J.D. Tuccille Talks Military Contract Corruption and Misbehaving Contractors on RT


After a disturbing video turned up of military contractors in Afghanistan blotto on booze and ketamine (and what good is a war zone if there's no party?), I was invited on RT to discuss that matter and the tangentially related issue of corruption in the awarding of military contracts. If the discussion seems a little disjointed, it's likely because anchor Liz Wahl was having technical difficulties. I suspect she couldn't hear me at all, so I think she carried it off pretty well.

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  1. Sounds like a violation of the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Do USDOT drug screens even test for ketamine? I’m guessing they used that gay club shit because Afghanistan’s popular poppy derivative and hashish sure as hell will show up on a test

  2. A very good friend of mine just sent me an email about a friend of his who’s a DEA agent, going to work for a contractor in Afghanistan to “eradicate poppy fields”. He’ll make something like $250,000 the first year.

    This is happening under the Obama administration.

    1. This is happening under the Obama administration.

      You find this surprising?

      1. No, I find it delicious. Like revenge. It’s a dish best served delicious!

        1. OK. Cause I never remember the Democrats being the “pro-poppy” party as they started (and continue) the war on those flowers.

  3. Good show, J.D.! Does Dr. Tucille boast about her better half being on teevee?

    1. Yes, she does!

  4. Disturbing, yes. Surprising, no.

    In 2004 (at BAF) we had one contractor OD and die (heroin) then a short time later another got really messed up (I don’t know what it was)and was charging up the ladder on a guard tower – the Marines used non-lethal stuff on him three times and he kept coming, so they ended up putting a couple of rounds in him, and he died.

    The contractors are getting a bunch of money and make their margins on hiring the less than stellar almost every time. I’d end the whole mess and save the money. If it isn’t worth a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine doing it – it shouldn’t be done (not counting things like running a mess hall or such).

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