Teachers Unions

Democrats Can't Even Pretend to Control Unions Anymore



"They had [the capital of California] locked down," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said of teachers unions in 2007. "I couldn't get a resolution that said, 'His name is Antonio Villaraigosa.' I mean, they had it locked down!" New Yorker reporter Connie Bruck described Villaraigosa's "evident admiration for the union's display of raw power." 

The Chicago teachers strike today displays a different kind of raw power. In fatter times, the union could allow a powerful Democratic mayor to submit to its will in the relative privacy of a statehouse. In the Windy City, teachers are making a show of force in plain air. 

The Chicago Teachers Union is not merely saying no to a $400 million deal that would have increased pay by 16 percent over four years. The union is doing so in a way that purposefully humiliates one of the country's most powerful Democrats. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is President Obama's former chief of staff, and he bragged about his school reform efforts last week at the Democratic National Convention. 

The complete disarray of the Democratic Party makes it hard to say what the party's strategy is ("Forward"? "We can't wait"? "D is for drive"? "Dead/Alive"?). But Obama and his party at least need to put forward the idea that the Democrats are better than Republicans at coaxing concessions from public sector unions. This shouldn't be hard to do. Given the unions' recent high-profile losses in Wisconsin, San Jose and San Diego, Democrat chief executives theoretically have extra leverage. The unions certainly can't believe they'll be getting better deals if they throw elections to the Republicans. (Not that the GOP could win an election in Chicago, or L.A. for that matter.)

But Laborgeddon is upon us. Early last week, the conventional wisdom was that organized labor had been forced to accept a supporting role at the DNC. I don't see how anybody who watched a fair portion of the speeches in Charlotte could say that conventional wisdom was correct. The Democrats are totally at the mercy of government employee unions. It doesn't matter that cities and states are bankrupt. In fact, the fiscal crisis makes it even more important for organized labor to show its authority over the Democratic Party. The Chicago teachers strike is just a baroque flourish to drive the point home. 

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  1. Given the unions’ recent high-profile losses in Wisconsin, San Jose and San Diego, Democrat chief executives theoretically have extra leverage.

    Not sure how the Dems can spin the multiple pwnings of the unions by the Republicans in Wisconsin as evidence of Democrat leverage.

    1. They could say to the unions, “behave and help us get reelected, or even we won’t be able to save you.” This assumes that the unions are basically rational actors rather than greedy nitwits.

  2. Alt-Alt-text from the post itself, In fatter times…

    1. Is that the blurry image of an African-American teacher in the upper left? Looks like the CTU is mostly made up of fat white women.

      1. You expected something different? It’s a teacher’s union. In Chicago.

        1. That’s just it… it’s Chicago. I thought that just based purely on the demographics (32.9% black, 31.4% white, 28.9% Hispanic) they’d have to have at least a few minorities in that picture.

  3. The coming collision of state/county/municipal budget implosions and union sense of entitlement is going to be epic. Stock up on popcorn.

  4. the reason meme is that police shootings, UOF etc. are going up due to increased police paramilitarization

    i have yet to see a single one of these articles post stats to PROVE that assertion, but it’s constantly made – “police are getting more violent” “more prone to shoot” bla bla

    again, always w/o evidence

    MAY be true.

    may not be.

    regardless, i am constantly seeing good news vis a vis uof trends

    such as this article


    portland PD showing a drop in UOF incidents.

    and here’s the report

    fwiw, my agency is showing a decline too

    imo, one thing is that we are getting (well needed) stricter taser policies. tasers were VASTLY overused when they were “the new toy” and that shit needed to be reigned in. it largely has, through both policy changes and case law (9th circuit mcpherson for example)

    police still are using deadly force in a phenomenally tiny %age of incidents, but in many agencies, it’s getting even smaller.

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                my accomplishments are NOT particularly noteworthy

                to a normal person. to a loser like you , they seem grandiose
                fuck, i work with guys who are WAY better athletes than me. former seahawks, former major league baseball pitcher, etc.

                more athletic talent in their pinky than i have in my whole body. that’s COMMON in law enforcement. we tend to attract a lot of jocks

                i’m not embarassed by achievement, and i don’t feel the need to attack other people who have achieved something

                you are just sad and insecure. to you, any achievement, even my modest ones (yes, i can surf. wow. yes, i am nationally ranked (age and weight) as a strength athlete) seem like boastful claims, and likely lies

                that says more about you and your sad, pathetic life, than anything.

                1. fuck, i work with guys who are WAY better athletes than me. former seahawks, former major league baseball pitcher, etc.

