Election 2012

The Failures of Obama and Romney

President Obama is a failure as a president, and Gov. Romney is a failure as a candidate.


President Obama is a failure as a president, and Gov. Romney is a failure as a candidate.

When he took office, Obama told the press that if he couldn't cure the economic mess he inherited from President George W. Bush in four years, he wouldn't deserve a second term. I guess he didn't anticipate making the mess worse.

When he took office, the federal government owed $11 trillion to its creditors; today it owes $16 trillion. When he took office, gasoline was running about $1.85 a gallon and today costs about $3.85 a gallon. This is price inflation that he directly caused by flooding the markets with cash, and that directly harms the middle class and the poor. Unemployment has remained north of 8 percent throughout his presidency for those still looking for a job, and about 16 percent if you count all able-bodied out-of-work adults, half of whom have stopped looking for work on his watch.

He supported radical fanatics in their takeovers of the governments of Libya and Egypt, even going so far as to help them kill Col. Gadhafi, the former Libyan strongman who was once our ally. In the process, they opened jails in Libya, and out came some of the same folks the U.S. government has been fighting against in the Middle East since 2001. Obama pushed from power Hosni Mubarak, the strongman in Cairo, and he was replaced by the head of a criminal organization that Obama's own State Department has prohibited Americans from engaging with. (Query: If the government derives its powers from the consent of the governed, how can the government help a foreign group and at the same time prohibit Americans from doing the same?)

In his lust to build a new world order in the Middle East, a goal for which he roundly criticized President George W. Bush, Obama has unilaterally, unconstitutionally and unlawfully killed Americans there. He killed Osama bin Laden when he could have captured him, and he let a mob kill our ambassador to Libya when he could have protected him—all to justify a value-free foreign policy that has no lasting friends or enemies, just fleeting interests. And he has killed thousands in foreign lands in secret, using drones that will soon find their way here and come back to haunt him.

Perhaps the next month will prove me wrong on Romney, but so far he is putting the electorate to sleep. I believe him when he claims to favor free market approaches to the nation's economic ills, but I don't believe him when he rails against big government and central economic planning, because his record belies his words. He is, of course, the father of the individual mandate—a totalitarian giant leap forward for the welfare state. And he has stated that if elected and re-elected, he will borrow money every year he is in office until the last.

When he was interviewed with the president on "60 Minutes" last week, I purposely did not watch or listen to the show. The next morning, I read the transcript of the interview and thought many of Romney's answers were articulate and rational. Then I watched the same interview on tape and was bored nearly to death. Romney cannot put a fire in people's bellies. The only reason he gives for voting for him is that he is not Obama—a reason that appeals to just under half the country, but is not enough to seal the deal. He needs to recognize that his audience for victory is not his former neighbors in Boston, but Joe Sixpack in the heartland.

He supports all of Obama's killings in the Middle East, but claims he wants to control events there with a more muscular foreign policy. He cannot justify that view, along with the fact that it has failed and put us close to bankruptcy, to an electorate weary of wars. He rips into Obama's borrowing, but overlooks his running mate's voting record in Congress, which authorized all of it. At first he vowed to repeal Obamacare saying it is unconstitutional, and then he said he wants to keep the parts he likes, even if they are unconstitutional.

Can anyone get excited about Romney? Aside from a capitalistic attitude about the economy—as opposed to the president's love of central economic planning—does anyone know what views he will embrace on Inauguration Day? Do you know anyone just aching to vote for him, the way conservatives were for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and progressives were for Obama in 2008? I do not know of such a person.

What do we do? The president's failures are legion and have made all of us the worse for them. Gov. Romney's failures are obvious and will give us four more years of Obama. Who says the system is not fixed?

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  1. One of the most dire predictions I have about a Romney administration is that while they may very well orchestrate a full repeal of ObamaCare, they’ll probably replace with something almost as awful. The guy’s not a huge fan of free markets.

    1. I recall that one slogan Romney was using regarding Obamacare: ‘Repeal and Replace’. How about repeal and get the Federal Government out of healthcare altogether?

