Election 2012

The World Responds to Obama's Re-election


The world has been reacting to Barack Obama's re-election. Here is a sampling of how some around the world are feeling:

  • The Australian Sydney Morning Herald told its readers to "Breathe a sigh of relief", saying that Obama's interest in the region is in contrast to the interests of Romney, who would have engaged more directly in the Middle East and abandoned many important concerns in the Pacific.
  • Obama's position on Indonesia was praised by Muslim activists. Many are relieved that Obama sees how important the most populous Muslim country in the world will be when it comes to addressing Islamic extremism. 
  • China welcomed Obama's re-election. Had Mitt Romney been elected the rival superpower could have been labeled a currency manipulator. Many netizens congratulated the president and compared American democracy to their own government's ways of transferring power.
  • Officials from other Asian countries offered their congratulations, many will be pushing for Obama to help curb China's influence in his second term.
  • Indian officials welcomed the result. The emerging economic giant has benefitted from Obama's presidency, and will seek to keep on good relations. India's tenuous relationship with Pakistan will continue to be an important part of Indian and America diplomacy during Obama's second term.
  • In Pakistan politicians and the media were both understandably unenthused. The official statement on behalf of the Pakistani president reads, "President Asif Ali Zardari has warmly felicitated President Barack Obama his re-election as the President of the United States of America." The newspaper Dawn had scathing words, "If there was one thing that emerged clearly from the otherwise inane presidential debate on foreign policy and the vice-presidential debate it was that there is little daylight between the positions of Obama and Mitt Romney on Afghanistan and by extension on Pakistan."
  • Unsurprisingly, Obama's re-election was warmly received in Kenya.
  • Broadly speaking Latin America has responded positively. Cuba and Venezuela will continue to pose delicate diplomatic problems. Immigration and the drug war will continue to be key to relations in Mexico, where Obama's reelection has been widely welcomed.   
  • Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev didn't leave any room for misinterpretation. Speaking on Romney Medvedev said, "I am glad that the man who calls Russia its No. 1 foe will not be the president of this large and influential state."
  • The French newspaper Le Monde rejoiced in Obama's re-election, saying that "The worst did not happen" and taking particular glee in the defeats of Tea Party darlings like Allen West. French President Francois Hollande offered his "warmest congratulations."
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has had a far from easy relationship with the President said, "I will continue to work with President Obama to preserve the strategic interests of Israel's citizens." Netanyahu has been criticized at home for his closeness to Romney during the campaign.
  • In Iran Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani spoke out against the sanctions that the Obama administration has been enforcing, "Four years ago, Obama was elected on a platform for change and said he was extending his hand for cooperation with Iran, but he acted otherwise and unprecedented sanctions were imposed."

I have written previously on how Obama's foreign policy is affecting his popularity aborad. If the rhetoric from the campaign is to go by it doesn't look like we should expect Obama to learn from the foreign policy mistakes of his first term. 


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  1. China welcomed Obama’s reelection. Had Mitt Romney been elected the rival superpower could have been labeled a currency manipulator. Many netizens congratulated the president and compared American democracy to their own government’s ways of transferring power.

    Officials from other Asian countries offered their congratulations, many will be pushing for Obama to help curb China’s influence in his second term.

    Wait, I thought it was four years ago that he was supposed to be everyone to all people. You mean the luster hasn’t worn off?

    Jesus, just when I think America can’t get any stupider, all I need to do is read the opinions of the rest of the world and realize, it will get much worse before it gets better.

    1. Romney did call Russia his #1 enemy. I say “his” because no one else alive thinks they are.

      Of course he may have just been trying to stroke Cold Warrior boners.

      1. I’m actually kind of disappointed how that one was treated by the media. The reality of the situation as it stands today is that Russia is the only country outside of the U.S. that has an arsenal that is capable of destroying the planet many times over, has significant natural resources in terms of fossil fuels and timber that can hold Europe hostage at a whim, and has a govt that is increasingly despotic and prideful all at once. There are some demographic issues with Russia that make it’s ability to wage ground wars iffy, but it’s not starved for weapons (which it could also conveniently give to proxies like Iran or Syria should they so choose).

