Election 2012

Just About the Creepiest Pro-Obama Image of the Week (I Hope)


That's Jim Messina, the head President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, showcasing the new "For All" happy hands bit that Mike Riggs characterized as one more indication that Obama treats his supporters "like parishioners at the People's Temple."

You write Bobby Sherman's or Justin Bieber's or iCarly's name on your hand (when your 10 years old). If you're pulling that stuff when you're in your 40s (like Messina is), you've got a screw loose.

Check out "A Short Visual Tour of the Creepy Obama Cult" put together by Reason columnist David Harsanyi at Human Events.

I don't think it's simply my general dislike for politicians that makes me recoil from this sort of thing. Anything that smacks of idol worship rather than the promotion of general ideas or specific policies makes my flesh—my untattoed, unwritten-upon flesh—crawl. However awful politics will always be, it still shouldn't be about individual leaders or figures but about ideas and movements. That way madness lies.

If you want to return to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when kids were spontaneously bursting into song at the promise of Obama's first term, check out Reason TV's "Obama Kids: Sing for Change (Pyongyang Remix)." It'll rock your world.

And by spontaneously, I mean originally passed off as spontaneous but later revealed to be a project involving a huge amount of planning and the head of NBC Universal.

NEXT: Pakistani Army Called in to Protect Foreign Embassies

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    1. I’ve never done “first” before. It’s pretty special.

      Seriously, though, I’m not voting for Romney, but at least if he wins, there will be no Cult of Romney, because even the people voting for him don’t like him.

      1. Isn’t that a feature of a political campaign rather than a bug? If only we could live in a world where every politician’s supporters didn’t trust or like them. That is government as the founders intended.

        1. I have to give Romney that–no cult of personality. That’s an advantage he can use. “Me? I just want your vote, not your total submission.”

          1. Except that Romneybot does want your submission.

            He just knows he cant claim it at the level or intensity of the Obamatron machine.

            Basically, Romney doesn’t have the media, Hollyweird, or the general backing of those that bring us media news/entertainment.

            Romney wants what Obama has, just under the TEAM RED banner.

            1. I don’t think they’ll give that to him. They have another god. Reagan. I mean, God.

              1. That’s why they sing Gloria in excelsis Reagan at the conventions.

            2. Basically, Romney doesn’t have the media, Hollyweird, or the general backing of those that bring us media news/entertainment.

              That and the fact that about half of his supporters are voting for him for the single reason that they hate his opponent makes his threat of submission not much of a worry. Obama on the other hand…

            3. “Romney wants what Obama has, just under the TEAM RED banner.”

              Yes, if you only knew what he had in mind, you’d be shocked, or a mind reader.

              1. Didn’t you see what he did with that dog? Total slavery.

          2. Maybe Reason can do a parody of this with people writing their message on the palm of their hand and then they can hold it out arm straight at a 45 angle.

            I can’t believe most Americans won’t find this cult of personality creepy.

        2. It should be a feature. It’s really creepy to see/hear my friends swoon over the guy (Obama).

    2. Once again, the “image” I get on the main page is grey.gif.

  1. Jesus fucking Christ, can the Obamatrons get any more repulsively creepy? And to use such a hideous ginger for their picture…it truly shows how utterly deluded, sycophantic, and out of touch these fucking scum are. That guy makes me want to become Cartman and start a campaign of genocide against gingers.

    1. All I can think when I see that picture is “missing coed”. I am not sure I have ever seen anyone who could pull off the “serial killer” look more effectively than this guy.

      1. Why do I think when he opens that mouth it will be filled with dripping fangs?

        1. Dripping what, though?

      2. All I can think when I see that picture is “missing coed”.

        I see “missing chromosome”.

        1. Looks like Pat from Saturday Night Live

    2. “Person of Interest” is another thought that is associated with that picture.

      1. “He was mostly quiet, kept to himself. I can’t believe he did…that.”

        1. “He often tortured animals as a child”.

          1. I see him stalking and killing Italian girls, to finally make a pretty tan skin for himself.

            1. “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me HARD.”


          2. “Don’t be afraid, little boy, just get in the back of the van. I’ll give you some candy.”

          3. Reminds me of a Millinium episode where the Frank and the cops show up at the perps house and the first thing the unwitting wife says is “he’s done something horrible, hasn’t he”.

            1. “he’s done something horrible, hasn’t he?”.

              Is another appropriate tag for this picture.

              1. Nevertheless, he is a Top. Man.

    3. Only Liberal Gingers.

      Freedom loving Gingers are good on my end.

      1. We’re just as creepy, I assure you.

      2. Ginger females can often command my total submission.

        1. I’m totally on board with you on that one.

        2. It’s true.

        3. It’s true.

          1. Worth saying twice.

            They’ve got an aging profile like falling off a cliff, though.

            1. Lack of melanin – skin damage?

            2. That’s because it’s critical for gingers to stay the fuck away from the sun. Since that’s a practically impossible task, the result is ye olde cliff jump.

              1. I think you’re both right, especially since the 40+ crowd who’s really showing it now (I refuse to link as an example, that picture of Kathy Griffin that was linked here today. Shudder.) got a big dose of “tan is in” during the late 70s and 80s.

