Video of Philly Cop Sucker Punching Woman "Disturbing," Says Philly Deputy Police Commissioner

Veteran cop was a "Sexy Single" in 2006


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Philadelphia's deputy police commissioner Richard Ross admitted he'd be "remiss not to acknowledge that the video" uploaded to YouTube showing a 39 year old woman in Philadelphia being sucker punched by Jonathan Josey, a cop, for allegedly throwing water or beer at a group of officers at the Puerto Rican Day Parade this weekend "was disturbing." Ross continued:  "We have a video before us that depicts some very disturbing images . . . Clearly, the one issue at hand is she does appear to be walking away. She does not appear to be facing Lt. Josey at that time."

Another issue at hand might be why a cop that appears well built (he was a Philadelphia Daily News "Sexy Single" in 2006) felt the need to punch a 39-year-old woman in order to detain and arrest her. Unless that part's SOP in Philadelphia.  An internal investigation was opened and Josey, a highway patrolman and former narcotics field officer, was put on desk duty. Video, which has gotten more than a million hits since being uploaded Sunday, below:

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  2. Unless that part’s SOP in Philadelphia.

    More than likely.

  3. bitch had it coming

    f you don’t wanna get punched by then stay at least fifty feet aways from them at all times. better yet, don’t leave your house

    / Dunphy

    1. She was brandishing her face!

      Not saying you can’t CARRY a face.

      Just don’t BRANDISH it if you don’t wanna get punched.

      Occifer Safety, can’t all be experts, procedures were followed, you didn’t read the article but I did, and derp.

      1. Needz moare “contract”, “training”, and “due process for the LEO”.

    2. also, all dogs should be secured when at home, preferrebly to a wall…and stuffed.

  4. I’m shocked that the 2% of bad cops who give all the others a bad name all happened to be standing in that one spot.

    1. Nah, the 2% of bad cops would have joined in hitting her on the ground while shouting “Stop resisting!” You can tell that these were the 98% of “good cops” because they only surround the bad cop and protect him with the blue wall of silence.

  5. She was coming right at him.

  6. she obviously didn’t respect his authoritah

  7. what a stupid woman. her hands were clearly moving…how dumb can you be? cop showed admirable restraint in not using lethal force. suspicious hand movements are no joke.

    1. A ‘furtive movement’…’officer was rightly concerned for his saftey and that of others’… and derp (to quote A E T).

  8. At about 1 second on the left side what looks like a man in a black T and shorts heaves a water cup’s contents at the backs of the police, they turn and see the woman, she tries to get out of there and but they clock her.

    1. Yeah, it didnt look like she did anyything. It was the other dude.

      1. Not exactly. If you notice at the very beginning of the video she is shooting silly string at the cops. Then the guy behind her (off camera) shoots them with silly string as well. While the cop did belt her a good one (overreaction), you never know when one of those cans is a gun.

      2. Yeah, this is the first time I got a look at the higher def version. It was definitely that dude spraying from his water bottle. He’s the one the manly copper should have sneaked up behind and sucker punched.

        1. Seriously? You think being sprayed with some water justifies assaulting someone? Perhaps this is why we have a problem with police brutality in this country.

  9. she does appear to be walking away. She does not appear to be facing Lt. Josey at that time.”

    “The perpetrator was fleeing the scene. Quick action and selfless acceptance of great personal risk on the part of this noble officer brought a dangerous felon to justice. It gives me great pleasure to present this medal….”

    1. “Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s fleeing the interview! He’s fleeing the interview!”

  10. Lt. Josey was in fear for his life and did what any reasonable person in his situation would have done. He only had a split-second to make a call. Force continuums, standard operating procedures, policies were followed. blargh.

    /teh dunphinator

  11. Well, they placed him on desk duty. So, problem solved. He’ll never do it again.

    1. Desk duty really is serious punishment. Remember that being a cop isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Desk duty means he isn’t strutting around and intimidating people all day long, and that truly is punishment. I mean, that is how he defines himself. He is respected. He is feared. He issues orders to citizens and they obey him or else.

      So, yeah. He’ll learn his lesson alright.

      Next time he’ll look around for cameras after he decks an unarmed woman, then deck the person who is filming him before stealing the camera.

      1. I think you’ve summed it up perfectly

      2. Assault battery deserves jail time not desk time.

        1. It is impossible for a cop to commit assault, or any crime for that matter, while on duty.

          You see, all crimes are crimes against the State, against the Government.

          A cop, while in uniform, is acting as an agent of the State.

          How can the State commit a crime against itself anymore than you can commit a crime against yourself?

  12. Fucking burger punk!

  13. I enjoy that they all turned like a herd to follow their alpha in for the kill. If only that alpha would lead them to a treadmill or into some sit-ups.

  14. you never know when one of those cans is a gun.

    If you’re a pathetic coward whose Prime Directive is OFFICER SAFETY, maybe.

  15. Officer clearly needs more training. He had a chance to kick her at least once when she was on the ground.

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