        Unlike a country like China, Russia doesn’t have a significant direct economic interest in the well being of the U.S. economy (although their oil revenues would take a big hit if U.S. demand fell big due to fungibility) and so there’s little hope of “peace through trade”.

        If anything, the narrow focus on some piddling little religious nuts in the Mideast is a bit short sighted. While it helps to be aware of camel spiders, one shouldn’t focus on them so much as to ignore the big fucking bear ahead.

        1. I wish I could bump my own comment here. I’m interested to see other’s takes on this. While I recognize that Russia doesn’t seem like an immediate security concern, the focus on it as a foreign policy challenge strikes me as actually far more forward thinking than backward thinking. I don’t think Mitt ever considered it as the Soviet Union per se, and I don’t think he views it quite like an existential threat the way the Soviet Union was billed to be. But it would be folly to ignore the fact that it is a country that routinely votes against the broader West’s UN positions, has considerable nuclear arsenal, and may be far more dangerous in the decades ahead than any group of backasswards religious nuts in some Afghan cave could ever dream to be in terms of ability to actually cause large scale human suffering.

          1. What happens to Russia if the world economy keeps going the way it is and oil demand declines?

            Ignoring the Russians has been a bad idea for centuries now.

            1. There’s a world of difference between “not ignorning” and “declaring to be the #1 enemy”.

              1. There’s a world of difference between “not ignorning” and “declaring to be the #1 enemy”.

                It’s the old adage: “Russia is never as strong as it appears. Russia is never as weak as it appears.”

            2. Russia has more to its economy than oil Pro’L Dib. It has a shit load of natty gas, minerals and ore galore, and her primary resource, her people. Not to mention arms dealing, tourism, and other forms of energy production. Their main problem is accessing their considerable natural resources.

              Otherwise, even with their much beloved form of cronyism, they do loom quite large on the world stage, even without the Russian Federation countries and territories. It really is quite an untapped market given their love of Western entertainment and other material goods. A very proud and remarkable people and the US would be wise to brain drain the sizable amount of people there who wish to emigrate here.

              1. A very proud and remarkable people and the US would be wise to brain drain the sizable amount of people there who wish to emigrate here.

                Considering that we could solve our doctor and nurse shortage in a heartbeat if we did that, we won’t, of course.

                1. That would not be as wise as you might think, HM. I can tell you why there are a shitload of unemployed physicians running around Moskva (and a big reason why Western-trained physicians are needed in Eastern Europe).

                  The practice of medicine at one time, and and to a degree still is, extremely highly regarded in Russia and the former USSR. When the USSR split up, and satellite countries took some of their physicians, and coupled with a burgeoning middle class, medical students nowadays outright bribe examiners in order to get through their medical schools. And this is done with alarming regularity nowadays.

                  Reputation is extremely important and the Russian (and Ukrainian) populations seek to root out bad doctors quickly, which is why they have a buttload of unemployed doctors running around Russia and Eastern Europe.

                  Even stomotologists (dentists) and orthodontists suffer from this, and both unlicensed and licensed incompetents abound. The saying there is,”People go to the State Clinics to die,” with locals opting to utilize private polikliniki, which of course is significantly more expensive. Even reputable state employed physicians are not about taking bribes for line jumpers.

                  Nursing, I agree, since acclimating foreign trained nurses to ANA/NANDA standards would not be difficult at all.

                  1. I see. Sobering stuff.

                  2. We have a nursing assistant in our ER who claims to have a Russian medical degree.

                  3. I’m not really seeing why an influx of physicians, some bad, would be a bad idea.

                    It’s like saying, we can’t let apple-sellers from a particular country over, because some of them are crooks who will try to cheat their customers.

                    It’s a self-correcting problem.

