Election 2012

Reason Around the Internet: Reason TV's Anthony Fisher on HuffPost Live Talking Youth Voter Apathy


Reason TV producer Anthony Fisher appeared on HuffPost Live 

for a discussion on voter apathy among the 18 to 29-year-old demographic. 

Here's a link to the segment, where Fisher challenges the idea that it's difficult to register to vote in most states, and where HuffPost College Assistant Editor Tyler Kingkade credits the 2012 Ron Paul campaign with co-opting the anti-war youth vote that had enthusiastically backed Barack Obama in 2008.

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  1. Generic quote from the left: “You can’t have voters show ID! You Rethuglicans are just making it harder for ordinary people to vote!”

    Seriously, I had a friend tell me that the reason we can’t have voter ID is becaue it would disenfranchise so many people, and listed them all off. Including students. WTF?!?!? Students don’t have ID? How the frak did they get into college?

  2. Most painful video I’ve ever watched. If I wanted amateur opinion with idiotic analysis I’d talk to the kids in my dorm about politics.
    Anthony sounded reasonable, but they never let him talk!

  3. That league99 guy was making up excuses about the youth having a hard time registering to vote….ridiculous. I love how Anthony just made him look like an ass by explaining the challenges the youth had during the Vietnam War and whether voting or registering to vote was worth it due to the possibility of being drafted. Those were real challenges…not the so called challenges that the youth of today in my generation say there is. I can see it very soon government officials going door to door registering 18 year olds to vote due to lack of effort and participation in elections. These bums need to get of their asses and stand for something besides bunk you tube videos and reality TV. Stop the excuses.

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