TSA Shelves Body Scanners


The Transportantion Security Administration doesn't know how to not take a naked picture of you with its body scanners. So it's going to put 91 of them in storage, at least for now. 

Via USA Today:

The Transportation Security Administration has put 91 of its full-body scanning machines worth $14 million in storage because of privacy concerns, officials told a House hearing Thursday.

The machines, so-called backscatter machines that use X-rays to scan passengers, produce near-naked images of travelers. The TSA said that software that was supposed to replace the near-naked image on the machine with a stick figure was flawed and couldn't be used to ease privacy concerns.

The privacy concerns should be enough to ditch these machines. But if not, there's also the nagging problem that they don't work. Security researchers have found that some of the machines can't detect potentially lethal high-explosives as long as they're shaped like pancakes