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EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize


Today the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the supposedly prestigious award to the EU for having,  

…contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

It shouldn't really come as much of a shock that the EU won the prize. Past winners include the President, Henry Kissinger, Yaser Arafat, the International Atomic Agency, and perhaps most ironically, the UN. 

As Jesse has pointed out, setting up an international organization is a great way to win a Nobel Peace Prize, even if such an organization has its own dubious record of the promotion of peace.   

Some have praised the pick, with David Schrieberg saying that:

Isn't it a joke to the record numbers of the unemployed throughout the member states, or an exercise in cynicism to the bankers hoarding their cash rather than incur the risk that comes with sustaining businesses of all sizes struggling to survive in these horribly difficult times?

Yes, really. In fact, absolutely a great day. Because for anyone with a whit of memory, the Peace Prize recalls the vision, hope and optimism that has underpinned this extraordinary experiment since it was a glimmer in the eyes of the visionaries from countries that for centuries devoted themselves instead to ripping at each other's throats.

"This extraordinary" experiment that Schrieberg is referring to is the organization that has diluted national sovereignty, stifled economic growth, and made the economic situation in Europe worse through fiscal activism and a dogmatic attachment to European integration.  

Schrieberg is making a mistake in his analysis that Daniel Hannan has written on, namely that the EU is a symptom, not the cause, of peace in Europe. 

The eurosceptics are understandably outraged, with the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage calling the EU's win "an absolute disgrace." While euroscpetics might feel especially disheartened today, they are being slowly but surely vindicated by the situation gripping the eurozone.

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  1. I hear that next year, Cthulu is a lock on winning the Peace Prize, but he might face some stiff competition from Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom (it’s an international association!).

    1. Which makes Europe the Mother of Pus?

    2. I’m putting my money on Michael Bloomberg, or possibly the hantavirus.

      1. Interesting choices. I was going to write in a nomination for S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and possibly the Borg. I mean, with the Borg, you achieve total peace, amirite?

        1. Oooh, I’ve got it. Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. He’s been overlooked for so long.

          1. The Lannister boy might be a good choice — especially after his grandfather was passed over for that Yasser Arafat chap.

            1. You need to think bigger, dude. Like…The Alliance.

              1. Khan Noonien Singh: He offered the world order!

                1. Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

                  “On earth, two hundred years ago, I was a prince, with power over millions — now, like Prometheus I have been left by Admiral Kirk to digest my own entrails.”

                  1. I’d like to thank the Nobel Committee, my fellow genetically superior brothers and sisters, Captain Kirk, who tasks me but also drives me to greater levels of success, and the Genesis Device.

                    1. Khan really worked for the prize, too. He’s been chasing that Nobel around the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom, and ’round perdition’s flames for as long as he can remember, and he never once thought of giving up.

                    2. “Ladies and gentlemen of the committee…save your strength. These judges have sworn to vote at my command two hundred years before you were born.”

                    3. This grows tiresome. You must now ASK me to accept this prize.

                    4. “You are in a position to demand no award. I, however, am in a position to grant no award.”

                    5. [To the first runner up}: Although your abilities intrigue me, you are quite honestly inferior. Mentally, physically.

                    6. Wrath of Khan is on Hi Def Movies Network right now. How weird is that. KHAN!!!!

                    7. You see, their young enter through the ears and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex. This has the effect of rendering the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion. Later, as they grow, follows madness and death.
                      These are pets, of course, but not quite domesticated, (inserts eels into ears of jury panel)

                      Now, that’s better. So tell me, where can I find my Nobel Prize?

                    8. The Joker!!

                      Oops, he won already.

    3. Europe, hope of Hitler, wins. Gandhi, no prize.

      1. I give them props for giving Borlaug a Peace Prize.

      2. I think I meant “home of Hitler” by the way. Though I could be wrong–that was me many minutes ago.

        1. If you meant “unified Europe”, then “hope of Hitler” is quite correct.

          Although the Ukraine isn’t an EU member — yet.

