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Young Voter Panel at DNC Ignores Obama's Abysmal Drug War Record


CHARLOTTE—During an Atlantic magazine sponsored discussion on the declining enthusiasm among young people for President Obama, the now infamous Harold & Kumar campaign video was shown but, as has been the case throughout the Democratic National Convention, nobody discussed the president's drug war record. 

The crowd and panel, compromised of Kal Penn, America Ferrera, and Alfre Woodard, chuckled at the hapless stoners in the video as they laughed at their television after receiving instructions from Obama.

"There was no smoke there…the air was clean," said moderator Chuck Todd after the clip finished.

"No, not in a political ad," said Penn, who stars in the stoner comedies.

The crowd chuckled.

"We were just hungry because it was the morning," continued Penn.

"Of course, Doritos and pizza," said Todd, nodding.

The panel spent as much time talking about how to reactivate young people as activists for Obama's reelection as it did with the problems those young people face. Penn took exception to Todd's suggestion that there is any kind of enthusasim gap in support for Obama from young people

The panel took three questions from the audience before leaving and were not available to the press at the event's conclusion.

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  1. good video of a deputy shooting a knife wielding man.

    the problem?


    read the last paragraph. all police agencies should MANDATE time off after a shooting as well as at least one meeting with a mental health professional to get cleared before coming back to work

    mental health issues are extremely important, and apparently ignored in this dept.

    fwiw, in my agency, it’s mandatory. nobody goes back to work right away after shooting somebody, and especially after they kill somebody.

    that is an extremely poor policy.

    Clarendon County Deputy Danny Graham had just issued a speeding ticket to a motorist on August 13 when a man walked down the road toward the scene of the traffic stop, Sheriff Randy Garrett told WLTX.

    Police say Anthony Pearson, 37, pulled out a seven-inch butcher knife and lunged at the deputy.

    In the video, Graham backs up, draws his weapon and points it at Pearson, who was wounded.

    “It’s a justified shoot in my book,” Garrett said. “He’s clear.”

    It is unclear why Pearson attacked, but he was once shot in the shoulder in an encounter with law enforcement in New York, according to the station. He was treated at the hospital and last reported to be awaiting a bond hearing on charges of attempted murder of a police officer.

    Garrett offered to give Graham the day off after the shooting, but he declined. The motorist still received the ticket.

  2. all this nudge nudge wink wink stuff with obama and pot is disgusting. this is a president who has failed medical mj users , and its far worse than how bush handled MJ, because bush never claimed he was going to kind to medical MJ users and stop raiding clinics operating pursuant to state law

    obama did

    how about having some people on the panel who arrested and imprisoned for acting pursuant to state law on medical MJ?

    1. How about having some people on the panel who are serving hard time (some for decades, if they have prior “strikes”) for doing the same thing Obama and Kal Penn think is so damn funny?

      Watch another Penn — Jillette — on this subject.

      1. Bad link. Try this.

  3. koolaid. It tastes so good. Once you drink from it you see nothing.

  4. Kal Penn has completely lost all credibility for being anything other than a party shill.

    He should be fucking ashamed.

    1. That much was obvious when he abruptly decided he didn’t want to be on House M.D. anymore and instead become Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in BO’s administration.

  5. Kal Penn is 35.
    America Ferrera has got to be almost 30.
    Alfre Woodard is almost 60.

    These are the people they picked to be the panel on young voters?

    Hell this isn’t rocket science

    Pick an education student with good looks and a great rack, dress her up sexy, but subtle and have her emote about “our kids are the future”

    Grab an earnest young law student, Jewish, but not too Jewish…we want TV ugly, not ugly ugly. He’s gonna be the policy guy, very idealistic and able to talk good sounding technobabble.

    Then you grab some leather wearing artist type with permastubble and long hair. He’s the Tom Morello wannabe talking about power to the people, bring that old 2008 magic back.

    Oh, and they’ll all actually be young.

  6. One only has to look at the zeal that the DEA went after Marc Emery now doing 5 years in prison they even had to move him from a dysfunctional privet prison D Ray James in Georgia for foreigners. To a Federal prison in Mississippi hoping to silence his political activism only to awaken tens of millions of follower that check out his site Cannabis Culture and buy from his store. And now President Obama has the audacity after making promise and then going after Medical marijuana he wants my vote again an expects the youth vote to back him again. His betrayal of the Cannabis Cultures millions are going to need some thing more than a insulting TV Ad, I think its time for us all to Laugh and Giggle.

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