                I guess the damage doesn’t ever entirely go away. Scandinavian women seem to go through it too.

                OTOH, I have a hell of a time trying to pin down the age of Asian, never mind black, women, to within the right decade.

                But sarcasmic can link to Ms. Hendricks as much as he likes, in my book. Pity she still can’t find anyone who can dress her, that doesn’t already work for Mad Men

                1. She’s not a real redhead, so the ginger curse doesn’t apply. Her curse is gravity.

    4. Respectfully Epi, weren’t you kinda close to being another Cartman already?

      1. Do you want to become another Scott Tenorman? Do you?!?

        1. I dream of licking TEAM BERULED tears directly from their faces.

          1. Epi would be the one licking your tears.

            1. Let’s keep fantasies out of this.

      2. Epi is WAY fatter.


    5. Even Welch? Or is Welch a daywalker?

    6. Jesus fucking Christ, can the Obamatrons get any more repulsively creepy?

      Yes. There’s always more water to drain out of the pool.

      1. Unfortunately, Paul, they prove that every day. It’s a bottomless pit.

    7. That guy makes me want to become Cartman and start a campaign of genocide against gingers.

      As a partial (calico?) ginger, I say go ahead. We are a disgusting race.

      1. It’s called ‘daywalker’ you uncultured savage.

  2. Sun, meet Jim. Jim, this is Sun.

    1. Well… did he burst into flames?

      and my ass that’s Jim Messina……that’s fucking reason.coms very own T o n y….err I mean P h o n y!

  3. What IS this thing? A container of noxious vapidity? I think dictatorships are built on that smile.

  4. That’s pretty cool. As he garrotes his leader’s enemies, they see the words “Obama” and “Care” prior to death.

    Look, my leftwing friends, I can live with your politics, as bad as they are, but you really don’t want to walk down this road. Especially with an empty suit of questionable virtue. But really, even if George Washington came back, the same goes for him.

    1. I don’t think Christ himself would be comfortable with people doing this in his name.

    2. “Shoot them. Shoot them both.”

      1. “You can’t do this to me. I’m an American!”

    3. And I am totally posting that on facebook with this picture.

      1. Garroting has a long tradition in the Obama White House. I have photographic evidence.

        1. Was he settling one of Lizzy Warren’s debts there?

          1. I have no idea, but it was the first time I realized there were no boundaries to executive authority under this administration.

            1. Isn’t a drone less physically taxing?

              1. Yes, that’s a good point. He hadn’t mastered drone process that early in his term.

    4. If George Washington came back, he’d know he already served two terms as president and wouldn’t seek office again. As soon as the bloodletting of 90% of DC was completed, he would retire quietly to Mount Vernon.

    5. What do you suppose is written on the other side of his hands?

  5. That’s Jim Messina

    I thought it was Pat.

  6. Obamacare is also a big reason I’m voting this election too. I’m glad that even the people in the Obama election agree it should be repealed.

    1. I think I remember that Obamacare can’t be repealed. It can only be de-funded.

      Can’t remember where I heard that though.

      Also, Romney’s campaigning on “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare. Why didn’t he just stop at “Repeal?” I might be half way interested in voting for Romney on that issue alone if he wasn’t openly advocating replacing Obamacare with his own version of socialism.

      1. I think I remember that Obamacare can’t be repealed. It can only be de-funded.

        That would probably be a practical matter, as Democrats would undoubtedly use the noble, noble filibuster to prevent the evil majority from cramming repeal down the country’s throat.

        Also, Romney’s campaigning on “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare. Why didn’t he just stop at “Repeal?” I might be half way interested in voting for Romney on that issue alone if he wasn’t openly advocating replacing Obamacare with his own version of socialism.

        I’m considering voting for Romney, not because I think he would change anything on Obamacare, but because I think it (my vote and/or Romney winning) would piss off Obama supporters, and Obamacare has made me very spiteful.

        1. Well, if he replaced it with actual de-regulation and choice, that might be good. The previous system was no prize either. But somehow I doubt that’s what he has in mind.

      2. Supposedly, the Dems put some kind of poison pill in the bill requiring a supermajority or something.

        Utterly ineffective, of course.

        1. Isn’t one session of Congress unable to shackle a future one?

    2. Obamacare? What are you talking about? His hands clearly say “Care Obama.” Basically, the campaign is down to nothing but pidgin english.

      1. Reading from the bottom up? Even the terrorist Arabs still read top to bottom, the way God intended.

        1. Bottom up? What kind of godless communist heathen are you?

          We read left to right in America, son. Get with the program!

          1. I am reading left to right, starting at the top line and working down. You’re the one who’s so evil he has to start at the bottom line and work upwards.

            1. I’m not boxed in by your hetero-normative, vertically cisgendered concepts.

              1. I always knew you were gay.

      2. Care to the Obama Power.

  7. We are a nation of super awesome men, not laws.

    1. See, two hundred years ago, political leaders were sexists, racists, and rich white men with many other bigoted and oppressive views. We needed limits on their power, because they were bad men.

      Today, many of our leaders are enlightened and filled with the light of ultimate tolerance for people who agree with them. Those old limits are no longer necessary. Except a little bit when Republicans are in power.

