Romney Wants to Replace Obama's Executive Order Banning Some Interrogation Techniques

Wants to return to the methods that worked so well during the Bush years


WASHINGTON — Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has said much about torture as part of terrorism investigations during the 2012 general campaign. But the future of American government practices when interrogating high-level terrorism suspects appears likely to turn on the outcome of the election.

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  1. This is another example of the left’s alliance with big corporate liberal entertainment — rather, corporate liberal journalism.
    Mitt and his gang are completely inept at running a campaign as Clinton/Carville did. Romney cannot stay on message, nor can his campaigners. And like grade school children staring out the window, they are easily distracted.
    The Times supports the Obama campaign, which is a smart campaign, a brilliant campaign, very shrewd — continue to keep Romney on the defensive and ensure that Romney “does not stay on message.”
    “But it’s the econonmy, stu–” Voice over reinforced by the Times’ shills —
    “While we don’t know jack about Romney’s interrogation plans, this election is about torture.”

  2. Well, at least we know the trend of each successive President being more terrible than the last is secure this election.

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