                  [citation re…]

                  Oh, I forgot. He doesn’t substantiate his claims for “safety reasons.”

                  By the way, I feel left out when you put Epi on the troll-o-meter above. Why did sarcasmic rate a mention by name but I didn’t? I make as much fun of you on here as anybody. You thought I would have gotten called out by name.

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      2. He’s a cop. Being rude is what he does.

    3. It’s possible, Dunphy, if not probable, that Police have always been prone to unnecessary violence and uses of force, but in these here youtube/twitterish times, now we just know about it.

      1. of course there has always been and always will be unjustified force. in this day of video cameras everywhere, youtube, etc. it’s GOOD – sunshine is the best disinfectant

        but we’ve also learned that wrongful police UOF is still rare, the vast majority of police force entirely justifdied and police are actually very restrained in their UOF

        police are human beings. they are imperfect. there will ALWAYS be some excessive force.

        on the whole, though, imo the reality is they are remarkably restrained and circumspect in UOF

        1. but we’ve also learned that wrongful police UOF is still rare,

          But here’s the problem with the term ‘UOF’. There are arguably dozens of cases (many detailed here) where violence seemed to the general public and witnesses to be unjustified, but was ruled justified by the police organization.

          So just because the police ruled it justified doesn’t always make it so.

          When an unarmed man gets beaten to death, and it takes months of public outcry for something to finally happen, you get the sense of how there are probably dozens of incidents which occur– wherein the only story is the officer’s story and so gets ruled “justified”.

          The fact that high profile incidents do occur, and when you measure the necessary outcry to bring it into question, it makes one nervous about what your chances were if you were a victim and:

          1. There were no witnesses
          2. You didn’t belong to a traditional group of oppressed victims.
          3. You died without being able to tell your side of the story.

          1. it’s called rule of law and reasonableness

            many UOF’s do appear UNjustified to people who aren’t trained to understand what the laws are (iow the rules)

            people here wank about “procedure was followed” bla bla

            but that’s what police have to follow

            i don’t agree with miranda, but i can’t ignore it. it’s procedure. i follow it

            you may or may not agree with use of force law, but imo the body of law otoh does an excellent job of striking the proper balance between the right to defend oneself, accomplish the goal (arrest, etc.) , prevent escape, etc. and the rigth to be free from UNreasoanble seizure

            as i have shown

            there are consistent commonalities between those that for example cops use deadly force on.

            like in that area, 64% had meth in their system, yet what a very small %age of average joes walking around do
            why? are cops discriminating?


            people on meth tend to be irrational and violent. no wonder thye get shot at astoundingly higher rates than the average joe

            shit like that

            1. like it or not, society tends to give cops the benefit of the doubt. so, yes… when there are no witnesses etc. and it’s the cops word, it tends to be believed

              otoh, time after time , as in the seth adams case

              (refer to detailed report including dna etc.)

              once the facts DO come out, the cop turns out to have been telling the truth
              the VAST majority of the time

              reason was all in kerfuffle over the seth adams shooting, and he was unarmed. and it was also justified as fuck as anybody who reads the final report will conclude

              that aside, we can both fully support an armed citizenry and one who is always videotaping cops in action at every opportunity

              i am firmly of the belief, the more people that are videotaping us, the better

              1. I haven’t said it in a while, but, Jeebus can’t you just die in a fucking fire with your progeny already?

                1. I haven’t said it in a while, but, Jeebus can’t you just die in a fucking fire with your progeny already?

                  Some things can’t be said often enough.

              2. It was only justified in the warped minds of law enforcement personnel. You pretend that an internal review is proof of metaphysical truth and justice being served.

            2. many UOF’s do appear UNjustified to people who aren’t trained to understand what the laws are (iow the rules)

              IOW, most people don’t that getting cop beaten is actually in the rule book

          2. 1. There were no witnesses
            2. You didn’t belong to a traditional group of oppressed victims.
            3. You died without being able to tell your side of the story.

            4. No one filmed it.
            5. It was captured on security cameras but the cops got to it first.
            6. The dash cam “wasn’t working”.

            Yesterday as I went to leave the Fair a cop says to us “Use that exit over there”. I asked “Why?” and he said “Because I said so” with his hand going to his gun. This guy was ready to pull a gun on a two parents with their two-year old girl over using the wrong exit?
            And I’m supposed to respect these clowns?
            Even my wife, who is often a police apologist, thought he was an asshole.

            1. wow. an asshole cop. that is UNPossible!!!!!!!