                    1. Big difference between one who cheats his or her clients selling apples and is a far cry from some surgeon or physician who cheated their way through their schooling and knowing little more than they initially did upon graduation.

                      My point is simply why take all the unemployed ones, who have been identified as demonstrably incompetent and untrustworthy doctors already in another market, and an arguably crappy one at that. You have to be pretty awful to be an unemployed physician in Russia, and to practice in the USA, they would still have to complete a residency in their particular discipline to demonstrate competency.

                      If you want to take your chances with a sketchy physician, be my guest. None of my past patients wanted that, and my future ones sure as hell don’t.

                      Self-correction at the cost of lives is not the same as self-correction of the cell phone market, with the former having a much, much larger risk exposure.

                  4. Stomotologist = dentist. Who knew? You’re an anti-dentite!

              2. Yes, I’ve always had a liking for Russian… brains.

                1. Then you’d love this place.

              3. I’m not anti-Russia by any means. I just think you can’t pretend they aren’t a potential threat. Frankly, I thought we should’ve tried much harder to be friendly after the collapse of the USSR.

                1. No, you idiot, we should have finished them off when we had the chance.

                2. Difficult to do, Pro’L Dib, at that time. Don’t forget their society was literally sequestered from the rest of the world, and Russians are not the most trusting of people, especially each other (read: NKVD).

                  Not to mention there are still people alive who remember Communism fondly, or at least the perceived benefits of it, and are still bitter and angry they lost their pensions when Communism folded. Many, many people were ruined when that happened and that memory has not been lost by the newer generation of Russians. It’s also a cautionary tale denoting the inherent danger of depending on the state for one’s livelihood and well-being.

                  You want to see how it looks when entitlements are taken away overnight, look to Russia at that period of time, and it wasn’t all roses, that’s for sure.

              4. Also worth noting that it is the single most financially successful ethnic immigrant population in the U.S.

                1. Only because the Italians can’t officially report their “financial success”.

                  1. Epi weighs them down too.

                  2. Hehehehe that’s why my Italian boyfriend still has a chance.

                2. Moscow has more billionaires than any city in the world.

                  Russia has become Americanized with Putin as a GOP neocon hardliner and authority.

                  They are us. They don’t want conflict. They prefer money.

                  1. That’s true Shriek to a point, and I guaran-damn-tee you as many who made fortunes overnight also lost them overnight as well, not knowing how to handle instant riches. It’s not quite as Americanized as you might think, though the language is cognating more and more English nouns and verbs directly, with the language becoming a bit more simplified as it evolves.

                    Also, if you are dealing with one of those billionaires, I would bet my left testicle that liquidating their competition has been done, with a high degree of certainty that they did it personally.

                    The snobbiest, most uncouth Russian you can find is one from Moskva and became wealthy overnight, mistaken that instant wealth buys respect and refinement.

                    1. , mistaken that instant wealth buys respect and refinement.

                      It doesn’t? Damn, so much for my get-rich-quick scheme…

                  2. Love it! I don’t want conflict and I definitely prefer money.

    2. Yup, the best we can do is crack open a brew and watch the inevitable train wreck. I’m beginning to think we’re at the beginning of a long period of stagnation.

      1. Recovery decade!

  2. We need a blog post dedicated to Dondero’s reaction. Everytime I read it I find something else funny about it.

    1. Laughing at schizophrenics is not nice, Bingo.

    2. Have a neighbor who votes for Obama? You could take a crap on their lawn.


      God I miss him coming here and talking shit. Those were the days. Him, LoneMoron, Dick Hoste the racist, underschmuck, who else am I missing?

      1. Orel Hazard.

        Slap the Enlightened.


        1. How could we forget Dan T.?!?

          Oh wait, he never left, he just creates anonypussy handles.

          1. Yerp, I think Orel, Dan t, Derider, Joe are the same creation.

            But the original anonopussy is someone different.

            1. joe (middle and last name omitted) was terrifyingly real.

