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58 Percent of Californians Oppose Eliminating the State Income Tax, 36 Percent Favor


Somehow Nevada, Texas, and Florida get by without collecting state income taxes. However, Californians are not ready to follow suit with the state's nearly $16 billion shortfall. According to the latest Reason-Rupe poll, 58 percent of Californians oppose eliminating the state income tax, 36 percent favor doing so.

Only a few groups reach the majority threshold supporting the elimination of the state income tax, including Republicans (61 percent), households making between $75,000-$90,000 (54 percent), and small business owners (52 percent).

Instead, Californians are considering further state tax increases with Prop 30, currently  too close to call, but slightly in the lead, and Prop 38, currently trailing. However, if those tax increases fail to close the deficit, three quarters of Californians say spending cuts must be next.

Sixty-two percent of Californians favor cutting down the size of the state government workforce to help balance the budget. They also favor  (77 percent) asking public employees to contribute more toward their pensions and health care benefits. Moreover, 56 percent favor rolling state spending per capita back to their 2000 levels, adjusted for inflation.

Californians are also open to privatizing some state government functions to help deal with the budget deficit. For instance, 59 percent favor allowing private companies to operate state parks. At the local level, 63 percent favor selling government assets like golf courses, convention centers, and parking lots to private companies, and 60 percent favor outsourcing services like trash collection and road maintenance to private companies.

Californians don't want to lower taxes but are hesitant to raise them as well. Although Californians are concerned about spending cuts that could harm education, they are open to reforming the public sector work force, and outsourcing some government services to private companies to balance the budget.

California telephone poll conducted October 11th-15th on both landline and cell phones, 696 adults, margin of error +/- 3.8%. The sample also includes 508 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/- 5.1%. Columns may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full methodology can be found here. Full poll results found here.

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  1. To Protect and Serve Man

    A city police officer was charged Thursday in a ghoulish plot to kidnap and torture women and then cook and eat their body parts.

    Gilberto Valle sent numerous emails and other Internet communications about the torture and cannibalism scheme, according to a criminal complaint. He identified and catalogued at least 100 women on his computer, investigators said, but there was no information that anyone was harmed.

    “I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus … cook her over low heat, keep her alive as long as possible,” Valle allegedly wrote in one exchange in July, the complaint says.

    In other online conversations, investigators said, Valle talked about the mechanics of fitting a woman’s body into an oven (her legs would have to be bent), said he could make chloroform at home to knock a woman out and discussed how “tasty” one woman looked.

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    1. The city is NY, BTW.

    2. yeah, but NOTHHING ELSE HAPPENED!

      Actually, NOTHING happened.


  2. Fuck California.

    Hey – it’s been awhile.

  3. 58 Percent of Californians Oppose Eliminating the State Income Tax, 36 Percent Favor

    God how utterly depressing.

    The belief that you have a right to your neighbors stuff is powerful indeed.

    1. It doesn’t depress me. I eliminated the CA income tax from my life in 1994.

      1. Until they get their bailout…


  4. We here in Nashville laugh at California regularly, as we ended our budget year with a $500 million surplus and NO INCOME TAX.

    Not to mention that folks like Nissan and ABC Television (the show “Nashville” in particular) decided that they would be better off doing business in Tennessee as opposed to California.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Cali, we appreciate it.

    1. Yes! I certainly don’t miss paying state income taxes, and TN seems to do just fine without collecting them.

  5. As an aside, NH is another state without the income tax.
    But reading this, Christ almighty… How bad does it have to be when a 2-1 margin is on the horizon? It’s just unbelievable.
    The greed of the left is insatiable. Even with a populace of brainwashed slaves, in a pathetic environment where tax repeal of your hard-earned income is compeltely out of the question (Stockholm syndrome and all that), it is still not enough. Never enough.
    They want more. Greedy monsters.

  6. And in addition to this, a slim majority appears willing to pass Prop 30. And why? Because Governor Dickhead and the public sector unions know how to convince young people to vote themselves into indentured servetitude by playing the class warfare card. Because god forbid any student have to pay for his women’s or Latino studies degree by himself.

  7. 58 percent of the population believes that the other 42 percent are rich A-holes.

    1. It’s gone up from 47%!

  8. I don’t quite understand the despair. Eliminating the income tax in California without drastically cutting government spending will immediately bankrupt the state. Not surprisingly California residents don’t want that, even many of those who are not in the public sector. Getting rid of the income tax without the fundamental reform of the California finances is indeed irresponsible and childish.

    1. Continuing the income state without drastically cutting government spending will slowly bankrupt the state.

      Which is worse?

      1. Apr?s moi, le d?luge.
        For many a postponed bankruptcy is better.

    2. “drastically cutting government spending will immediately bankrupt the state”

      That’s a feature, not a bug.

    3. Getting rid of the income tax without the fundamental reform of the California finances is indeed irresponsible and childish.

      Drastically cutting the revenues would in fact BE the reform of the california finances. They can’t spend money they don’t have. it’s not rocket science.

  9. Fascinating, I would not have thunk that lol.

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