    4. Dude, one half of the Legion of Doom is dead. Road warrior Animal is all that’s left. Do try to keep up.

    5. The Nobel now officially means nothing. What a joke.

  2. So instead of a “Peace Prize,” what we really need to look to is a “Liberty Prize.”

    1. We could try hijacking Time’s Person of the Year. It probably wouldn’t take too much money with them being so desperate.

  3. What if I set up a charitable organization and call it, let’s say, the Human Fund, how long before I get a Nobel Peace Prize?

  4. The old saw makes all the sense in the world here:

    “When everyone is special, no one is.”

  5. Nobel should start a Piece Prize. I nominate Anne Hathaway – hot and smart as hell.

  6. How does the EU beat out the U.S.? Granted, we’re involved in some wars, but we’re the ones staving off big wars. That’s what we do. Fuck you, Europe, fuck you!

    Fucking let them fucking kill each other next time. Fuck.

    1. Europe (except for the Pollacks and Tony Blair) told Dumbya to go fuck himself on Iraq.

      That deserves a Nobel alone.

      1. Incorrect.

        As of August 23, 2006, there were 21 non-U.S. military forces contributing armed forces to the Coalition in Iraq. These 21 countries were: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

        You are an idiot.

        1. You got your war boner at full mast?

          1. Sorry Shriek, I don’t play on your team.

            Ask Tony though, he digs the boners from what I’ve read.

            NTTAWT of course.

            1. You are on the interventionist team. I am on the non-interventionist team.

              1. Then you do you support Obumbles?

                He’s pretty interventionist.

              2. You say shit, Shriek, that has no basis in fact. Odd for someone who pretends to worship at the altar of reason.

                1. There is certainly no evidence that Tman is on the interventionist team in his comment.

                  The comment was a simple statement of fact, something that Shriel seems to be incapable of either making or recognizing.

                  On the other hand Shriek’s comment was not, as there were several other EU countries besides Poland and the UK that initially supported the invasion if Iraq, including Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy plus a couple of more I can’t think of.

        2. Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

          I don’t see France on that list.

          No France = no Europe.

      2. Yep, and now that they are so peaceful, we can pull out all the troops in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, etc. that have been draining the U.S. treasury for years.

    2. Precisely. The EU would not exist were it not for the US playing mother hen for 50 years.

      Maybe if the US had done as FDR planned to do after the war, and totally withdrawn from Europe since he trusted Stalin to help rebuild democracy there, the Peace Prize would have gone to the Warsaw Pact.

      1. When the U.S. goes so broke we can’t afford a military like the EU countries, we’ll get our award. I’m guessing next year if Obama wins, the year after if Romney does.

  7. This is like me saying “I watch a lot of Football so I’ve awarded myself an NFL Championship.”

    I always wanted that Lombardi trophy!

  8. Also OT but this is getting really hilarious now….…..w-furious/

    Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.

    The Clintons vs. The Obama Denial Machine

    (puts popcorn in microwave..)

    1. Bubba is out campaigning for Obama every day – you delusional wingnut.

      1. I am so going to enjoy your immediate disappearance from these boards when your hero gets thumped in three weeks.

        Sweet sweet comeuppance.

        And if you think the Clintons are going to get thrown under the bus for the Benghazi disaster without putting up any kind of fight than you are FAR more delusional than I ever imagined.

        1. I will post the day after the election – you assdrip.

          And I will post when the John Boltons in the Romney administration run the deficit up and start a ground war with Iran.

          I will be here every day to remind you what scumbags Republicans are.

          1. Awwwww.

            Shriek, don’t ever change. You’re like a more nasty version of Tony but with a much more delusional outlook.

          2. I think most of us know that already.

          3. Is the Sigil of John Bolton’s house still the Flayed Man?

            1. Obama outlawed flaying in the North.

          4. I hope you start posting when the Obama administration starts a ground war in Iran.

            You can be here every day to remind us what scumbags the Democrats are. Sort of like now.