      1. “See, two hundred years ago, political leaders were sexists, racists, and rich white men”

        Shit, we have the fucking Grinch running this time. How can you top that?

        1. George Washington II: A Boy and His Hatchet. This time, it’s personal.

          1. Sorry, misplaced comment. Grrr.

      2. Also, landowners. I actually had someone complain to me once that the founders were only landowners that wanted to enshrine their privilege and non-landowners were kept out.

  8. And the new frontrunner for most punchable face is…

  9. OT (I got shit to do and can’t wait for P.M. links): A profile of Elon Musk from Business Week has some new transportation project ideas, a thing called “The Hyperloop”, and vertical takeoff jets. No hoverboards?

    1. On the assumption that people will be living on earth for some time, Musk is cooking up plans for something he calls the Hyperloop. He won’t share specifics but says it’s some sort of tube capable of taking someone from downtown San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. He calls it a “fifth mode of transportation”?the previous four being train, plane, automobile, and boat. “What you want is something that never crashes, that’s at least twice as fast as a plane, that’s solar powered and that leaves right when you arrive, so there is no waiting for a specific departure time,” Musk says. His friends claim he’s had a Hyperloop technological breakthrough over the summer. “I’d like to talk to the governor and president about it,” Musk continues. “Because the $60 billion bullet train they’re proposing in California would be the slowest bullet train in the world at the highest cost per mile. They’re going for records in all the wrong ways.” The cost of the SF-LA Hyperloop would be in the $6 billion range, he says.

      Freakin’ rentseeker.

      1. I want my hyperloop. Six billion is a lot of money. But fuck that is pretty cool.

        1. I’ll give him this–it’s less than $60 billion.

          1. At least he is stealing for a cool idea.

        2. It’s ‘pretty cool’ because it’s pure fantasy, unfortunately.

          1. And high speed rail isn’t? If we are spending money on a fantasy, why not spend it on a cool one.

            1. That’s liberal logic, John. Bullet trains are ‘cool’ to some people.

              1. I know. I am just being a smart ass. I wouldn’t give this guy 6 billion anymore than I would give the train people money. If he really has some teleportation device, I am sure someone will invest in it without the government being involved.

            2. Whether or not it is a good use of public money, high speed rail does exist and work pretty well in some places, whereas super fast tube transporters do not. Though it would be pretty awesome.

              1. Whether or not it is a good use of public money, high speed rail does exist and work pretty well in some places


                1. They have a high-speed train at the Pittsburgh airport that takes you from the check in counters to the gates. It’s pretty decent.

                  1. I don’t want to nitpick you, Tulpa, but is the speed of that rail actually “high-speed”, as in over 100 mph? That’s pretty much the standard definition.

                    1. I don’t know, it feels pretty fast. But I’m usually half asleep and drooling at that point. Next time I’ll bring an accelerometer.

                      Shit, does the TSA confiscate protractors?

                    2. It can’t be any faster than about 60mph. It uses rubber pneumatic tires and there’s no way they’re rated for much more speed than that. It’s not really a rail.

                  2. They should. Anybody who can use a protractor is clearly an enemy of the state.

                2. Europe, Japan. I have enjoyed good and rapid service on TGV before. Of course, I was lucky enough to be there during a week when they were not on strike. And I just enjoy traveling by train. All I’m saying is that high speed rail is not pure fantasy. That doesn’t mean it is a good use of public money.

                  1. Europe and Japan heavily subsidize their HSR lines. There really isn’t anyplace in the world where HSR makes money – if the population is dense enough for it to make sense then the costs to build are ridiculously high and if the population density is low then there’s no reason to build it in the first place.

              2. I’ve heard this Hyperloop is probably a pneumatic tube sort of thing. Evacuate the air in front, pressurize the air in back, send people flying down a tube like a bank cylinder.

      2. This sounds like an old idea where you build a subterranean tunnel that follows a ballistic arc and allows orbital flight below ground level. You draw a vacuum on the tunnel, and you can go really really fast with almost zero drag.

        1. Sort of what O’Neill wanted to do with maglev?

          1. Not familiar with O’Neill’s idea but think Heinlein in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress?

      3. “He calls it a “fifth mode of transportation”?the previous four being train, plane, automobile, and boat.”

        I guess bicycles aren’t a major mode of transportation in the world.

    2. My favorite part of the article is the dating time allocation discussion. “What do women want? 10 hours a week?”

      1. And what’s that about his friend Olivia Wilde? Did he rent her or something?

      2. “But the formula says this will bring you pleasure!”*

        *Not an obscure movie quote, I just made it up. Don’t bother googling.

        1. Dude has 2 ex-wives. Taking dating advice from him is like taking financial advice from Trump. If you can’t afford to lose half your shit, don’t take it.

  10. As Gunny Hartmann might say: “Holy Jesus! What is that? What the fuck is that? WHAT IS THAT!!!???”

    Jeses Christ on a cracker, you should warn people before putting pictures of creepy pedophilic looking Obama fluffers up here. Seriously. And what the fuck is up with “for all”? Was “Forward” just not quite douchey enough?

