Police Abuse

Dragging Elderly Woman Out of Car is OK, Says Police Chief

She didn't produce her license quickly enough


Despite wearing a camera on his uniform and having one on the dashboard of his patrol car, a Texas police officer was not deterred in dragging an elderly woman out of her car when she did not immediately produce a driver's license during a traffic stop.

It took less than a minute for Keene Police Sgt. Gene Geheb to drag 77-year-old Lynn Bedford out of her car, even though she said she would give him her license.

She just didn't do it fast enough.

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  1. I would wager most docile ‘Mericans will support the cop because they’ve been trained to turn their tail between the legs from birth around these moron egomaniacs. Obey the law. Do as commanded and immediately. This works for robots- not people.

    The Police Chief needs his nitwit head examined for supporting Cop Gene. The fact is, the cop works FOR the citizen. In this case, an elderly citizen is being irritating and insubordinate. Because the cop works FOR the citizen body it should be in EVERY single cops interest to respectfully engage citizens. Cop Gene should have worked patiently with the old woman until his required documents were shown. His doughnut and temper can wait. She’s a fucking old lady who had to pee- cut her some slack, you dictatorial twat, Gene.

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