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Reason Writers Around the Internet: Lucy Steigerwald on HuffPost Live, With Sen. Rand Paul in the Studio!


Coming up at 3 p.m., Reason magazine associate editor Lucy Steigerwald will participate, via webcam, in one of those new-fangled Google+ hangouts over at Huffington Post Live.

The in-studio guest of honor is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who will be talking about the bullying federal government, the theme of the Tea Party favorite's new book.

[Update]: Watch the Paul segment here, though he had to leave before I got ask my drug war question.

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  1. I may watch this just to see Lucy’s reaction to the idiot posters at HuffPo calling the KOCHTOPUS out.

    I hope she lets them know how much $$$ they give to civil liberties organizations compared to donors.

  2. Preemptively taking some ibuprofen to prevent the ensuing headache caused by the live chat now.

  3. Howard_Scott_Pearlman_5924m
    With a new stimulus we could instantly put 10 million Americans back to Work Rebuilding America and get an incredible boost in Demand too !

    Oh, these comments will be fun as shit.

  4. Lucy is truly brave to be willing to deal with the tsunami of stupidity that will be coming her way.

    “We’re about to sail into a shit typhoon, Randy, so we’d better haul in the jib before it gets covered with shit.”

    1. She’ll scrap anywhere, anytime. Fuck that shit, she don’t give a fuck.

      1. Awwww yeah.

        Technical and Paulian difficulties, yo. Watch me stammer, though! Come on!

      2. Now look: Here’s a house full of Obamadrones. Do you think the Stag cares? She doesn’t give a shit, it goes right into the house of Obamadrones… Nothing can stop the Stag when she’s hungry. What a crazy fuck!

        1. This is my favorite comment ever.

          Except for the one that was just “DENTAL PLAN”.

          1. Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN Lisa needs braces! DENTAL PLAN

            1. I love you, Warty.

              1. I hate you much less than everyone else too, Lucy.

                1. Hurray!

    1. You’re scaring people!

  5. Hopefully Rand has recovered from the drubbing Krugman gave him yesterday.

    1. Shut the fuck up, joe, you cunt.

      1. I am starting to think he only comes here to be berated by you.

    2. trollin’ trollin’ trollin…

      1. Hey Randian, off topic, but I now have to admit to you that hummus is indeed delicious. I haven’t tried making my own yet, but I bought some greek olive hummus at Whole Foods saturday and it is long gone.

  6. Ooh, a good one. Watching these comments scroll by and listening to Sleep is way more fun than doing my work.

    The TSA is doing what they have to do. I think people whining about that, really lack the maturity to understand that they have to sacrifice some convenience to be safe.

    1. One day I’m going to go to one of these things and follow idiots around like that with a copypasta rant about the Niven Constant being the BEST possible outcome of freedom’s variability with security with regards to “good”.

  7. I don’t have time to watch the live comments now, working on a must have today report for work, damnit. Is there going to be a transcript of the comments posted later?

  8. Lucy, I will pay you money if you tell everyone to just fucking shut the fuck up about fucking abortion. For fuck’s sake.

    1. THIS

    2. What else do liberals talk about? About who among them is the gayest and less racist?

    3. I will chip in to this. Will $100 cut it?

  9. Lucy was robbed.

    1. Turned into a fun game of, “What WOULD you have asked the Senator.”

  10. I am about tired of self described “libertarians” like the clown on the left, who obsess over abortion. They are not libertarians, they are liberaltarians.

    1. Actually, I’ll go a step further, they are faux libertarians.

    2. Never mind, the guy im talking about is a leftist.

      1. The progression of your comment thread amuses me.

        1. Yeah, Im sick today and only had Reason to entertain myself with. Sad and desperate.

  11. Steeeeeigerwaldddddd!

  12. Wow, I’ll not get that 20 minutes of my life back. Go back, though. They’re talking about pubsec unions and PD’s being “crushed” by municipalities.

  13. Sorry, dudes. That was silly.

    1. My offer still stands. I’ll double it if you say it to Alyona.

    2. I tried to carry the banner, but you never got the time of day from those fucks.

    3. I dont blame Rand for leaving. Always leave it to a leftist to hijack the conversation.

      1. I do blame him for leaving. While the focus on abortion was tiring, he did get some pertinent questions, especially one or two pointing out how the RomRyan ticket is a betrayal of every libertarian value Rand ever stood for.

        1. ^^This^^

          I was there commenting and Rand was a huge disappointment. Not only did he cut and run, but he misstated facts and came across as uninformed.

          Not what I had hoped for or expected.

  14. I just took a quick scroll through the comments. All I saw was talk about abortion, the Rethuglicans war on wimins, and the Koch Brothers. As a matter of fact, I saw at least 2 comments saying that Rand is just a Koch puppet.

    The liberals cannot seem to wait to prove what most of us have been saying, that the liberals #1 issue is abortion. They just luvs killing some babies.

  15. I never really thoguht about it liek that dude.


  16. The guy who raised the abortion issue was a law professor, an avowed libertarian. An ultra-sophisticated fellow who thought that it was ultraimporant to say “how dare you call yourself a libertarian?!?!?”

    At the same, time it’s an important issue, all snark notwithstanding. Though why single Rand Paul out for a position he has in common with many mainstream Republicans, when they could have used their scarce time to focus on the things on which he disagrees with the Repubocans?

    1. And this “libertarian” law professor went on to ask about “the death and despair caused by our broken health-care system.” Which we all know Dr. Rand Paul supports all the way down the line.

      1. Thank God we have law professors to care for the sick people who the ob gyns and eye doctors allow to fall through the cracks!

        1. But not the people who die in car accidents or bath tubs, apparently.

          1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the prof was trying to bait the Senator, starting with abortion and then going on to health care, in an attempt to show that Paul isn’t a real libertarian.

            I am more suspicious of the prof’s credentials than those of the Senator.

            He wants to suggest that there is One True Libertarian Position on abortion – the choicer position – which doesn’t even fly on HampersandR, much less among libertarians in general.

            He also wants to suggest that OMG Sen Paul doesn’t care about all the sick people, which strikes me as unhinged.

            1. You realize it’s possible to think the US health care system is “broken” while not endorsing Obamacare or single-payer as the answer, right?

  17. If Rand decides to piss away a decent career as a Senate obstructionist (and I mean that in the best possible way) chasing the GOP presidential ticket, he deserves whatever he gets.

    And once he’s tossed away every principle he has, the GOP will go ahead and nominate a more reliable establishment flunky anyway.

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