    “I pledge allegiance, to Barack Obama, of the United States of Obama, and to the totalitarianism, for which he stands. One dictatorship, under the wookie, with oppression, and Obamacare, for all.”

    1. “What the fuck is your major malfunction?” is another appropriate reaction to this picture.

      1. That works too, but my first thought upon seeing the picture was “What the fuck is that?”, so I that’s the gunny quote I went with. There’s probably several that would be equally appropriate though.

        1. According to Buzz Feed, he is a “guy’s guy”. If that is what being a guy is, where do I sign up to become a tranny because I don’t want to be a guy anymore.

          1. “Is that what a man looks like?”

          2. Doesn’t “guy’s guy” mean he’s on the down low?

          3. According to Buzz Feed, he is a “guy’s guy”.

            That means he’s a catcher.

        2. ok. i just fell in love… with a concept… and you by proxy, loki

          Obama Fluffer…


          from now on, they are not obamabots , obama voters etc.

          they are obamafluffers


          1. Just so you know I don’t swing that way.

        3. Jesus, is that guy creepy. This is the campaign manager?! Piling on with the rest of you, can these guys get anymore cult-like? Where do they go from here? ‘Cause we’ll find out when he wins in November.

          This quote from the Gunny comes to mind:

          “I’m gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-fucking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you!”

    2. Instead of “Forward,” they should’ve said “Engage.” That would capture the dumber geek vote.

      1. I kinda like “For All”. It has an ominous, totalitarian ring to it.

  11. I’m so tired of seeing the left exploit helpless people like Down Syndrome suffers for political gain.

    1. Which is why my picture caption would be a phrase we use when someone takes pride in doing something we all think is stupid:

      “Another happy Mongoloid!”

  12. makes my flesh – my untattoed, unwritten-upon flesh – crawl.

    TMI, Nick. Credit for not telling us about your unpierced nipples, though.

    1. You can’t see them perking up through the Jacket.

  13. Wow, I totally forgot how much I liked the Pyongyang remix. Let’s see… indefinite detention, rendition, assassination without trial… pretty amazing how much alike the two Dear LEaders ended up being.

  14. He wrote “Obama” and “care” on his hands as a masturbatory aid.

    1. Gah! Thanks HM, that really made me NOT want a late lunch.

      1. Surely a man who has seen combat could muscle through it?

        On second thought no…..maybe just sit at the bar!?

        1. I’ve seen strange and terrible things (but you expect that in war) not in HampersandR!

          1. Sir, I think you have that backwards, sir.

    2. XD

      HM wins the thread.

  15. He could have written, “Household income reductions” and it wouldn’t have lost one bit of its meaning.

    1. A “guy’s guy”? What is sad is that this little piss ant probably does think he is some kind of a tough guy. And the sad little weasels who surround him probably think he is too.

    2. It’s DC standards. 4s are 10s there.

    3. Nice cover.

      “Joe Solmonese, HRC president and Obama campaign’s national co-chair emailed BuzzFeed. ‘In the fight to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I had the honor of working by Jim’s side throughout the entire process.'”

      At his side or behind him? NTTAWWT.

    4. It’s his vast My Little Pony collection that sets him apart from the rest of the goon horde.

      1. “My campaign manager is a brony. That’s a good thing, right?”

    5. Writing in Salon, David Sirota called the spot “one of the most homophobic ads in American history.”

      He also, however, has strong relationships with gay leaders, and played a central role in brokering Obama’s support for a gay rights agenda in his time in the White House.

      Sounds like a campaign manager…also a disgusting human being.

      1. tough is relative. i am assured, by those in the know that there are Redmond Crips.

        for those who live Pac NW, this needs not be explained.

        i am not sure what is more shudder-worthy. a Redmond Crip or a Juggalo

        1. The Snoqualmie Ridge Bloods will totally fuck them up

          1. well, ya. they train at high altitude.

            nothing more intimidating than a gangbanger with an impressive Vo2 max

    6. “Jim is tough,” Baucus says. “I’ll never forget when he showed me that…We were in Bozeman in a motel. The curtains were drawn. He said, ‘Max, what do you think?’ They were afraid I wasn’t going to like it. I loved it!”


    7. Well, being near power probably endears him to the ladies, especially the vast quantities of left-wing doofus ladies which I assume are in D.C. It is “Hollywood for ugly people” after all.

      Personally, I’d smother my (hypothetical) daughter with a pillow if she so much as had a conversation with this useless puke.

  16. That thing has never done manual labor, ever.

    Seriously though, do they not look at that picture and find it to be creepy? That is hard to fathom.

    1. That is the worst part. He looks so proud of himself. He really thinks he is making this great campaign poster. It kind of turns my stomach to think about it.

      1. I think this is a pretty good indication that the Obama camp believes they have it in the bag. No campaign team who felt they were in the fight of their lives would come up with something this childish and insubstantial.

        1. Oh, I think you are very wrong, my friend. This is their idea of an ad that they need to win. That’s what’s so unbelievably creepy about it. It a fucking cult, dude.

          1. I think you are right Epi. I think this guy honestly thought “this is the internet ad that is going to finish this thing!!”. And that is a terrifying thought.