      2. Bubba is out campaigning for Obama every day – you delusional wingnut.

        Yeah, like these professional politicians air their dirty laundry out in the open. If you don’t think the Clintons are circling wagons and assembling legal teams, you have no understanding of what it takes to 1. Take power and 2. Keep it.

        1. That is just fucking nonsense. Bubba was a virtuoso at the Dem Convention for Obama.

          No one connects to the public like he does.

          Hillary is finished. She will resign after the election.

          1. None of that contradicts what I said.

            Bubba will continue to play the public role in typical expert fashion.

            Power, Shrike, power. The game is chess, not checkers.

            1. He’s having trouble thinking clearly as his precious in-trade reality starts crashing all around him.

              1. I’m still wondering what a Clinton v Biden run is going to look like in 2016. I wonder if Bubba will still be stumping for the continuation of an Obama administration then?

                1. Neither will run.

                  Dems don’t award the “loser” or next in line like the GOP does.

                  I would put my money on Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

                  Or Cuomo from NY.

                  1. Dems don’t award the “loser” or next in line like the GOP does.

                    Are you referring to Biden’s 2016 vp pick or are you referring to next in line to run for POTUS. Because if it’s the latter… uhh, Al Gore?

                    1. And Mondale in 1984.

                    2. Or Mondale.

                    3. And Clinton and BO made names for themselves by giving big speeches at the Dem convention 4 years before they ran.

                      So there you have the Dem candidates after 1976: 3 incumbent prez, 2 previous Dem VP, 2 flowery convention speakers, and 2 die-hard MA leftists.

                  2. I think that supposed pattern for the GOP nom is a mirage — you have to do some serious election year cherry-picking — but there is something to be said for nominating someone who already ran for president and got vetted and did OK 4 or 8 years ago. Nominating a rookie means you more often than not wind up with ciphers like Obama, Kerry, or Dukakis.

  9. Farage and Hannan will have some great rants on the subject, I’m sure.

    How up its own ass can the Nobel Committee be, to award that prize this year to such a failed set of institutions?

  10. In other news, the color red has won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

    1. Next year I am going to nominate the Nobel peace prize for the Nobel peace prize.

      1. I was gonna say, I bet next year the Nobel Committee awards themselves the peace prize for their contributions to peace.

    2. If you ask me, indigo got screwed.

      1. They’re prejudiced against any colors with wavelengths shorter than 500 nm. Racists.

        1. Wouldn’t that be “spectracists”?

  11. I hear the runner up for the Nobel Prize for Literature was E. L James.

  12. It shouldn’t really come as much of a shock that the EU won the prize. Past winners include the President, Henry Kissinger, Yaser Arafat, the International Atomic Agency, and perhaps most ironically, the U.N. Obama.

    When I heard this today, I knew right away what this was about. The Nobel committee is, as usual, not awarding the prize for stuff done, but sending this out as a message: “Stay together, EU, and quit listening to those austerity-loving whackjobs overseas”

    1. I wouldn’t calling giving Obama the award in 09 ironic since he hadn’t yet committed most of his egregious crimes against humanity then. It was just unmerited and silly.

      Ironic was giving it to Kissinger after he and Nixon carpet bombed the shit out of Cambodia and Laos.

      1. In retrospect, it sure seems ironic.

        1. It was ironic in that he had done nothing to deserve the prize. But neither, at that point, had he done anything to deserve a warmonger label.

          The UN and as ASM points out, Kissinger and Nixon had.

    2. Paul, what is the strikethrough on the UN for? Obama is already first in the list as “the President”.

      The award to the UN is still the most ironic, IMO. In 2009 the UN had a record of fuckups, corruption and abuses by its “peacekeepers” going back sixty years.

      The major irony for Obama was that he was an empty suit who had absolutely no accomplishments worthy of the award. The UN, on the other hand, has a long term record of doing things that threatened peace.

  13. I have to say, it is amusing to see the EU get a Nobel Peace Prize shortly after the EU President launches a major initiative to try to establish an EU military.