        2. I think chad was the same thing as T O N Y.

          He was supposedly a chemist, so I would ask him about stuff and he would either not answer or give some quickly googled bullshit.

          1. Yes, whoever runs Tony was also experimenting with Chad at the same time, but two extremely prolific dumbass sockpuppets must be a real bear to maintain.

            1. Why pick a STEM occupation for you puppet knowing that half the posters here are non-feeling science-bots?

              The challenge?

              1. One would guess. They put a LOT of time into their “project”. You’d think they’d want to have a real life, or at least a real personality.

            2. Who was the one guy that would change up troll personas regularly, was it Ceaser or something?

              1. It was Cesar who did Neil, the greatest sockpuppet incarnation of all time.

                1. Back when sockpuppet trolls were actually worth a damn, before Mary Stack ruined them for everyone.

                  1. As I recall, waffles/pancakes had a few troll handles of his own.

            3. Re: Episiarch,

              Yes, whoever runs Tony was also experimenting with Chad at the same time, but two extremely prolific dumbass sockpuppets must be a real bear to maintain.

              I am not so sure they’re the same guy. Chad was a special kind of crackpot, always falling back to externalities as his justification for everything government. Tony, instead, resorted to the old canard “society = government”.

        3. I miss Chad. He was a sad clown.

          1. I forever miss Orange Line Special. Sometimes I browse youtube, hoping to find him asking someone the tough questions.

            1. Good luck with that.

          2. I don’t like sad clowns. Or any clowns. But especially not sad clowns.

      2. Slappy the White Power Prince. He was good for the LULZ and he managed to stick around until about a year ago when he went full rogue.

      3. I found underzog’s youtube account and he’s a crazy, fat, middle-aged man that probably jacks off to anime.

        Basically, he’s just like any of us.

        1. He quit coming around after we started making fun of his piano videos.

          If you’re the one that brought those to everybody’s attention, thank you.

          1. Aw, now I feel bad. It’s not the “cunt”s, it’s this shit that makes it hard for the ladies.

            1. Gave into the eyes of a HnR troll and see the depths of depravity that lie within…


              1. Gaze! Damnit.

                1. Gaze! Damnit.

                  Now you tell me.

                  That’s fucking priceless.

                  1. Mother of God, it’s beautiful.

              2. Okay, that was really bad. I’m still having some sad mamma-duck reaction though.

              3. I made it about 12 seconds in before I got too sad and had to stop it.

              4. OMG!!! Chris Christie is Underzog! It all makes perfect sense now!!!

            2. Fuck him, he’d fucking gas every gentile on earth if he could, and you wanna tiptoe around with the beast?

              Quit bein’ uptight and go get an abortion or whatever it is you ladies do to relax.

              It’s not the “cunt”s, it’s this shit that makes it hard for the ladies.

              That there, I see it. You know, what you did.

            3. Aw, now I feel bad. It’s not the “cunt”s, it’s this shit that makes it hard for the ladies.

              Don’t be coy nicole. You and I both know damn well that women have elevated character assassination to an art. Men are perfectly happy to point and laugh at lesser men, women do it in ways so much more malicious and conniving that it leads some poor girls to off themselves once they’ve been thoroughly embarrassed by the herd.

              1. I may be a cold-hearted bitch but I really can’t stand to be mean to individuals that haven’t harmed me personally. It’s the hormones squeaking through.

        2. Did you just call me fat mother fucker?!?

          1. You’d be lighter minus $6k.

            Just sayin’.

            1. Oh, I’ve thought about it.

          2. More cushin’ for the pushin’ sweetheart

            1. Look, dickhead, I’m not manorexic for nothing.

              1. So you’re doing it for sarcasmic then?

                1. No, for JJ. Duh. Don’t you see the way we look at each other?

      4. Orangline something. What was that?

    3. If he hasn’t already, he’s going to turn into the crazy old man, with political bumper stickers and hand-scrawled slogans all over his POS pickup, with giant wooden signs, selling more crazy, installed in the bed, in case you didn’t see the stickers and slogans.