        2. Every Washington liberal I know honestly thinks that Obama is going to win 350 plus electoral votes. I honestly don’t see what fucking reality you are living in if you don’t think this thing is going to be really close.

          Forget who wins or loses for a second. Am I missing something here? How can they possibly think they have this in the bag?

          1. I don’t know. I haven’t figured out how Obama wins Florida this time. Drudge had a thing saying Jewish support in FL was down below 10%. FL has been moving steadily more Republican every election. I expect Bill Nelson to lose to Connie Mack IV, and if that happens, Obama is screwed because it will be a pure party turnout win. (Think Charlie Crist becoming governor in ’06. Nobody likes Mack, they just hate him less than the other assholes.)

      2. he does look proud of himself. a smug self satisfied look, like a 2 yr old potty training for the first time …

        “i made doody!”

    2. Dude, think of all the emails they have sent out, the ads, all of it. It all passes their filters. They’re completely fucking insane and delusional. I mean, 100% nuts. An intern at a Madison Avenue firm could see that picture and run screaming, yet they use it proudly. And these are the people at the highest levels of office in the country.

      1. You are right. I would like to believe this is some kind of a joke. That we are being trolled. The idea that there are people out there this far gone who are not locked in hospitals eating through a straw but instead are in positions of national authority is horrifying.

        1. It’s not a joke. They really are this delusional. It’s actually kind of scary.

          1. Not kind of. It is scary Episiarch. Can’t we just have our normal brand of crook back?

            1. They have nuclear weapons. Lots of them. More power than anyone has ever wielded in human history. And they think shit like this is a good idea.

              Am I living through, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers?”

              1. No, you’re living through The Dead Zone and Obama is Greg Stillson.

              2. Re-reading what I wrote, I can’t believe that the U.S. military can possibly have this level of self-delusion, this religious fervor, about the rightness of this guy. (They’ve self-delusion on other matters.)

                How much of a schism can you have between the way the civilian authority views the world and how the military leaders do, before there’s an irrevocable split? As monumentally fucked up as military decision making can be, and frequently is, isn’t it preferable to being ruled by these people? How long before the military figures that out? Are we setting ourselves up for a Turkish solution to our problems?

                1. That is a good question Ghost. And the answer is the military mostly despise these people. And that makes things very dangerous because not only are these people despised they are also fucking morons. They have no idea how the military works or how to control it. So basically the military is doing whatever the fuck it wants right now with little civilian oversight.

                  1. I’m borrowing a bit from the writings of Jerry Pournelle, but he’s written, “Beware the Fury of the Legions.” Yeah, his writing steals is inspired a lot by Gibbon, but I wonder when it will start to occur to the, oh I dunno’, head of the Army that they’ve done nation-building from scratch for the last 5-10 years now, and are pretty good at it? If you just look at the infrastructure (and ignore the people in those countries who hate their guts). They actually do (or did) run domestic affairs in Iraq and kept the lights on. Or would have with sufficient funding and, again, ignoring the people.

                    When will they look at someplace like Detroit, and go, you know what, “We can’t possibly fuck it up as bad as these guys did.” Again, borrowing from Pournelle, will it be when political losers end up in jail or worse, instead of teaching at the JFK School of Government? Caesar didn’t decide to become Caesar until he had no choice but to take the army and win.

                    I just wonder if the same thing can happen here, and I’m dismayed that I don’t think it would take much longer before it might.

                    One large domestic mass casualty event, coupled with the Fiscapolypse, and I think we might get there. It won’t be a force for good.

                    1. It damned near happened during Katrina Ghost. The LA government was so fucked up the Army pretty much ran New Orleans for about a month.

                    2. But nobody was in New Orleans – at least for the month and a half I was there.

                      I don’t think a coup or military intervention in politics would happen with our current force. But I can see someone trying to use them ala MacArthur and the Bonus Army. I fear that more than direct intervention in the running of the state.

                    3. Your comment is reassuring. I do not think that our forces, currently, have in mind a Businessmens’ Plot. I don’t think the concept as inconceivable as I would have 10-15 years ago, though. It is amazing how much this country has changed in that period of time and I don’t see appreciable social inertia to it changing a lot more for the worst.

                      If I were to be concerned about the government, the military and a loss of civil liberties, it would be in the context of: my previously mentioned WMD event, the Fiscapolypse preventing the government from paying its respective power centers and interest groups, and/or the decision to class the narcotics trade as terrorism and extend the AUMF to them. Given distance and deterrence issues, I think we may see all three of the above happen in Europe before they happen here, and thereby get some clue of what the future may hold.

        2. I would like to believe this is some kind of a joke. That we are being trolled.

          As I pointed out the other day, it’s possible we’re all just the victims of a really big Jackass stunt.

  17. Wonder if this is creepy to the 47% of people that don’t pay taxes. Get back to the topic of the century and stop this shallow nonsense.

    1. Shut up, moron. I mean Tulpa.

      1. Okay, Jim

        1. Tulpa, I told you to shut up.

          1. I did, Joe. I mean Jim

            1. God damn it, Tulpa, are you going to shut up already?

              1. Get a room you two! You’re as bad as John and MNG!

                1. I’m going to visit you in your dreams, Epi. Where your filter can’t protect you.

  18. Here’s the thing:

    Every last member of the media longs for this feeling of submission.

