Presidential Debates 2012

Gary Johnson Responds to Debate Deficit Question

You have to cut spending, he says


Everyone, including President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney, gives lip service to reducing the deficit. But when you do the math—whether it be Obama's, Romney's or even Paul Ryan's—there is no plan for eliminating deficits that adds up. When a politician, Republican or Democrat, tells you we can balance the budget while not reducing Medicare costs or while spending even more for defense, it simply cannot be done. And they know it can't be done.

Americans deserve the truth. The truth is that our deficits are not only unsustainable, but represent a very real threat to this nation. And of the $16 trillion in debt our government in Washington has racked up, it is almost equally split between Republican and Democrat administrations.

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  1. I actually liked Jill Stein’s answer better than Johnson’s. It was longer and more specific. And she wants to cut 43% of the budget so it can be balanced without raising taxes, which is weird to hear coming from the Green Party candidate. I haven’t looked but I’d bet that is very similar to what Johnson proposes, way to the right of Romney and Obama.

    I wonder if the USA Today editors just forgot to include Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode? He’s got to be on at least as many states as Stein.

    Oh, does anyone actually still read USA Today?… I know they give it out free in hotels.

    1. crazyfingers, the 43% was part of Johnson’s response. Click on the link to Jill Stein’s response and you will see a bunch of nonsense about 25 million green jobs.

  2. I read that Johnson demanded filled a lawsuit against the debate comission because he said that it had violated the anti trust laws. I find that totally ridiculous and contrary to libertarian ideology.

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