      1. Don’t laugh, I’m feeling that way lately.

        1. Don’t. That’ll give away the slow burn leading up to the sniper rifle in the bell tower.

    4. Boycott Business who accept Welfare payments

      Is it even possible to buy groceries somewhere that doesn’t accept EBT/WIC?

      1. Farmers markets

        1. The ones here accept WIC for sure. Not sure about EBT.

          1. Wow.

            1. Yeah, check out the resources for market managers & vendors. At least three food subsidy programs.

          2. Yep, quite a few farmers markets accept EBT.

            I’m in favor of it, actually. As long as they’re getting free food, let it be fresh veggies and from local producers.

            Not that they do–farmers markets are like Hipster Junction.

      2. I know that when WIC started in VT a few years ago they only gave out a select number of licenses for the program. Not sure if that’s changed.

    5. Wow, just read it for the first time now. It is a masterpiece.

      From his Facebook:

      However, if you have a family gathering or social event, and plan to invite any Democrats, do not invite me. And please do not try to trick me. If a Democrat shows up, even by mistake, I will leave immediately, and never speak to you or yours again for the rest of my life.

      HAHAHAHAHA. Marvelous.

      1. Do you think he thinks they wear yellow stars, or what?

        1. Democrats are easily identified by their horns, pointed tails, and greedy eyes looking for handouts.

          1. SPECIESIST!1!!!!!!11!!11!!!!

      2. If a Democrat shows up, even by mistake, I will leave immediately, and never speak to you or yours again for the rest of my life.

        Can I get that in writing, Eric?

    6. Speaking of Donderoooooooo

  3. Here’s a reaction: [grabs balls and pulls up]

  4. The only way Republicans will get good press is if they nominate a Gay Hispanic guy whose parents were dirt poor and has never fired a person in his life.

    1. George Lopez?

      1. I forgot, he also has to be pro-choice at 8.75 months.

    2. Guy?
      No no no.
      Queer female.

      1. Libertarians could generate some publicity it they’d stop running IBWGs (though I’m not entirely buying this least-interesting-man-alive argument with Johnson).

        1. The fuck is a IBWG? Not on UrbanDictionary. Got the White Guy part.

          1. incredibly boring white guy

  5. Ugh, Mary’s commenting on my fucking blog again.

    1. What’s the handle?

      I saw some comments she shat upon some hippy free-stater youtube videos and was wondering if she’s consistent in her lunacy. She used ‘deepinthejungle’ or something similar.

      1. “Pete.” It links back to one of her YouTube videos. Cryptic comment: “Writing about reading is like eating about cooking.”

        1. I hope you’re not expecting her to actually make any kind of sense.

          1. No, but it was weird enough for me not to be sure it was spam until I clicked the link. God, now I’m super pissed that I actually thought for a minute about what that might mean.

            Better than the time she posed as a regular (or was it him?!?) and flipped out and called me a crazy cunt bitch whore, I guess.

        2. Not cryptic, just a sad attempt at wit.

          I see you have some Joseph Conrad up now. I clicked your link a couple of years ago (I think, bad memory) and you had no Conrad up. He’s one of the best, and cause he’s a Pole he’s allowed to drop N-bombs in his titles.

          1. Unlike my classmates, I enjoyed Heart of Darkness

            1. I wrote a whole post about how Chinua Achebe was super duper wrong about everything. Which of course he was.

              1. If anything, I feel like HoD was pre-Objectivist. I think people get hung up on what were at the time socially-reinforced ideas on obscure topics, ignoring the broader scope of the problem.

                Strange, now that sounds like libertarians judging normal people. Hmmm…

                1. My reading of HoD is extremely anti-technocratic. There’s a sort of more general anti-colonialist reading, which I think is right but incomplete. Kurtz is the ultimate technocrat.

          2. I looooves Conrad. Love. Love. I’m stopped in the middle of Nostromo at the moment. Lord Jim I just want to read over and over and over again.