      1. I, too, share that seemingly impossible dream.

        1. Romney: “Hey, guys, ObamaCare’s gone.

          Libertarians: “FUK YA WHOO HOO MUTHAFUKA WHAT”

          Romney: “And now, RomneyCare II!”

          Libertarians: */Wrists.

  2. Andrew Napolitano is consistently the best writer that Reason Magazine has. He was one of the few reasons to watch Fox News. And apparently Fox Business network prefers to show infomercials to a program that supports capitalism and liberty.

    1. Yeah. Not only is he a good writer, he keeps his shit together when it comes to his principles — there’s no pussyfooting or bullshit in his articles.

      1. Women want him, men want to be him.

        1. THE JUDGE!

    2. Fully agreed. His style is direct and without pretense.
      And man, does he say it all.

  3. “to an electorate weary of wars”

    Is it the rationing? The draft? The bombers over the cities every night?

    O! got elected promising to escalate Afghanistan.

    With the lack of interest by the legacy media, how many people could tell you what is going on, warwise?

    If current ops delayed iPhone delivery by a week or caused Here Comes Hony Boo Boo to go off the air, then we might see the American public rise up in anger.

    1. Don’t touch my Honey Boo Boo!

      1. No, really, don’t touch it.

      2. Of course, I had to go find out what Honey Boo Boo is. A quick google search reveals that I didn’t really want to know after all. That ain’t right.

    2. It’s Honey Boo Boo you commie!

  4. I must have heard six times this morning from ABC radio that last night was Obama’s anniversary. Now that’s a pathetic excuse.

    1. How well would you debate if you knew you had to sleep with that when you got home?

      1. I’d rip my own balls off and hang myself with a dead snake. You?

      2. If it was that bad a performance, he probably slept on the couch.

        1. So he gave an intentional bad performance as a defense? He’s smarter than I’ve given him credit for.

          1. 3D Chess *MASTER*!

      3. Great. Now I need brain bleach.

        1. Try SugarFree Brand Brain Bleach. It has the power of scrubbing bubbles.

          1. Try SugarFree Brand Brain Bleach. It has the power of scrubbing bubbles semen.

            False advertising is a crime, mister.

            1. Truth is not a crime. My semen both bubbles and scrubs.

    2. Now that’s a pathetic excuse.

      Excuses are inherently pathetic, and as common as sand on a beach. The roadsides are littered with broken heroes. The wails of “it’s not my fault” dismays.

      1. “I blew at last night’s debate because my penis was terrified of going home and entering the forests of Kashyyyk that night.”

  5. “What do we do? The president’s failures are legion and have made all of us the worse for them. Gov. Romney’s failures are obvious and will give us four more years of Obama.”

    If I vote at all this year it will be for Gary Johnson. I will not vote for Obama or his clone.

    1. Then you must face the wrath of Tulpa and his trusty sidekick John!

      1. I was considering going for Romney for a while, but after the debate, I’m convinced the guy can’t even be considered a decent candidate, much less a game-changing choice. This is all so fucked up.

        1. I only saw 5 minutes. But I saw enough to hear him say “I will not decrease the Dept of Ed’s budget.” That was enough for me. Fiscal conservatives don’t even get lip service anymore.

          1. The guy’s an asshole and a progressive to the core. I’ll just draw a pair of monkeys fucking on the ballot when the election comes around, or something.

          2. Of course. It’s about the prize.
            Always has been, always will be.

      2. I thought Tulpa was the sidekick?

      3. Don’t forget CampinginYourPark. Every one of his posts consists of water-carrying for Romney

  6. Reason commenter last night mentioned the “horse race”, which elevates the interest for the media. No, it’s not a conspiracy but they prefer a tight contest (while also hoping for an Obama win). The establishment left shouldn’t get too worried. Big O will come out swinging in round 2 and they’ll call him another “Come-back kid.”
    Then the final round will be serene, neither one wanting to make a big blunder, a real snoozer.
    Judge is right too about Romney’s lack of passion. He doesn’t know how to present righteous indignation, which would help him win a lot of those middle class voters who are struggling paycheck to paycheck.

