Bath Salts

LAPD Says Banker Suing over Abuse Delusional Due to Bath Salts

Admitted he used it in a recorded conversation


A Los Angeles police officers' union says a recording of a Deutsche Bank executive telling Glendale police about his abuse of bath salts undercuts a $50-million brutality claim against two Los Angeles Police Department  officers.

Deutsche Bank executive Brian C. Mulligan alleged that after he was injured in May by two LAPD officers, the Los Angeles police manufactured a report that painted him as a snarling, thrashing man who told the officers he'd recently ingested drugs known as "bath salts."

But days before the May confrontation, Mulligan apparently told a Glendale police officer a similar account to what appears in the LAPD report. He said he'd previously snorted "white lightning," a type of bath salts, a synthetic drug, and believed that a helicopter had been trailing him, according to a Glendale police recording of the conversation.