            Also, if you haven’t read his early work, Almayer’s Folly and An Outcast of the Islands are excellent and extremely underrated.

            1. (I’m “in the middle” of a semi-stalled project to read all of Conrad and F.M. Ford [with whom he collaborated heavily] in chronological order. I’ve made it to Nostromo so far.)

            2. I’ve got Outcast (like it a lot), but don’t have the other. I’ll have to check it out.

        3. Writing about reading is like eating about cooking.

          Fuckin’ Zen, man. Are we sure that Mary is not just an enlightened guru suffering from “crazy wisdom“?

          1. Of course, my relentlessly rationalizing mind first thought, “Shouldn’t that be ‘cooking about eating’?”

            1. The fact is Mary is so stupid that she thinks that was some pithy insult, when in fact, writing about reading is what literary critics do and eating about cooking is what food critics (aka foodies) do.

              It just a simple analogy.

            2. Ha. That’s exactly what I thought when I read it.

          2. It’s a failed attempt at a parody of a Frank Zappa quote: “writing about music is like dancing about architecture”.

            1. Zeb, you uplift me earlier with the Magritte knowledge, and now make me feel even worse about this BS. Thanks, guy!

    2. She’s still around? Jesus Christ, I was hoping we had shamed her off the internet. It still blows my mind that she spent literally 12 hours a day using 5 different personas just to troll this site.

      1. Dude, she still periodically tries to make griefer strafing runs. STILL. And she still reads the site obsessively because she knows all our latest memes and shit when she does.

        It’s obsession with a capitol O.

        1. She used “Alice Bowie” last time I saw, if I’m remember right. That was just before White Indian started going full-on spammer and they had to institute registration, I think.

          1. No, I think that Alice Bowie is real. He’s been around for a long time.

            1. Mary Stack, was that it? That was months and months ago… I’ve slept like, over 100 times since then!

            2. No, Alice Bowie is a sockpuppet. Don’t know whose, but I don’t believe it’s Mary’s.

        2. Why can’t she obsess over Justin Bieber like a normal sexually-frustrated frumpy middle-aged housewife? Why a libertarian blog?

          Crazy fucking lady.

          1. You answered your own question.

            1. We should satiate her needs by sending her a Warty-themed sex doll.

              1. Unfortunately her needs seem to be hating us while being utterly unable to quit us. Sending her a Warty sex doll would just give her something to stick knives into instead of small animals.

                1. Sending her a Warty sex doll would just give her something to stick knives into instead of small animals.

                  She would likely stop using that after realizing Warty was actually orgasming from the pain. Sick fuck, he is.

                2. Sending her a Warty sex doll would just give her something to stick knives into instead of small animals.

                  Not if it is a blowup sex doll.

              2. Is that legal?

    3. This is why we can’t have nice things.

      1. I will choose to take that as a compliment, Tulpa.

        1. I can sympathize. My law and order libertarianism blog was destroyed by Godeskite daemons. I had to choose between taking it offline or becoming a full-time moderator due to the very weak controls available at the free blooging host.

          Now the world will have to wait for my book to introduce them to my philosophy.

          1. My law and order libertarianism blog was destroyed by Godeskite daemons.

            Was that before or after the cognitive dissonance and oxymoronism did it in?

          2. Re: Tulpa,

            My law and order libertarianism blog was destroyed by Godeskite daemons.

            Try blogger and only let those with gmail accounts have the right to post comments, and only after approval.

  6. Am I the only one already bored of election results? Reason could put up some other content once in awhile.

    I understand some one you are in it for the salty tears, but some of us probably get too much sodium anyway.

    1. I’m with Abby on this one. I’m sick of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.

  7. So how soon before Obama gets another Nobel Peace Prize?

    1. 5 weeks

    2. Is there one for being black?

    3. After more drone strikes kill another 1,000 terrorists / Muslim males above the age of puberty.

  8. “Obama’s administration lifted [the US arms embargo to Indonesia] entirely because Obama saw how strategic Indonesia could be in the context of fighting terrorism.”

