Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Barack Obama Will Do Exactly What I Did At Debate, Speak About the Values We Share

Still three weeks left of fundraising before the election



With three weeks left for fundraising before the election, Joe Biden's almost done asking for money:

Day after day, night after night, I've sat by Barack Obama's side as he made one gutsy decision after the other.

I get to see firsthand what drives this man. I get to see his enormous heart.

Tomorrow night, Barack is going to get up on that stage and debate Governor Romney for the presidency. He's going to fight for the things we believe in.

Do me a favor—let him know you're with him before the debate…

When I had my turn on the debate stage last week, I spoke about the things we've accomplished together—the values we all share.

That's exactly what Barack's going to do tomorrow night.
So as we enter the final days of this campaign, and before all of the work we've been doing in the field gets put to one, final test, let's show Barack what kind of grassroots organization he's got behind him—one that's ready for whatever comes ahead.

Any donation you can make today, no matter how large or small, matters. If you can, please chip in $3 for the last days of this campaign:



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