    Good timing, that.

  14. Why not Canada?


    We haven’t invaded anybody. Well, except maybe Arizona, Florida and Hawaii. (‘But they welcomed us with open arms.’ as the saying goes.)

    1. Come on, Aresen.

      Just because Affleck pissed you off with the dissing in Argo doesn’t mean you need to get all uppity.

    2. I dunno; how many Jews has Canada killed?

      Have they at least participated in the ransacking of their continent’s market economy?

    3. We haven’t invaded anybody

      Only because we stopped you before you could.

      But on a serious note, you don’t get a peace prize for being peaceful, you get a peace prize for stuff the committee wants you to do in the future, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

    4. I think Canada has a better claim to the award than the EU, not having murdered millions and all.

      1. Dude, Canada produced Celine Dion. That’s too great a crime to overlook. I won’t even get into Kraft dinner or Molsen.

        1. It’s not the No-Crime Prize. It’s the Peace Prize.

          1. KRAFT DINNER. That’s like declaring war on taste. Don’t forget they put ketchup in it, dude! That is the blood of all epicureans everywhere that they’re eating!

            1. It’s not war-war. It’s more dedication to evil. But the peaceful promotion of evil. Not war.

              1. You are far too forgiving of war (on taste) crimes.

                You probably excuse Chicago for the crime of deep dis…well, of course you do. This explains so much!

                1. Technically, Canadians haven’t killed anyone. We just rewrite the history books to make it sound like they helped out in some of those old wars. They actually are total pacifists. In fact, they’re all Buddhists–I know, I’ve been there. How else do you explain our closest ally not having nukes?

                  1. –I know, I’ve been there. How else do you explain our closest ally not having nukes?

                    Poutine addles the noodle.

                  2. Don’t forget we have universal health care. This makes us the bestest.

                  3. Technically, Canadians haven’t killed anyone.

                    Karla Homolka begs to differ with you.

            2. Don’t forget they put ketchup in it, dude!

              Fattening up our tapeworms!

            3. I do not put Ketchup on my KD you philistine.

        2. Molson, dude.

          But doesn’t giving Neil Young make up for all that?

          1. Southern man don’t want him around.

          2. Giving the world Rush does.

          3. Two words. The Shat.

      2. Hey you can’t judge a whole team just by the actions of one of its charter members. Like if Hannibal Lecter joined your choir group, you would say that you were mostly non-cannibals, right?

        1. Russia is partially in Europe. Turkey is partially in Europe. Mass murdering countries. Fascists in Italy and France helped round up people for concentration camps. Then there’s the fire-bombing.

          1. Yeah well that still leaves England, France, Spain, and Belgium. When did they ever do anything that hurt people?

            1. Hey hey hey, come on now guys. What has Luxembourg ever done to anyone?

              1. I’d be okay with Luxembourg winning. Or maybe Switzerland. Or Andorra.

                1. Fuck it, just give it to Monaco.

                  1. The chick on Dance with the Stars? I guess she’s kind of peaceful.

                    1. Is she hot? If so, just give it to her and tell her “compliments of Episiarch”.

                  2. San Marino is even more peaceful.

                    1. Faroe Islands are always overlooked.

  15. Seeing as how the Nobel committee is running out of decent candidates for the Peace Prize, might I suggest lifting the prohibition against awarding it to dead people? Gandhi, Jesus, et al.–years of awards, and without so much controversy.

    1. Vaclav Havel hasn’t even been dead for that long. Give it to him.

    2. I thought the EU winning was already a posthumous award?

      1. Its a pre-posthumous award.

  16. And this year’s Nobel Prize for self-parody goes to–

    –the Nobel Committee! Come on down, guys!

    1. KH, you’ve got it nailed.
      You’d think these guys would be capable of shame, but it’s looking unlikely.

      1. You’d think these guys would be capable of shame, but it’s looking unlikely.

        Hopefully, they’ll pull something like this a few more times and render themselves irrelevant.