  7. Is it just me, or do others turn out when they read totally disingenuous bullshit about the price of a gallon of gasoline? Shouldn’t the Judge know better than to use this form of political pandering?

    1. Damn. I read a little bit further in the article. The Judge tries to say that a doubling of the price of gas is do to monetary inflation. Totally wrong.

      1. So the rise in cost of gasoline isn’t partially due to the devaluation of the dollar?

        1. Partially responsible, sure. Responsible for more than doubling? Not a chance.

          1. That is to say, putting complete responsibility for gas prices on dollar devaluation is absurd. Especially when inflation is pretty low considering the massive amount of cash the Fed has injected into the economy.

            I agree that, when consumers start spending all that cash and inflation creeps up, we’ll be able to blame the attendant increase in the price of gas on failed monetary policy.

            So far, however, “priming the pump” (seems like an especially apt phrase for this) hasn’t had much effect.

            1. A gram of gold in 2007 bought you 25 dollars worth of gas. In 2012 it will buy you 60 dollars worth of gas.

              I’d argue the oil boom in North Dakota should have brought gas prices down, and the only reason they’re nominally high is due to inflation.

              1. Isn’t the boom in ND primarily natural gas? Or are there heavier petroleum products—like those you’d make gasoline from—also coming out of the boom? Hell, lower consumer demand for gasoline/diesel—fewer goods bought means fewer trucks needed to carry them + people cut back on long trips when they’re out of work—should have caused noticeably lower gas prices.

                How does inflation look if we were measuring it the same way we did in the 70s? Roughly eyeballing shadowstat’s inflation charts, I get an average inflation rate from 2007 to now of ~9%. Hardly pretty low.

    2. I think he is addressing the promises made by then candidate Obama vs. what President Obama has been able to accomplish.

      Many promises made.
      Most of them broken.

      1. That’s not what I’m getting out of his statement. It’s that Obama campaigned on fixing the economy and hasn’t done so. Fair enough. I’m not sure that Obama campaigned on the price of gasoline (I could be wrong, but it seems unlikely).

        Even if he did, the idea that the President has such power over the economy as to make the price of gas double in a few short years is ridiculous. And the Judge should know better than to engage in such forms of political pandering.

        Then again, I’ve always thought that Napolitano is totally out of his element when talking about anything other than Constitutional abuses by the Executive. His criticism of drone executions, etc are spot on. His rants on economics miss the point. And his articles on “culture war” type issues like abortion are way out of left field. Stick with what you know, Judge! We’ll love you for it.

  8. rand paul and jim demint are running the GOP senate. mitch mcconnell just added ron paul’s campaign manager to his staff. who is more likely to sign a rand paul bill? obama or romney? ron paul and gary johnson aren’t going to win, so liberty and constitution lovers have to look for gains elsewhere. obama is a disaster, and romney is far from ideal. therefore, i see the presidential race this way: we aren’t going to get a leader, but we will get a signature. a vote for romney is a vote for rand paul.

    1. Why can’t we just wait till Romney loses in 2012, then quixotically support Rand Paul in 2016?
      Come on, that idea has some merit!

  9. Nice column, but why does the good Judge pretend there isn’t another candidate on the ballot, a 2-term governor with a better record than Romney or Obama?

  10. The system is most certainly fixed. Even when it comes to throwing debates. I had a feeling about it, but watching Bill O’riley on the Daily Show last night just confirmed what I felt to be true. As soon as the debate was over, the pundits were screaming Romney won. Notice the lack of any debate-o-meters put out there for the public to share their feelings on how it went? Of course not. Obama had no balls, and Romney got away with lie after lie. The whole thing was set up/rigged/thrown. I agree with Bill, it was done to keep the contest “hot” to keep people paying attention to the drama of the whole fiasco rather than actually focusing on anything that truly matters- the Fed, these unjust wars that are breaking us, social engineering at home and abroad. I’m so sick of the b.s., ready to get on out of this rapidly declining country. Where to go where this evil empire can be escaped, and liberty is honored?

  11. Loved the post, fantastic work! You in fact play up the details

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