              1. We have one of our own right now.

                1. We have one of our own right now.

                  I was thinking the same thing.

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        2. dunphy, are you the same person (or was it Tulpa?) who claimed that in order to serve the law, sometimes police officers have to go above and even break the law? Regardless, your shitty acronyms asside, use of force is itself the problem; humans have the right to protect themselves and their property from use of force. Cops are granted the authority to protect the state and its property with use of force.

          1. “asside”? a clever pun, or simply a typo?

          2. use of force is not the problem. both cops and noncops have the right to use reasonable force.

            i respond to dozens of incidents involving ‘citizen” use of force also

            it’s not some monopoly of police

            but yes, when you are arrestign people, detaining people, etc. sometimes those people do not want to comply

            and sometimes force is necessary

            what is heartening to me is how rarely cops DO have to resort to force (especially deadly force) due to good de-escalation skills, tactics, verbal judo, etc.

            what i was amazed with when i became a cop was how much more restrained cops were than i would have thought, in this regards

            1. nb: reasonable force means something different for cops than non-cops.

              1. and i know you want to believe that

                1. Actually, I would greatly prefer to NOT believe that. However, evidence to the contrary is that if a cop uses force it was all part of the job, whereas if I was to use it I would be arrested for assault more often than not. The job is to protect the defenseless and serve the public, not serve the state and protect its interests.

          3. I think it’s more accurate to say that the police are granted the “authority” to initiate force to further the interests of the state.

    4. ” Hold it. Hold it. Look, loves … can anyone not involved in this scene, please leave the set. (he starts to herd out anyone not in First War costume) Now! Come on please. Anyone not concerned in this scene, the canteen’s open upstairs. (sheikh, male mermaid etc. troop off) Now come on please. (to soldiers) Sorry loves. Sorry. We’ll have to take it again, from the top. All fight. OK… Cue!
      Back to identical shot of harmonica-playing tommy; he plays a few bars.
      CAPTION: ‘KNICKERS 1914’

    5. we don’t care about your horrible grammar either

      1. Good grammar skills aren’t required to write the fiction that is loosely based on fact otherwise known as a police report.

    6. I don’t think the police are getting more violent, I think they have always been violent but the intertoob transparency makes it seem like it is.

      Police ARE getting more toys however, and shit like APVs have no place on a police force. If you neighborhood is that bad off, give the governor a call to send out the national guard.

      1. i think over militarization is a bad thing. overuse of swat is a bad thing

        i personally worked to help get our policy changed so swat was used LESS often in my own agency

        i do what i can (vs. what epi et al do which is wank from a position of ignorance on the internet and think they are sticking it to the MAN)

        police like toys.

        but it doesn’t mean we have to play into that bullshit

        there ARE occasions where APV’s are useful or even necessary
        i posted a recent such incident. a sniper incident down in pierce county where their armoured vehicle was called in and DID take multiple shots from the shooter.

        if the vehicle was unarmoured, we’d likely have some injured/dead cops

        that is a story you will never read in reason because it was an example of SWAT and an armoured vehicle being used legitimately, and a shooter who ended up dead

        iow a good outcome and good use of swat, to include miltiary style vehicle

        1. Captain Anecdote is here to save us all!

          1. And he’ll kill every last one of us if that’s what it takes.

          2. captain pithy, contentless post of the reason-troll cadre is here with another example of useless postings

            i posted the link. i can post it again

            the point is the police vehicle was shot at many times, and it was armoured

            that very possibly saved lives, or grievous injury

            there IS a time and place for armoured vehicles

            a sniper incident would be an obvious example

            1. Tell us again how Rodney King got what he deserved. Even your lickpittle Tulpa recoiled from that gem.

              UOF, my ass. It’s easy to say you are playing by the rules when you get to make them up as you go along.

              1. i never said RK got what he deserved

                you are a liar

                cite it

                and we don;t get to make up the rules. courts and the constitution establish the rules

                they do so for you, too

                the rules are reasonable, on the whole

                1. Give him the Taser!

                  1. again, he said i said RK got what he deserved

                    i never said that. never

                    it’s a lie. that’s what trolls do .

                    will he post a quote where i said that?

                    let’s wait and see.

                    trolls lie. it’s what they do

                    1. I think you know damn well that the site doesn’t let you search comments any more.


                      when he wasn’t out eluding police in high speed chases, resisting arrest under the influence of PCP etc. you mean

                      Yeah, in earlier threads you mouthed words like “clearly excessive” for one sentence and then launched into five-paragraphs of how the police were “railroaded” because of “bias” on “double jeopardy” grounds.