    I await Obama’s explanation of “how strategic”.

    1. Hint: it involves drones, hellfire missiles, and weddings.

  9. Just wondering: did the Reason “r” copy the Facebook logo, or was it the other way around? Anyone know?

      1. Why hasn’t there been a lawsuit yet?

        Or has Reason jumped on the “IP is evil” bandwagon?

      2. It’s all a big conspiracy. The Kochs are waiting for Zuckerberg to become the richest man in the world. Then they will sue him. Then they will buy the whitehouse and install Hitler’s reanimated corpse.

        1. Shhh! Don’t tell them the ENTIRE PLAN, dude!

  10. I guess the friendly drone flights through Pakistan haven’t exactly been a good PR policy for Obama.

  11. “President Asif Ali Zardari has warmly felicitated President Barack Obama his re-election as the President of the United States of America.”

    I read that as fellated. I’m not sure there’s a difference with non-Americans and Obama.

    1. Nothing will compel me to click on that link. Nothing.

      1. Your loss, Herr Doktor.

        1. School network, and the Terms of Conditions were sufficiently vague. I’m not taking any risks (other than the tumblrs last night, relying on high traffic to fly low).

          Though I’d put even money on that being misleading text.

          1. It’s just a music video.

            1. So was Triumph of the Will.

            2. Even worse. That’s morally repulsive.

              Music videos are the source of all evil in the world. After money and altruism.

              1. No…this is a morally repulsive music video.

                1. you… you monster

                2. Wait, why would Scrooge stage the kidnapping if he would end up psying the ransom?

    2. I read that as fellated.

      I was expecting a link where the experts here on the art of manliness declare — again — that looking at hot babes taking a cock in their mouths is somehow Teh Geh.

  12. In the meanwhile, domestic political commentary has been an almost pure repeat of 2004, with the teams reversed.

  13. “The World Responds to Obama’s Reelection”
    Lemme guess: the “world” is gonna give him Nobel prizes in physics, chem, math and several other subjects, ’cause he’s so cool!
    “The World” seems immune to embarrassment.

  14. Misery loves company, even when it’s nation states.
    Plus the empty suit (named that long before Clint’s sight gag) is happy to maintain the US’ role as bodyguard for countries too broke and cheap to do it themselves. Gives new meaning to welfare free-loading.
    The Russians get foreign aid from us US saps, to boot. Putin ain’t gonna punt that away.
    Romney would have been just as dumb, so if he won, the international mouthpieces would have tempered their criticism while they accepted the handouts of all types.
    Let the games begi— err, continue.

  15. It’s pretty sad when Pakistan and Iran present the only reactions that are grounded in reality.

    1. All the kids in my Persian class today (okay, the few who even pay attention to politics) were so excited about Obama because apparently this means we’ll never ever go to war with Iran. Uh huh, suuuuuuuure.

      1. So, what’s the opposite of Marg bsr Amrika?

        1. *bar

          1. “Zendegi” means life, so in a completely incorrect fashion (I’m sure), you could replace “marg” with it. My textbook is nine hundred kinds of useless and my teacher is very nice, but not terrific.

  16. Nothing from the Toronto (Red) Star?
    It’s so bad it’s almost awful in it’s badness.

    A strategic second term would begin by identifying a list of necessary and achievable goals, and then pursuing them with the unyielding manipulative skill of a Lyndon Johnson. On the top of everybody’s list would be a budget deal. Everybody knows, more or less, what it will require: changes in social security and medicare that slow the growth of entitlement spending; reform of the tax code that produces a fairer and simpler system that raises revenues without limiting growth.

    and ends with

    Think big. Take risks. Get it done. Maybe someone should slip a note in Obama’s desk drawer that asks: What would Lyndon Johnson have done to make it happen?

    1. Lyndon Johnson? You know you’re a totalitarian cocksucker when you worship that piece of shit. I eagerly await their lionizing of Woodrow Wilson. As if we needed more evidence that pro-regressives are totalitarian scum.

