Police Abuse

Family of Teen Shot in Back Sues Police

No evidence connects the dead 16-year-old to a crime at the scene


Claiming excessive force and a failure to provide basic medical care, the family of a teenager shot and killed by an off-duty Winnebago County Sheriff's deputy Oct. 1 as he foiled a robbery at Marie's Pizza today filed a civil lawsuit in federal court.

Michael Sago Jr., 16, was shot and killed by Sheriff's Deputy Frank Pobjecky as the officer stopped an armed robbery at the Charles Street restaurant. Pobjecky also shot and wounded Lamar Coates, Desmond Bellmon and Brandon Sago during the incident.

There is no evidence Sago Jr. even knew the restaurant was going to be robbed before he was shot in the back three times and killed while trying to run, the family's lawyer Bill Foutris said.