Watch: Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama Speak on Embassy Attack


First, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's infamous "3 a.m. phone call" advertisement pays dividends (it's interesting to watch that ad now with the Obama campaign essentially using the same attack on Mitt Romney). Anyway, notable quote: "Every day America's diplomats and development experts risk their lives in the service of our country and our values, because they believe the United States must be a force for peace and progress in the world."


Next up, Mitt Romney brings in the politics, saying, essentially, "This was terrible. Barack Obama's foreign policy sucks. Vote for me and I'll never apologize for America." (That's not a direct quote, but a summary of his talking points.)


RomneyBot's programmers need to do something about that creepy smirk that keeps popping up at points. Of course, he's being criticized for how quickly he responded, criticizing the administration before President Barack Obama gave his own statement.

And finally, President Barack Obama speaks, condemning "in the strongest terms" the attack: "We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people." He also claims America respects all faiths, and he rejects any "denigration" of other religions. But he doesn't believe such behavior should lead to violence. That's some pretty weak tea, and as Jesse Walker pointed out, leads to demands for government officials to denounce anything somebody doesn't like. Clinton actually was a bit more adept at blending the ideas of "religious tolerance" while condemning violence.