Three People Have Committed Suicide in Spain Over Evictions in Less Than a Month

Government has announced an end to mortgage-related evictions


The man in Cordoba, southern Spain, threw himself from a window just one day after the government announced an emergency halt to mortgage-related expulsions.

The apartment was owned by the man's family who wanted to expel him, a government official for the Andalusia region said.

It was unclear whether his eviction was related to financial or other problems.

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  1. As usual, the underlying assumption here is that the landlord can afford to have tenants stay who can not pay rent. What about the landlord whose units will be foreclosed by the bank if rent does not come in? If tenants can not pay rent, they should move in with family or friends and not ruin the landlord’s livelihood. In any other type of business, when you stop paying for a service, you get it cut off.

    Would the government pay the rent to the landlord if they are passing laws banning evictions?

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