Drug War

The Production Value of Drug War Propaganda Takes a Nose Dive


The Drug Free America Foundation has released a strange, strange video in which a character named Evangelina Holy (reminiscent of Dana Carvey's Enid Strict) lectures us about the dangers of drugs before interviewing someone who is supposedly George Soros.

It is, in a word, bad:

Via Tom Angell.

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  1. It’s like the producer was, like, high or something…

    1. … so you have to be, like, high to watch that.

      1. No, that just makes it worse, it’s designed that way.

  2. It’s like they are trying to keep people from watching it. I made it less than a minute in before I wanted to put something out of its misery.

  3. Couldn’t they have handed over control of the video’s production to the penis of a ring-tailed lemur? That way, it would have made more sense, and it wouldn’t have looked like it was made by functionally retarded toddlers.

  4. How much does a goddamn lavalier mic cost?

    1. Anywhere from $24 USD to $114 USD, so sayeth Amazon.

      But given their budget woes you posted…

    2. Amen!

      Nothing pisses me off more than a video where you can’t understand a fucking word that is spoken.

      1. ^THIS^

  5. It’s good to see that the Hitchhiker’s Guide’s Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton is still getting work.

  6. Well, now I see why the production values aren’t better (from charitynavigator.org):

    Total Contributions $6,910,997
    Program Service Revenue $0
    Total Primary Revenue $6,910,997
    Other Revenue $847,462
    TOTAL REVENUE $7,758,459

    Program Expenses $6,778,044
    Administrative Expenses $652,077
    Fundraising Expenses $803,515

    Payments to Affiliates $0
    Excess (or Deficit) for the year $-475,177

    1. EEK GADS!!! Pauly Krugnutz is the captain of this ship? This is perfect lampshade of how bidnezz in DC is done!

  7. The audio is so bad I can barely understand what she is saying.

    1. “Welcome to Burger King. How may I help you?”

      1. I’d like a Whopper and a large. orange. drink.

        1. You have to remember to pronounce that properly. It’s ‘Oh’-‘Range’-‘Drank’. Otherwise, you get sweetened ice tea.

              1. That was awesome.

  8. It’s still better than anything Chip Bok has ever done.

  9. Two extra-large fries, please.

  10. Did Ed Wood direct this?

    1. There would’ve been more strings, flaring capes, and night-day switches.

  11. FTW! What the hell was that? I couldn’t listen to it, fingernails on chalk board would be more tolerable.

    Speaking of drug war, has anyone heard the interview of Leonhart done by a representative from CO? Below is parts of it:

    “Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?” Polis asked Leonhart.

    “I believe all illegal drugs are bad,” Leonhart answered.

    Polis continued, asking whether methamphetamines and heroin were worse for a person’s health than marijuana.

    “Again, all drugs, they’re illegal drugs,” Leonhart started, before being cut off by Polis.

    “Yes, no, or I don’t know?” Polis said. “If you don’t know, you can look this up. You should know this as the chief administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency. I’m asking a very straightforward question: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?”

    Leonhart ducked again, repeating, “All illegal drugs are bad.”

    So, all drugs are bad, Mmmkay. This person has a 6 figure tax funded salary and she is fucking clinically retarded. This country is fucking doomed.

    1. This might help clarify the situation: In order to protect her 6 figure tax funded salary, Michele has to keep marijuana illegal.

    2. She isn’t retarded. The retarded couldn’t keep on such a fucking retarded talking point with such singular focus. That my friend is a full on mendacious sack of shit that not only shouldn’t be collecting a salary off of our tax dollars – she really should be doing something commensurate with her talent(s).

      I have my words motherfucker and you are not going to make me change them.

  12. Even Stone Cold ET’s video was more audible than this, and he was wearing a rubber mask.

  13. Paranoid old men keep
    marijuana illegal and
    make your children LESS safe.

  14. I think the Feds have a LOT of spare time on their hands lol


  15. Wow, there was NOTHING that she said that was based on science and logic. Every reason she gave for keeping marijuana illegal was rooted in religion and ideology. This is absurd! We make 800,000 marijuana arrests every year because of fairy tales?!! Think of all the lives we’ve destroyed due to these closed-minded fantasies!

    Paranoid old men in the federal government keep marijuana illegal and make your children LESS safe.

    1. You were able to understand what she said? After the first 30 seconds, I stopped straining for it. All I really caught was that Satan Soros wants to destroy society.

  16. At least the money wasted to produce this polished turd was provided by gullible, busy-body moralists.

    Now, the ONDCP…

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