                    2. i totally believe that trying anybody twice for the same offense is unjust


                      cop or noncop

                      i NEVER said rodney king got “what he deserved”.

                      that’s simply a lie

                      but that’s the kind of shit i expect from trolls.

                      what i said was i thought cops WERE guilty IN THE FIRST case (the state trial)
                      iow, they used excessive force

                      i do NOT think they were guilty of what they got convicted of, which is the federal charges. and it was an injustice

                      1) the double jeopardy thing. not as the courts see it. as i see it
                      2) i don;’t think they proved their case vis a vis the federal charges. STATe charges the case was proved imo
                      3) there is no way on earth they could get a fair trial when jurors were worried a not guilty plea would result in rioting

                      i was nit aware the site didn’t allow you to search comments, because i’ve never tried to do it. fair enuf

                      that aside, this is typical of why arguing with trolls is pointless. because they lie

                      i never said he got what he deserved. rodney king was a piece of shit. but he was still a victim of excessive force.

                      lies are lies

                      these are facts

                2. On the whole I think preparation H feels pretty good.

            2. Actually I still don’t like that story. I’d rather have the dead cops.

              And I’m not saying that out of antagonism towards the police. I don’t wish harm on anyone, including cops. My reasoning is thus:

              The job of the police is to serve the public. Not to go home at the end of their shift, not to put their own safety first, not to take any and all measures to ensure that a suspect (even an obvious case like your sniper, who I have no problem with your taking out) is harmed/killed in order to protect officer safety.

              On the whole, having more military toys make officers act and think more like the military. Not having them exposes them to additional risk (ala your story above). Clearly there is a cost to either approach.

              As a citizen, I would rather the police risk their lives than give sanction to their increased militarization. If they don’t like the odds, then don’t be a cop. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you go to the academy. It’s not even that dangerous a job statistically speaking, despite what everybody on policeone seems to think.

              1. Also, much of the danger is self-inflicted, escalating non-violent situations, support and championing the drug war, and ever increasing criminalization in general, etc.

  5. Is it possible the Democrats could become a niche party for government employees, losing a big chunk of the social libs to, say, the Green Party?

    1. I think when the bill comes due, that is exactly what is going to happen. I think you are going to see some kind of libertarian/social liberal party rise and become the alternative to the Republicans.

      1. I think you are going to see some kind of libertarian/social liberal party rise and become the alternative to the Republicans.

        *Fingers Crossed*

      2. Unlikely, because most people who find social liberalism attractive (libertarians notwithstanding, and even they are not always reliable)think “freedom” means free of cost or consequences. You don’t actually have enough social liberals who economic liberals to control any such party.

    2. Nah. Most of these people are partisan to the core and their very identities are fused with being Democrats. That’s why both parties have been able to fuck their bases for so long; it’s not about principles, it’s about TEAM.

      1. But when the debt crisis comes and you can’t tax anymore and you can’t borrow another buck from the Chinese, what the hell are the Democrats going to stand for? What will they have left? The Republicans can always wave the flag and talk about social conservatism if they are deprived of using the government to pay off voters. What will the Democrats do?

        1. i think the loyalty to TEAM will trump the other stuff, most probably. i just don’t see an exodus from the dem party. these are people who brag “my father was a democrat, my grandfather was one, and i am one”

          shit like that. it’s a religion, a way to feel good about oneself, a way to have a sense of belonging and community.

          being a dem

          1. Not only that, but the democrats have a large portion of their base convinced that republicans are pure evil and that they must be defeated at all costs so they can’t leave the party as long as that means that it might make it more likely that the republicans will win.

        2. john,
          you make it sound as though the Dems give a shit. Look at countries that have voted in kleptocracies worse than our left and how they react when teh free pony stops being free. The Dems will blame the rich, as always. It’s not like they’ve changed tactics in 60 years.

  6. Judging from that picture, weight watchers’ and gym memberships are not benefits under the current Chicago teachers’ union contract.

    1. that was my first response to this article. public employees getting fat on the govt. dime. LITERALLY

      and of course CDC estimaing 60%+ of disease and health care costs being result of dietary and lifestyle choices… well…

      1. Ironically, these are people that will faithfully teach the gov’t “Food Pyramid”, and make proclamations about how teachers are role models, etc. A parent should be able to take a look at these obese shrews, and decide on the spot that public education is not worthwhile.