        1. Karl Hungus| 10.12.12 @ 9:16PM |#
          “Hopefully, they’ll pull something like this a few more times and render themselves irrelevant.”

          If they haven’t yet asked Obozo to return the ‘prize’, they’ve done so already.
          Here’s a guy who continued the ‘cowboy’ wars W started, started two or three others for grins, decides who dies from drone attacks over lunch (carefully, he claims), and still keeps the prize.
          At the risk of godwinning the thread, Hitler didn’t invade England! Does that win?

  17. It’s sharks all the way down.

  18. I think they gave it to the EU for not shooting at each other over their mess like they would have 70 years ago.

  19. So, this means a general European war within four years?

  20. Most awesome thing you will ever see today:…..nch-736901

    1. Wow…

      “Bitch, you fo’got yo’ hat!”

      Love that part where he throws her shit out the bus after her.

      1. “Smithers, promote that man!”



    1. Your link’s doing that “embedded video” stuff that screws up the link. Is this what you mean?

      1. Yes. Thanks.

    2. What the hell is that?

      Is it some soccer game-thing or other Euro weirdness?

      Hairy lesbian hooligans?



    1. I think it’ll be 40 puppeteers and and about 10000 furries looking to hook up.

      1. Ooh, I bet that master’s degree puppeteer from OWS will be there.


    2. I’m confused, is so little of PBS’ budget come from the government that it wouldn’t matter if it was cut, or if it’s cut the whole shithouse comes crashing down in a Bayesque cacophony of

      What’s the narrative this week?

      1. General Butt Naked| 10.12.12 @ 10:04PM |#
        “I’m confused, is so little of PBS’ budget come from the government that it wouldn’t matter if it was cut,…”

        Pretty sure it’s at least ~20%.
        Dunno about your business; if I lost 20% of my revenue, that would be a serious loss.
        Lefties, of course, claim PBS isn’t ‘really’ government-supported. Lefties are ignoramuses.

        1. Whatever it is, I hope they do it. Especially if it gets rid of bigbird, I fucking hate that thing. Jesus.

      2. I had a comment about how during the Reagan Administration CPB’s subsidy was “slashed.”

        While this was technically true, the money that formerly went to CPB, went instead went as block grants to the states earmarked for “arts and education”.

        The states now distribute this money to your local public radio and televisio0n stations.

        Before the “cuts” CPB sold its output to local stations at cut prices. After the “cuts”, prices for CPB content rose dramaticall, the locals coverinf the the price increase with the state grants they were now getting.

        1. So when you local PBS or NPR guy or gal gets up in the next begathon and says they get hardly any federal government money they are technically correct.

          But the federal subsidy to public broadcasting is as high as it was at its zenith. It’s just getting laundered through different channels.

          1. So when you local PBS or NPR guy or gal gets up in the next begathon and says they get hardly any federal government money they are technically correct.

            I am wondering what is actually happening in PA. A few years ago they supposedly stopped like 90% (or something) of state funding for public broadcasting. Was the federal grant included in that cut, or do they continue to receive that? Maybe our bloated legislature used the cash for more maids, chauffeurs and private jet rides.

        2. Gawd, does anything ever actually get cut, or a regulation rescinded, or a bureaucrat fired? Ever?

          Sounds like the “cuts” cost more taxpayer money than the previous situation.

  23. Well thats prtty stupid, might as well have jsut given it to the ocean lol.

    1. Anonbot nails it!

      1. Stopped clock and all that.

  24. The last war in Europe ended 50 years before the formation of the EU. What the fuck have they done to deserve this?

    1. Uh, written stupid philosophy, claimed communism was the future, given away free ‘stuff’, and griped that the US was a war-monger for providing the Euro’s defense.
      Oh, and convinced equally stupid US residents that they’re right.
      Hey, who can argue with a marketing program like that?

  25. “…the bankers hoarding their cash rather than incur the risk…”

    That is as far as I got. Then I muttered ‘fucking communists scum’ under my breath, posted this comment and now I am going on to another article.

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