    They called it “being inspired by leadership”.

    They openly sing hymns to it every day. Their disgusting JFK nostalgia should tell you that much.

    You know what’s wrong with you? You’re all hateful, cynical men who want to deny the public the opportunity to “be a part of something larger than themselves”. You are all nihilists who hate “inspirational charisma” and “people making a difference”. Can’t you let people feel good about themselves without bringing us all down with your negativity and your divisiveness and your mean-spiritedness? Can’t you let people have hope?

    1. Every member or nearly every of the major media grew up living a total sheltered upper or upper middle class life. They went to the best schools and were told what special little snowflakes they were. Thus, they have no idea what the real world or history was actually like. There World War II nostalgia is especially sickening. Talk to any of the few people left around who actually lived through it and they will thank God they never had to live through it again. But the media looks back on it fondly as a time of national unity. They all have the maturity level of a 12 year old child.

      1. Not just for the “national unity” angle, but the raw power wielded by FDR. He was practically a dictator. They love that shit, whether they openly admit it or not.

    2. We let them have hope and look what they did with it.


    3. Every last member of the media longs for this feeling of submission.

      Ah yes….Matthews Syndrome…..perpetual leg tingling. Tragic.

    4. You’re all hateful, cynical men

      Shush…you’re making me blush

    5. A Great Man doing Great Things makes a much easier story to write. It’s the historian’s conceit.

      Writing about the fine-grained machinations of the free market would be utter hell. Which is probably why the “financial reports” daily attribute the stock market going up or down to a very dubious, but simple cause. It’s like, did the reporter go onto the exchange floor and interview all the brokers to determine if they really were selling or buying because of some economic report from Thailand? I don’t think so.

  19. Where is the village in the background chanting “Its for the greater good…the greater good…”

    1. They were purged for being cursive hand writers. BLOCK LETTERS ONLY.

  20. “Care to the Obama Power”

  21. Is this really any difference from the Bush years, when the Republicans were all telling us that Bush was God’s avatar of freedom?


    1. Except they weren’t.

      Someone somewhere probably did. This is the flerking official BO campaign doing it.

      1. RTFA? Bush himself was telling people how God had sent him to free the Iraqis and bring peace to the Palestinians.

        1. You know who else was on a mission from God?

          1. Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider?

          2. Jake and Elwood of course. Rubber Biscuit!

            1. Jake and Elwood of course. Rubber Biscuit!

              Winnah winnah chicken dinnah!

          3. Jean d’Arc?

            1. No, I think it was his sister Jeanne.

        2. Some random Palestinian official claiming Bush said something in a private meeting isn’t even remotely comparable to a flerking official BO campaign graphic distributed to the public. Seriously?

          Not defending Bush at all here since he was atrocious. But even he didn’t get this bad.

        3. Right, but did other people latch onto that in this manner?

          Not that I recall.

        4. But this is not about the man it is about the followers. Do you have a picture of Karl Rove with a tattoo that says “I am on a mission from God”? If you do, I have never seen it.

          There is a level of creepiness to Obama’s followers that I have never seen before in politics. Sure, if you look hard enough you can find some nut saying about anything about a President. But never has there been so many people with such a clear eyed and creepy dedication to Obama.

          1. There is a level of creepiness to Obama’s followers that I have never seen before in politics.

            Germany, 1932.

            GODWIN, bitches!

            1. They were just violent, not creepy. Smashing up the businesses of a hated group you want to steal from I can understand. Writing on your hands? No.

              1. Oh no, just look at any of the crowd pictures from Hitler rallies, and you can see the same creepy shit at work.

                The totalitarian/cult of personality whiff about Obama and his followers has bothered me since 2008.

          2. You, sir, are obviously racist.

        5. As bad as shit like, “W: The President” was, Stormy, and it struck me as tribal hero-worship branding on a disgusting scale, I didn’t see this level of religious fanaticism in GOP’ers at the time. They at least corresponded to reality on some removed level. Especially if you changed the subject from foreign policy.

          This? This is a whole ‘nother level of abstraction. We can see approaching, ‘Dear Leader’ status. Seriously. Would any of you be surprised to see that happening in 2015 if this guy were to win? If you as the campaign manager for the incumbent leader of the most powerful nation this planet’s ever seen, think that this pose conveys the message of vote for my guy, you’re insane. I can smell the bonfires of heretics and the hot iron from the instruments of confession when I look at a picture like this.

          Who was it who made the comparison between the “Submission” of Islam and how this Administration views the world?

          1. I didn’t see this level of religious fanaticism in GOP’ers at the time

            I did. It was one of the reasons I switched from Repulibcan to independent. This is just another case of Team Reds acting like Obama is the first politician in US history. Yes it’s creepy, but it’s exactly the same sort of creepy that goes with every other person in modern politics.

            1. Yes it’s creepy, but it’s exactly the same sort of creepy that goes with every other person in modern politics.

              That is just not true. Just because you are an “independent” doesn’t mean you have to think both sides are equally bad on everything. The fact that you don’t find this at all creepy and think it is somehow precidented makes you look like a concern troll.