        1. ack. as soon as you said “food pyramid” i threw up in my mouth a little

          whenever anybody looks to govt (michelle obama) in regards to food and health, i gotta point to the “food pyramid” and other nonscientific crap in the field of nutrition and just say “THESE are the morons we are going to look to for DIET advice?”

          1. Oh, but its not a pyramid anymore. Its a plate. Which is somehow better, or something.

            1. i’m going with the food dodecahedron

    2. Now that I think back on it, I can think of only one overweight teacher in my entire K-12 experience. And he was the “continuing education” teacher. There were a handful that were not svelte, but none that I would call fat.

      1. MY highschool PE teacher was fat.

        1. Of course he was, because he was the football coach too. Duh.

          1. He was the basketball coach. His claim to fame was missing the olympics in 1980 because of the boycott.

            1. I assume he also played in the NBA as well.

              1. He would have, if he hadn’t blown out his knee.

              2. Nah, he never went past University level. Wrecked his knee or something.
                He would play “21” with anyone knowing he’d win. The bet was a Dr. Pepper Big Gulp.
                He’d let us go up 18 points, and then proceed sink 21 free throws in a row.

                1. That is awesome Pantsfan. Most people have no idea the skill level of even a good college player. It is freakish.

                  Bill Russell tells this great story about being a volunteer assistant to the 1992 Dream Team. One of the staff had a son who was a high school basketball star. The kid kept saying he wanted to play Russell. Russell kept politely saying “no son I don’t play basketball anymore”. Finally the kid annoyed Russell enough, Russell borrowed a pair of shoes and agreed to play him one on one. Now Russell would have been 58 at this time and hadn’t played in the NBA in over 20 years. And the kid was apparently a pretty good high school player.

                  Russell was ahead 19-0 when he finally asked him “why did you want to play me so bad”, to which the kid responded “I didn’t know you were that good”. Russell let him score one point so no one could say he picked on a kid and won it 21-1.

                  1. one of the guys i work with is a former major league pitcher.

                    i wanted to know what it was like. and we were at the fields, so we borrowed a baseball from some kid and i asked him to pitch it to me


                    he said he probably threw “only” about 90 mph or so. i could barely even see the ball and by the time i did see it, it had heavy movement as well across the place (kind of a split finger action)

                    elite athletes are a different breed

                    i heard the first time kelly slater went snowboarding, within a few hours, he was owning the expert slopes.

                    they just have kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, power, and reaction time that is in another league.

                    and television cannot do justice to a major league fastball. 90 mph is very very very fast

                    1. 90 mph is very very very fast

                      Check out Baby Einstein over here.

                    2. hey, math is hard

                    3. Especially when you’re making it up on the fly, right?

                    4. trolls troll. tra la la

            2. Too bad. Antonio Lang’s dad was my school’s basketball coach.

  7. Kelsey Grammer would have had someone killed before it got to this.

  8. You know things are getting bad when even Democrats aren’t willing to take enough of other people’s money to keep these porcine Government Employees under control.

  9. Them some angry grannies.

  10. “They had [the capital of California] locked down,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

    In the opinion of the chair, 2/3rds of people think you deserve it.

  11. This whole thing exposes the ugly truth about liberalism. Even liberals don’t believe in their ideas work anymore. Fifty years ago, liberals would have crushed these people. That is because fifty years ago liberals actually believed that public education could be effective. And you can’t have public education if the teachers are allowed to loot the treasury. Now, liberals stand up for the teachers. Why? Because liberals know that public education is a shame. The whole thing is nothing but a jobs and money for votes program and liberals know it. So, they side with the teachers.

  12. The working theory is that this is a ruse to allow Obama to come in and “save the day” in Chicago next month. Personally, I doubt any of them are that clever.

    1. I have thought of that too. But the teachers’ unions really are this arrogant. If Obama comes in and slaps them down, no one will be more surprised than them. If there ever was a made for TV sister Soulja moment, this is it.

      1. Why would anyone outside of Chicago cared if Obama saved Chicago?

        1. It would show that Obama isn’t the radical socialist that his opponents claim and that he cares about the children. I know at least three people who plan to vote for Obama because they think he “cares more about people”. We have Oprahfied our society that much. If Obama ended it, these people would see it as him showing how much cares about children and thus deserves to be President.

          Yeah, we are doomed.

  13. I’ve never been in a union. What would happen to a teacher if they chose not to strike? Does this happen at a non-trivial rate?

