for the series.

    3. The real crime is Revolution goes on.

    4. Somebody's going to have to explain 2 Broke Girls.

      Kat Denning's chest.

      1. Seems like the anchorwoman of Russia TV above has similar dimensions.

        1. You should see the scenery here is UKR. -)

        2. "in". Dammit.

    5. Two what?

      I have no idea what you are talking about Caleb. You would be better off if you didnt either. Turn off the TV and find a good book.

      Try 'Rising Tide' by John M. Barry.

    6. I concur. And I liked the first 3-4 years of 2.5 men. And I still like Big Bang Theory. But 2 Broke Girls Sucks ass.

  4. RT:

    Glorious Comrade President and Secretary General Vladimir Putin's own American window to Glorious and Heroic Mother Russia, Victorious in the Great Patriotic War.

    I'm so glad some libertarians use such a Stalinist free beacon of Truth and Knowledge...

    It's a shame my TV provider doesn't carry it.../sarc

    1. It's either that or Red Eye.

    2. It's pretty disgusting.

    3. you can watch both RT and Al Jazeera English online.
      Very different takes on stories. You don't have to agree with everything you watch, and it's not good to only watch/listen to/read things you agree with.

      1. I don't have a problem with different takes. I listen to what used to be short-wave radio (most of the broadcasters are now online only, if they haven't stopped producing English-lanaguage programming altogether), so I'm used to a non-American take on the news. That, and even the incredibly biased takes on issues such as the EU or nuclear energy.

        But the Voice of Russia's news and analysis is so one-sided and "let's spout the opposite of American public opinion just for the sake of it" that it's tough to listen to. I mean, China Radio International isn't that bad!

  5. So how bout dem Bears?

    1. Getting rid of Caleb Hanie was the biggest mistake they ever made.

    2. Yeah, I think their early season success was the product of playing crappy teams. I'm out on this season. I honestly think they just need to rebuild. They may go 9-7 to 12-4 a year, but I just don't see them winning the Super Bowl with their aging team.

      Well, at least there always basketba... awwwww.

      Well, at least there's always the Blackha... awwwwww.

      1. The Cubs signed a backup catcher.

        1. Sadly, I am a Mets fan. So this sports year sucks unless the UConn Huskies can look as good as they did against Michigan State all year.

  6. I've got.... two tickets to perjury...

    President Barack Obama defeated the Republican candidate Mitt Romney to begin a second term as the 45th President of the United States. Supporters and well wishers will gather in Washington, DC, to celebrate President Obama's victory during the 2013 Inaugural period when the official Inauguration, Inaugural Parade and series of Inaugural balls take place. GreatSeats.com has been providing tickets to the Inaugural events for over 20 years.

    Barack Obama is bringing a voice of change to American politics that hasnt been heard in some time. As the first African American President this Democrat is breaking down barriers left and right with the inspiration he gives others and his refreshing views on American society.

    1. "Democrat is breaking down barriers left and right with the inspiration he gives others and his refreshing views on American society."

      Can't...talk...gagging..back...acid burp....must..control..rage..*BARF*..oh nooo.

      1. Sounds like something Winston cooked up in a hurry for The Times.

      2. To be fair... they ARE trying to sell seats. They probably talk up the Jacksonville Jaguars too on that webpage.

      3. this article snippet gave me a flashback;

        "Uhhh, Homer Simpson is a...brilliant man who has come up with many...well-thought-out, practical ideas, and is insuring the financial future of this company. Oh, and his personal hygiene is beyond reproach."

        1. best "call me back and say the exact opposite" bit ever

      4. "breaking down barriers left and right with the inspiration he gives others and his refreshing views on American society."

        Holeeeeee shit. What Lewisite said X 10

  7. Was there a review of "The Dust Bowl" on Reason that I missed?

    1. The best part is among all the Roosevelt-fellating there is the wonderful fact that they used to publish the name of everyone receiving "relief" in the local newspaper. We need to have an easily accessible database to provide that information today.

      1. Probably every American alive today receives something that a person in the 1920s would have called "welfare." Do we really need a database with everybody's name in it?

        1. Sure. People will feel envy shame if they take less more than their peers.

  8. Seems fair

    full disclosure: I like Honey Baked Hams

  9. Man arrested for telling kids Santa isn't real.

  10. Canada, ha! You did this just so I could feel good about my country. Really, you guys are just too nice sometimes.

    1. Well...he is being charged with public drunkeness and breach of parole.....
      So he really isnt being arrested for telling the kids Santa isnt real.

      Get drunk here in the states and go to the mall, yell at kids waiting to sit in santas lap and see what happens.

  11. That actually sound like a very good plan to me dude.


  12. In its similar language, the Constitution does not talk about citizens, only the "accused" and synonymous words.

    Rand Paul's proposal actually weakens constitutional protection. You may say, "but the protections remain in the Constitution, and Paul's idea only supplements them." Of course, we're not obeying the Constitution now, and Paul's protection for citizens will only distract us from insisting that the Constitution be obeyed. The only way for the Constitution to be protected is for the people in general to know its provisions and insist that they be followed in all particulars. When the people fall silent, the Constitution is weakened. By assuring citizens that they are OK, Paul's plan promises to lull citizens into silence over the unconstitutional treatment of non-citizens, which is as much an affront to the constitutional idea as it would be, were citizens mistreated.

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