              1. I do find it creepy. I just don’t find it uniquely creepy.

              2. We’ve pretty much ALWAYS had this creepy way of treating the President as a quasi-divinity:


            2. It wasn’t nearly to the same level as this, and I was also turned off by the level of “hero worship” accorded to the Bush team by some on the right.

              1. It wasn’t nearly to the same level as this, and I was also turned off by the level of “hero worship” accorded to the Bush team by some on the right.

                Yes, exactly.

                Stormy, it’s a really *nice* try to draw equivalence here, but it does not comport with the facts. Sorry.

          2. I didn’t see this level of religious fanaticism in GOP’ers at the time.

            Does this qualify as “this level of religious fanaticism”?


            1. One Christian Summer camp is definitely the same thing as the campaign director.

              Would you stop now, please? Like someone else said, I despise Bush too, but false equivalence is ridiculous.

              1. And Gillespie’s YouTube could just as easily be disregarded as “One elementary school”.

                1. And the campaign director can be disregarded as…?

                  The Hope Poster?

                  The faux Seal of President Obama from 2008?

                  The sunrise logo?

                  The “this is the time our planet healed and our oceans receded”?

                  1. Why are you dying on this hill, Stormy? I get that we agree to disagree on the fanaticism/lack thereof of the O campaign and its followers, but you’re seriously comparing some summer camp to the President’s campaign director?

                    As with Randian, I think the three of us can all say that we hated W here. I particularly like the metaphor of W as a noisy, foul-tempered punt dog that just took a shit on your couch. (With Obama being the guy who, instead of cleaning up the mess, thought the thing to do was to drop trou and let fly a giant steamer of his own.)

                    I’m just troubled by the degree cult-like behavior that this guy’s pose reminds me of, behavior I haven’t read about occurring in front-runner American politics since Huey Long. Maybe JFK, though didn’t a lot of his deification arise after he got shot? When did Jackie O come up with the “Camelot” moniker? (Digging a little, the Theodore White Archive states that Camelot first came up in the Dec. 6, 1963 interview with Jackie.)

                    1. Ghost,

                      The deification of Kennedy came much later. At the time he was an inexperienced centrist President who damn near got us in World War III. It was only later, after Vietnam and the Democrats needed some way to absolve themselves of it that Kennedy was deified. See everything was great and then Kennedy died.

                2. It is not one thing stormey. It is four years of one creepy thing after another by people who should know better. No amount of church camp Bush videos is going to match it.

  22. That guy should have



    on his hands.

    1. He has that under his Rainbow Sparkle tattoo on his right “bicep.”

  23. Look, these politicians are not worthy or worship, whether of the hero or divine type. As a rule–and this is close to universal–they are below average in honesty, intelligence, integrity, and administrative ability. They are also prone to changing positions at will and are usually corrupt or corruptible.

    1. As a rule–and this is close to universal–they are below average in honesty, intelligence, integrity, and administrative ability.

      No Pro,

      You’ve got it wrong. Candidates are all of those things, but only two of those things per candidate. You’ll find lots of intelligent, honest candidates, but in the end they have no integrity and couldn’t run a hotdog stand. Or you’ll get a honest, high integrity candidate…those poor dumb bastards. What you really have to look out for are the intelligent, strong administrators. They’ll lie and cheat you out of your own clothes and wife. If we’re lucky, we’ll get an intelligent candidate with integrity, you’ll just have to accept the lies and organizational ineptitude and make up for him.

      Just think about it…

      1. I’m talking about elected officials, not candidates so much. Though it applies to them, too, much of the time.

        1. yeah, two is just a maximum. If you have more than two, you could never run for office.

      2. That’s not to say they have to have two qualities or any. Obama probably is just intelligent (in the same way a Harvard professor is). We know he doesn’t have any of those other qualities.

      3. Fast, good and cheap. Pick two.

  24. That ginger child molester looking fruitcake makes me ashamed of the red hair in my beard. Fuck.

    1. I didn’t think you capable of shame.

      1. You see what it takes for me to feel it.

    2. If its anything like the red hairs that used to be in my beard, they’ll go white about 30 and you can be ashamed of that instead.

  25. Writing a policy position on your hand is exactly like writing Justin beiber’s name because OBAMA!!!!

    1. Joe,

      You not understanding why this picture is so laughable and creepy just proves our point of how far gone Obama’s supporters are. Thanks for playing.

      1. This was funny until Joe started getting huffy defending it, now it’s hilarous.

      2. In poor joe’s defense, everybody in Lowell, Massachusetts looks like Jim Messina, so he just doesn’t see what’s so creepy about that picture. It’s the same inbred Kultic smile he sees when ordering a coffee at the shop around the corner, or when he looks in a mirror.

        1. Isn’t their town motto “ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”?

    2. Please, tell us more about Che.

    3. Shut the fuck up, joe, you pathetic, creepy, Obama-fellating shitheel. Do you slobber on his knob a lot or is your mouth too dry from your excitement?

    4. What’d you write on your hands, joe?

      1. I doubt if he could fit more than 2 letters on each of his hairy little midget hands.

        1. All he managed to get on those little things was “O” and “B”. People just thought he was viral marketing for applicatorless tampons.