    1. Depends on the union. Some unions actually do look out for their employees and do their best not to bankrupt the employer. But those unions tend to be in right to work states. If they have to compete for membership, they are not so interested in bankrupting companies to prove a point. If they don’t, then they will gladly bankrupt a few companies and cost people their jobs in return for being able to extract more from others.

    2. They’re scabs then, and depending on the union, they get their tires slashed or their legs broke.

      1. In the case of the CTU, they’ll get sat on.

      2. Known in the telecom industry as “the CWA treatment.”

    3. My father was a teacher, but not a member of the union. He had to pay union dues anyway. There was never a strike during his time, but one was being discussed once. From my recollection, he didn’t have to stand around with a picket sign, but he couldn’t show up for work either. In the event of a strike it would have been a unpaid vacation.

    4. What would happen to a teacher if they chose not to strike?

      other than that teacher’s car being messed up or his/her personal things stolen/vandalized and, quite possibly, his/her personal residence being targeted, nothing.

    5. Thanks dudes. I wasn’t sure if there would be legal consequences (as in being contractually obligated to strike).

      1. Also depends if they’re a member of the union or not. You’re not required to join, even in non-right to work states. But if you are a member and you cross, the union can repo whatever earnings you made during the strike period. Also the harassment above.

    6. Heh. Chicago? IL?

      Well for one thing, they pull your card. They will kick you out of the union if they catch you ‘scabbing’.

      And that means, you’re fired. If the other side is working with the union, they’re complicit and they’re not going to stand up to them for you or even entertain individually bargaining with you.

      Now these days in IL, the private sector construction unions are turning a blind eye to it and even telling members to take work where they can get it.

      But if a teacher tried to cross a picket line? Besides the health and safety risk, she could kiss ever having any union teaching job in this state goodbye.

  14. Hey, can we get some dipshits in here to talk about abortion? We need a good idiotic abortion pissing match in here.

    1. Fuck that. We need a good dick thread. Bring on Mohel Man!!!

    2. Speaking of abortions, how was it even possible for the Browns lose that game yesterday?

      1. Dude, I watched the first quarter of that piece of shit and then left to go train jiu-jitsu. I made the right decision. I’ve seen that movie enough times to know how it’s gonna end.

        1. 4th Quarter Chatter in the Office:

          “Hey, the Browns are up and it’s the Fourth Quarter!”

          Response, “Give it time”.


      2. Consider this: I own both RGIII and Vick in FF.

        Guess who has two thumbs and started the most overrated QB ever?

        1. The beating the Browns put on him yesterday gives me hope that they’ll finally fulfill my deepest football hope and kill or paralyze Roethlisberger. Come on, Sheard, be a hero.

          1. You can’t kill Rapey McSasquatch, you can only hope to slow him down.

            1. They called last night’s game the Battle of the Bulge: the bulge in Peyton’s neck vs. the bulge that finds it way into coeds in public bathrooms.

              1. yeah, but Peyton’s guarding his own bulge.

    3. Can we consider circumcision as “foreskin abortion”?

      1. Only if it makes the argument even more insipid. JUSTIFIED USE OF FORSKIN FORCE

        1. Would it be OK for a woman to have her fetus’s foreskin removed, as it’s not a person until it passes through her vagina-hole?

    4. I thought we settled the matter with abortions for some and miniature American flags for others?

  15. It doesn’t matter that cities and states are bankrupt. In fact, the fiscal crisis makes it even more important for organized labor to show its authority over the Democratic Party.

    If you want to see how bad things have to get before unions finally make concessions, just look at Detroit.

    The city can lose half its population. The factories can turn to brownfields. The city can try to contract its borders into a fraction of their former size. They can try to turn what used to be city back into farmland again! The abandoned factory sites can become so worthless that the fire department won’t even bother trying to put a fire out unless they can confirm the site is occupied…

    And the unions will still fight concessions tooth and nail.

  16. But it’s not about the money! Those noble servants of the public weal just want their little clients to receive the bestest education possible.

    1. That’s right. IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!!!! Why don’t you people understand?

  17. I didn’t even notice the strike this morning. Just walked my kid into school as usual, where the teachers and assistants greeted us cheerily.

    Then again, it’s a private school.

  18. What would happen to a teacher if they chose not to strike?

    Based on personal observation it instantly poisons friendships going back decades, and leads to vicious long term ostracization and shunning.

    1. Heard this too – one formerly friendly teacher never said another word for fifteen years to a teacher who refused to join the union.

