Election 2012

Floor Fights at the RNC and the DNC, A Video Comparison


CHARLOTTE—The Democrats, just like the Republicans last week, had a bit of a dust-up on the floor of their convention when they voted on actual party business. Democrats voted to amend their platform to include God and note their support for Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 

Let's get serious for a minute: The modern political convention is not about broadcasting the party's dirty laundry to the entire world. These are tightly scripted events that are all about promoting the party's candidates, particuarly the ones running for president. The national party brass wants no drama involving party activists on the floor of these conventions because it brings out their extreme elements. And if there's one thing swing voters in fly-over-counry hate, it's people with strong opinions. 

To get an idea of how the modern political party conventions are truly about nothing more than selling their candidates to the public, watch the following videos of the parties conducting "official buisness" in the hall.

Here are the Democrats acting slightly more, ahem, democratic than the Republicans.

Here are the Republicans just moving right along with their convention. Hell, they even had the outcome already displayed on the teleprompter.