Just About the Creepiest Pro-Obama Image of the Week (I Hope)


That's Jim Messina, the head President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, showcasing the new "For All" happy hands bit that Mike Riggs characterized as one more indication that Obama treats his supporters "like parishioners at the People's Temple."

You write Bobby Sherman's or Justin Bieber's or iCarly's name on your hand (when your 10 years old). If you're pulling that stuff when you're in your 40s (like Messina is), you've got a screw loose.

Check out "A Short Visual Tour of the Creepy Obama Cult" put together by Reason columnist David Harsanyi at Human Events.

I don't think it's simply my general dislike for politicians that makes me recoil from this sort of thing. Anything that smacks of idol worship rather than the promotion of general ideas or specific policies makes my flesh—my untattoed, unwritten-upon flesh—crawl. However awful politics will always be, it still shouldn't be about individual leaders or figures but about ideas and movements. That way madness lies.

If you want to return to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when kids were spontaneously bursting into song at the promise of Obama's first term, check out Reason TV's "Obama Kids: Sing for Change (Pyongyang Remix)." It'll rock your world.

And by spontaneously, I mean originally passed off as spontaneous but later revealed to be a project involving a huge amount of planning and the head of NBC Universal.