    5. If your policy positions are so simplistic they can be written on your hand and easily seen in a portrait photo, you’re not exactly part of the reality based community.

    6. This coming from the guy whose hands read Chavez and ACORN.

      Fuck you, joe.

  26. It is bad enough to think about what these people might do if Obama wins. But what will happen if he loses? How are they going to handle that? Are they just going to give up on the political process and go violent?

    1. We are in for a storm of wailing, pouting, stomping feet and name calling, the likes we’ve never seen before.

      1. Facebook won’t just be viewable again…it will be actively delicious.

      2. I can’t wait to watch the election results on CNN or whatever and see the look on their faces as their hopes are crushed, state by state.

        1. On election night, I’m watching MSNBC.

    2. John,

      They weren’t violent before. I’m sure they’ll just drown in their own ennui.

      1. I am kind of thinking they are too pathetic to ever get violent. It is going to be highly entertaining, especially since they have totally convinced themselves that Obama is going to win in a Reagan, LBJ level landslide.

    3. The people doing this are self-absorbed losers. They will move on to some other wish-upon-a-star without a hint of self-awareness or knowledge of what went wrong last time.

    4. I imagine they’ll dust off the old DIEBOLD!!!!! thing from 2000 and 2004.

      1. ^THIS^, unfortunately. Be prepared for 4-8 years of “Romney stowl teh elekshun OMG!!!11!!!!11!” It’s gonna suck big time.

      2. Only if florida gives the election to Romney. I’m for a maximum voting age. People over the age of 70 don’t have enough time left on this Earth to be responsible for long term decisions.

        1. A woman in Georgia disagrees:


    5. Don’t get your hopes up.

    6. Kool-aid time, beyotches. With any luck, the outgoing president will lead them in the ceremonies, and have them all buried with him in a ceremonial tomb in Chicago.

  27. Can’t you let people feel good about themselves without bringing us all down with your negativity and your divisiveness and your mean-spiritedness? Can’t you let people have hope?


  28. Dave Mustaine got a haircut and joined the Democrats?

    The world has turned upside down!

    1. That is a low blow. What did Mustaine kill your dog? Steal your girlfriend?

    2. Hello me… It’s me again
      You can subdue, but never tame me
      It gives me a migraine headache
      Thinking down to your level

      Yeah, just keep on thinking it’s my fault
      And stay an inch or two outta kicking distance
      Mankind has got to know
      His limitations

      1. Come on! At least link to the video!


        John, you must see this. It’s one of Megadeth’s best tunes. I suspect you, having no taste, will hate it.

    3. The funny thing is, Dave’s become a born-again Christian conspiracy theory nutcase in his old age. I’m sure he hates the shit out of Obama.

      1. Last I heard he supported Santorum.

  29. I sincerely hope somebody has provided a link to this thread to the Campaign to RE Elect the President.

    1. Why, so that we can all be put on 0’s secret death list? Thanks.

      1. Don’t kid yourself, you’re already there, but its a really long list and he only has so many drones.

  30. An invasion of the Ascended One’s personality cultists would be at least as epic as the horse abbatoir thread.

  31. I doubt if he could fit more than 2 letters on each of his hairy little midget hands.



    would suffice.

    Especially if he was cupping his quivering moobs.

  32. Better alt text: A FACE FOR NIGHTMARES.

  33. I’m pretty sure Obama’s supporters would be thrilled if he became dictator for life (hmmm, I just noticed the first letters of those last three words are DFL)

    Whereas I think most conservatives are thinking about Romney…”well, he wasn’t my first pick but maybe he will repeal Obamacare/ not raise my taxes/ not take away my guns”

    The first group scares me a lot more than the second. The second group I just feel bad for because they are always jerked around by people who want more power, aided by people who worship power.

    1. And 85% of them are completely detached from reality. This is amazing.

      New data found that just 15 percent of Democrats believe that recent economic news is mostly poor


      1. That’s the 15% that don’t work for the government or live on handouts.

  34. One hand: I’m not
    The other: Wearing pants

  35. I’m generally not a fan of making fun of people because of their appearance. But damn.

    1. It’s okay. This is one of those instances of a person’s looks reflecting the hideous monster that lies deep inside.

      The Abyss gazes back.

  36. Wow, only two hours and already 270 comments?

    Yes Nick that is super creepy six ways from sunday. You hit the nail on the head there buddy. The cultishness of the whole obama phenomena has creeped me out from the first time I saw him speaking in the Senate and was being touted as a possible presidential candidate. My response to that notion was ” That creep? Are they crazy? He couldnt get elected dog catcher with those crazy ideas. No fucking way!”.

    I guess that means if you are betting on an election, ask me who I think will win, then bet the opposite.

    It also explains why his supporters cannot be swayed no matter what the man does.

    1. Why were you listening to his ideas? You were supposed to be listening to his pronunciation.

  37. I noticed Jim Messina’s ‘tat’ wasn’t permanent……….just like Obamacare………….we can only hope.

  38. “His victims’ pleas for mercy were ignored.”

  39. He had to write Obama Care on his hands, so he could remember who was paying for his care home.

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