Medical Marijuana

Virginia Judge Gets 30 Days for Growing Pot to Treat Pain

Suffered injuries in the Vietnam War, he says


A judge in Virginia has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for growing more than 40 marijuana plants in his home, according to the Associated Press.

Attorney and substitute judge James H. Allamong Jr. was sentenced on Monday after the felony charges were knocked down to a misdemeanor.

The marijuana plants were discovered by fire fighters last year who had responded to a blaze at a building near Allamong's home. He said the plants were purely for personal use and that he used to drug to treat the pain from injuries he sustained in Vietnam.

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  1. STOP calling Cannabis ‘Marijuana’. There is no medical marijuana – BAYER patented SATIVEX – and there is no mention of marijuana on the label. The tin of horse liniment in my grandfathers barn did not list marijuana as an ingredient but list Cannabis.

    1. It is only referred to as marijuana when pre-criminalizing a person or an idea in a court of law or,

    2 When addressing (pre-criminalizing) people of Spanish/Mexican origin.

    Otherwise it has been called Cannabis for a millennium of human history and interaction in a divers languages.

    People who us the word marijuana are illiterate and should find jobs in other areas than politics, law or journalism.

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