  19. I find it somewhat encouraging that even at liberal sites like Slate and the HuffPo the commentatriat seems pretty ambivalent about the Chicago teachers union. Of course there’s also a large number of “teachers are the future” and “we need more government funding of education”, but in this case I don’t see how the public labor cartel looks good to the country when they walked out on kids because they didn’t get a big enough raise.

    1. I actually think the teachers have lost. Not just losing, but lost.

      The teacher resentment runs deeper, in my own admittedly anecdotal observation, than you realize.

      People are sick to death of forking over 1/3rd of their mortgage payment every month and seeing nothing for it, and then being told it’s their fault (bad parents and lack of funds are the teachers’ whipping boys).

      I am tired of hearing teachers tell me how broke they are and then they fuck off all summer.

      1. My wife’s sister is a teacher. We saw her in August and she was whining about the end of summer vacation. I took all of my wife’s, who works ridiculous hours, self control not to strangle her.

      2. As the father of two public school children, I must say I enjoy getting non-stop letters from the schools telling me that it’s my fault if my kid does bad in school. Something about how I’m not holding up my end of some “educational agreement”. I know I’ve been out of school for a long time, but I know I never got any of that nonsense to bring home to my parents.

        1. IOW: Your kid won’t get an education if you don’t give him one for us!

  20. The Chicago teachers strike today displays a different kind of raw power. In fatter times, the union could allow a powerful Democratic mayor to submit to its will in the relative privacy of a statehouse

    Rather appropriate comment given the picture that was used. Is it that hard to go for a walk on the weekends?

  21. I’ve worked for five employers who had unions. Four of them subsequently went bankrupt or closed the facility. I don’t thing the unions intended that result but, in talking with some members with whom I was friendly, they didn’t believe the employer’s pleas for restraint. After giving in for three or four contracts, the union thinks the employer is crying “wolf” until suddenly the business collapses or the work is moved to a more friendly site. Each of the unions with which I am familiar weren’t all bad, but they need to learn when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

  22. I had a dunphy-thon the other night. Wanna know what I did?

    1: Watch JAWS, and see his acting coach slap Roy Scheider in the face.
    2: Watch the Olympic weightlifting from 2000.
    3: Watch the Volcom Fiji Pro Surfing Championships.
    4: Watch Morgan Fairchild in Slammin’ Salmon (RIP, Michael Clarke Duncan).
    5: Watch Buckaroo Banzai because I love biographies.
    6: Watched Eurotrip for the nude beach scene.
    7: Went to a physics tutoring session with my daughter.
    8: Took a CPR class so I could be a lifeguard.
    9: Challenged Phil Taylor to a game of 501, and won.
    10: Outcooked Gordon Ramsay with one arm tied behind my back.
    11: Went backstage with Styx and Foreigner at the county fair.

    12: And saved a life…because that’s what he does every day.

    1. yeah but he does that before 6am.
      and you didn’t have the t-bone breakfast meal

      1. ribeye, not t-bone

        there goes the reason bigorati

        you don’t care about facts

        you are all

        just sad



        1. trolls troll


          btw, the acting coach is lee fierro. a wonderful woman

          her son, ethan, was in children’s theatre with me for years. he is now an artist/carpenter in hawaii.

    2. The county fair entry is a nice touch.

      1. i find it very telling that the anti-cop trolls constantly have negative encounters with cops

        cops are so often rude to them etc.

        anecdote after anecdote

        as i have said before, attitude matters

        you act like an asshole, you are likely to get attitude back

        you treat people with respect, you spread love, etc. you are much more likely to be treated with respect

        i strongly suspect in the above story with the rude cop as in countless others, there was dickish behavior on the trollers part before the cop returned in kind

        not sure of it, but i strongly suspect it. people who are dicks to cops will have tons of “cops were a dick ” stories, because cops are human and when you act like a dick, you tend not to get polite treatment

        1. shorter dunphy: be a dick as is your god-given right, and get the shit kicked out of you for Contempt of Cop.

          1. shorter randian: lie and be a troll

            what i am saying is that with cops, just like anybody else you will deal with…

            if you are a dick, you get subpoptimal response

            contrarily, you treat people with kindness and respect, you tend to get that in turn

            why do i have a very low UOF rate and next to no UOF complaints in 20 yrs of police work? among other reasons, because i treat people with respect.

            the one time the cops were a dick to me, was the time in college, i made some dickish comment to them first

            for me, LESSON LEARNED

            for idiots, like the cop hating trolls here, they don’t learn that lesson

            it’s good policy to treat people with respect, cop or not

            you tend ot get more polite respectful treatment in turn

            plus, it’s the correct moral choice

            i said nothing about UOF and getting the shit kicked out of you

            but that’s typical of a lying troll

            1. Cops are so much more likely to give attitude to a “civilian” than the other way around, it’s absurd. Perhaps it’s because they are held to account by their co-workers and can use force with near impunity that that is the case, but whatever the reason, it’s a fact.