      1. And I await the transparently clumsy Dem apologists who would react to your telling point with, “Oh, yeah? Well Nixon had us in there too.”

    2. Intimidate some flunkies by taking shits in front of them? Kill a few million gooks? Trip and fall on one of Kennedy’s whores at a state dinner? All are good options.

        1. Forrest Gump wasn’t a historical document.

    3. Given the tone and snarky, clever (mostly) wit of the posters around here, I thought you were providing absurd satire. Until I went to the link.
      Sorry for seriousness, and thanks for citing this as a reminder of evil that is heralded by fools, but for the younger gang in the Reason neighborhood one can see what Johnson would do by simply looking at the inner city slums, populated by a generation of welfare addicts and lost souls, many of whom were sadly born into the poverty cycle that was erected by his despicable policies. And if the anti-Great Society isn’t bad enough, we can rejoice in Gulf of Tonkin celebrations.
      And as Jordan appropriately characterized and without hyperbole, LBJ was scum.
      This reference just sickens me.
      Be ever vigilant, folks, and never pull your punches with these establishment leftist jesters who cheer on their kings, living and dead — these king wannabes who would just as soon watch their subjects rot in a decaying apartment or a jungle marsh, all in the name of the “progress” experiment.

      1. Hear, hear.

    4. LBJ may have been an Warmongering American Imperialist who slaughtered brown babies but he was a Democrat so that is all the Red Star cares about.

  17. All the ferners I know are full retard Obamabots. All. of. them. Not a single dissenting thought among the lot. Mostly B

    1. Goddamn fucking touch pad.

      Mostly Brits and Canuckistanians, with a few odd Albanians, Ay-rabs and Krauts in the mix.

  18. How odd. When I mouseover the first link in the article (“told its”), Chrome crashes.

  19. When will American libertarians realize that libertarians are even more of a fringe outside of the US than in it? And those opposed to US hegemony are not likely to be libertarian and more likely to be extremely anti-libertarian?

    For example Canadians are rabid Obamaites. Those Canadians opposed to US influence have historically been rather anti-libertarian. As a result anti-war libertarians have always given me pause especially when they praise the likes of McGovern, Vidal, Chavez, Chomsky, etc.

    1. I’m not sure as to your point. There are numerous issues on which a non-libertarian might agree with us, even though they generally support a statist agenda. Waiting for the whole world to all convert to libertarianism is foolish, even more so than waiting for the Republicans and Democrats to come around. While I agree with you that many internationally who oppose the United States intervening in the world also support authoritarianism at home, that doesn’t mean that we can’t find common ground on that one issue and hopefully eventually expose them to libertarianism as a wider social goal.

  20. China welcomed Obama’s reelection. Had Mitt Romney been elected the rival superpower could have been labeled a currency manipulator.

    Back on Earth in Barryland, The United States gave final approval on Wednesday to duties on billions of dollars of solar-energy products from China for the next five years, protecting U.S. producers against lower-priced imports and raising fears of Chinese retaliation.

    Barry Soetoro does not disappoint.

  21. Immigration and the drug war will continue to be key to relations in Mexico, where Obama’s reelection has been widely welcomed.

    Only because most of my fellow Mexicans are clueless dolts when it comes to politics. So far so, that a humorist wrote a whole book about the Mexicans’ lack of knowledge of politics, back in the 70’s, an extremely prophetic book if one compares it with current events… In America.

    One thing he wrote: Mexicans really believed back then that when the government says it will tax the rich, the government is being serious.

    They still believe it now. So do many Americans who are clear results of the Amerikan Pulbic Skool Seistem.

  22. At least the Middle class has a chance now!


  23. I don’t know if this is relevant, but if the U.S. operated under the same rules as some of these countries, then today Boehner would be Prime Minister and head of the executive. Consider that these other countries are Parliamentary democracies where the most powerful person in the executive branch is the head of the majority party in the lower house of the legislature.

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