              Go to PoliceOne and read the comments. So full of “I’d crack that guys head” and “If they don’t show the proper respect, they’re gonna see the business end of my nightstick” I can’t believe it’s not forbidden for officers to associate with it.

              Police are goons. The job attracts people that want to help, sure, but it also attracts people with power complexes and authority fetishes in equal numbers to those. And that’s a bad mix because the latter are often the ones that policy is fashioned around because putting half of the cops out there on suspension or charging them with a crime is a non-starter. So what happens is that the good cops tolerate the bad ones so they can do their job. And from that tolerance eventually comes policies that do not hold cops accountable in the same way “civilians” are held, as well as policies that militarize cops that are much more likely to escalate a tense situation if they are wearing body armor and are driving a veritable tank on wheels.

              You may very well be a good cop. I don’t know and I don’t care. You’re a bad cop in my eyes because you accept and advance a standard of conduct for us that is stricter than for your fellow officers. You are a hypocrite.

              Good day.

              1. trolls will be trolls

                1. When you run out of logical responses, call the person a troll and run away.

                  It’s different on the internet where you can’t call a few of your co-workers to make people succumb to your will, isn’t it you crybaby?

        2. No. Fucking. Way. When I was a teenager I was hassled by the cops all the damn time. It turns out that laying in the grass in a park with a copy of Astronomy and a pair of binoculars on the night of a meteor shower gets attention. I understand that for all they knew I could have been a peeping Tom and they were just checking, but it was always the cops who had the bad attitude. And as you well know, they have no trouble lying through their teeth about someone who just happened to fit my description seen breaking into cars. Yeah, lots of 15-year-olds do that in affluent suburbia. Or did I know there’s a warrant out for a guy with my same name and birthday but born a year earlier? I wouldn’t happen to really be that other guy, would I? Riiiiight. I always believed the best way to deal with it was to be polite, answer their questions, and not give them any attitude because I knew they could always make shit much worse.

          I know you feel put upon around here and want to stand up for the guys in your squad and help people see things from the cops’ point of view. But don’t pretend we’ve formed our opinions about law enforcement without any actual contact with police. Maybe every single guy in your department is just perfect, but by far the vast majority of cops I’ve encountered in the wild have been colossal dicks.

        3. I don’t believe you that you suspect the cop returned in kind to dickish behavior. I believe you that YOU are polite and respectful, for the most part, with the public when you interact, but you must know of the large proportion of arrogant, rude, entitled, thin skinned assholes in law enforcement.

          It strains your credibility when you profess surprise or disbelief at thuggish behavior on the part of cops.

  23. http://rollingout.com/culture/…..-25-years/

    Judging by what the head of the union looks like, these women are typical members.

    1. Bring me Solo and the Wookie. They will all suffer for this outrage.

  24. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..67942.html

    HuffPo: Still insane. Still in the tank.

    1. Now, in September 2012, global financial markets have stabilized. Credit is available to Main Street. GM and Chrysler are building cars and creating jobs. Unemployment is declining as the private sector has added jobs to the economy every month for the past 30.

      So many lies in one paragraph. Wow.

    2. It is bad enough they fuck everything up. But then they tell us we are liars for noticing it.

    3. Notice that the “Author” of this piece is the President of United Steelworkers…

  25. some of the garbagemen recently had a strike in my area.

    i had to respond to a few picketline incidents

    on the whole, the strikers were dicks

    one of them kep trying to provoke an incident … blocking ingress/egress and at one point he tried to make a complaitn for “assault” because he blocked a truck and the truck kept moving and he said the guy tried to run him over..

    just incredibly childish horseshit

    and then the media arrived. what a clusterfuck.

    i told him that they had a dozen guys on their line, and why didn’t he use one of them to VIDEO what was going on, so when and if an incident happened, they’d have some evidence.

    didn’t get any calls after that.

  26. OK wow that dude knows he is talking a LOT of smack. Wow.


  27. Yeah, when you see teachers in the district are already making a ton of money before benefits (http://cbsloc.al/Qg6eW0), and then asking for more despite hardly inspiring results in the district, it’s no wonder the public is losing faith in public schools (http://bit.ly/LmszmU).

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