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Obama Makes Stoner Jokes While the DOJ Ruins the Lives of Marijuana Users


In a promotional video released yesterday, President Obama "calls" actor Kal Penn, the former Associate Director of Public Engagement for the Obama administration, and tells him to get ready for the DNC Convention. On a split screen, Penn is seen with his Harold and Kumar co-star John Cho. The two are watching cartoons, surrounded by pizza boxes, soda, candy, and other junk food. The none-too-subtle suggestion is that, like the characters in the Harold and Kumar films, Cho and Penn are stoned. 

BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller says it is "perhaps the most direct appeal ever for the pothead vote"–as if all it takes to seduce marijuana users is a hastily made video that characterizes smokers as junkfood gobblers with pubescent attention spans. 

What's more insulting is that Obama would wink and nod at marijuana use for political gain while federal agents under his control raid the homes and businesses of people who operate state-legal medical marijuana businesses, threaten to seize the assets of landlords who rent to medical marijuana businesses, raid the homes and threaten the children of men and women who sell marijuana paraphenelia, and continue to obfuscate and denounce research that shows the medical uses of marijuana.  

This video isn't an appeal, it's a half-hearted reach-around. 

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  1. But Harold and Kumar say it is cool to vote for Obama. So it is okay.

    1. I read that this morning. Obama has a pro-stoner ad. Amazing, isn’t it?

    2. I didn’t realize Obama was for people in jail voting.

      1. “Chicago”

        The End

        1. But I mean the ones who actually are in jail, not people without ID claiming to be them.

          1. So do I

  2. I would imagine that even total stoners have noticed that pot is still amazingly illegal.

  3. I bet Obama’s the kinda guy that would fuck a stoner in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach around. I’ll be watching him.

    In honor of the previous Walker post.

  4. But Obama admitted to smoking pot! That means he’s cool!

    Romney’s a Mormon! That means he’s uncool!

    Cool or uncool, that is the question!

    1. He’s also holy and regal and eternal.…..domain.jpg

      We mustn’t allow the Nazis to depose Dear Leader!


    Speaking of drugs. I feel bad for this woman’s loss. But they need to stop printing her editorials and get her a shrink. Yes dear, it was your son’s own fault he got hooked on pills and overdosed himself.

    1. I hate to be indelicate…well, no I don’t.

      Yeah, your son did it to himself. Now fuck off and stop trying to take away my meds because your offspring couldn’t control itself, you pinheaded shrew.

    2. At least she didn’t call for MOAR DRUG WARZ! I always wonder about people who essentially scream “we need more of the policies that failed to keep my kid alive! MOAR!”

      1. Oh wait, she basically did. Never mind.

      2. She very specifically called for MOAR DRUG WARZ!! And also said that you can’t argue with her because her son DIED!! DIED, don’t you understand?!!! You heartless, hateful bastard!!!! And of course, any attempt to moderate her “it’s someone else’s fault” position means that you are blaming the victim. And the comments, sadly, mostly agree with her.

        1. And HuffPo, as usual, is deleting or disallowing any comment that happens to question the poor grieving mother who is advocating that more people be imprisoned or killed.

      1. I’ll hate her for you

        1. Yes…let the hate flow through you, my young apprentice. Tell us what would happen to her in a ‘sane and just world’…

          1. She’d be ignored because her personal tragedy wouldn’t be seen as a reason to screw the rest of us?

      2. I don’t hate her as much as feel bad for her. At some point she needs to come to terms with the fact that what happened to her son was her son’s fault. That is a hell of a thing to face as a parent and I wish her no ill. But she is not doing herself any favors by pretending it was all the evil drug dealers’ fault.

        1. At some point she needs to come to terms with the fact that what happened to her son was her son’s fault.

          So long as we live in a society that is all too happy to confirm her son’s innocence and blame the drugs for his death instead of his choice to take them, then she never will realize that it was his fault. For people like her, there is no free will, only the choices forced upon us by the evil and the greedy, and there is no hope of survival unless someone takes those choices away.

      3. She’s gracious while she calls for people to be prosecuted for murder for selling drugs. Nice, but fucking irrelevant. Her graciousness has fuck-all to do with her pushing bullshit. I get to hate her for pushing horrible public policy.

        Also, check back in 3 months and see how gracious she is after Rich has ground a few of her sacred cows into hamburger.

    3. Ugh, my firstborn son’s name is Henry too, but I still disagree with her.

  6. What a fucking snake. Drop dead, Imperator.

    1. “Drop dead, Imperator”

      Is that the new, polite version of “fuck off, slaver”?

  7. By your logic, Mitt Romney approves of murder, since Clint Eastwood’s characters did it in practically every movie. And euthanasia.

    1. Is Romney running campaign ads that inolve Eastwood standing in a room full of bloody bodies?

    2. By your inability to make a reasonable and logical analogy, you demonstrate that you’re an imbecile.

      1. Er ist nur ein weiterer Idiot f?r uns zu t?ten.

        1. Learn English or go back to Sweden.

          1. mustard, you’re the worst sockpuppet ever.

          2. Ladies and gentlemen – Exhibit “B”

    3. mustard| 9.4.12 @ 11:20AM |#
      “By your logic, Mitt Romney approves of murder, since Clint Eastwood’s characters did it in practically every movie. And euthanasia.”

      If you had the ability to use logic, you’d know how stupid that comment is.
      Unfortunately, you’re a brain-dead ignoramus.

    4. “By your logic, Mitt Romney approves of murder, since Clint Eastwood’s characters did it in practically every movie. And euthanasia.”

      I only recall once where Clint killing a man might be construed as murder.

      [Harry Callahan has to explain why he shot a man]
      Harry Callahan: Well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard. That’s my policy.
      The Mayor: Intent? How did you establish that?
      Harry Callahan: When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher’s knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross!
      [walks out of the room]
      The Mayor: He’s got a point.

      1. Oh, and this wasn’t the case. This was justified.

        1. yes, and even moreso… in most jurisdictions, a woman (or man) is justified in using deadly force to prevent rape… rape PERIOD.

          there does not have to be threatened deadly force (butcher knife, etc.). rape in and of itself is considered a crime “likely to result in serious bodily injury” and thus deadly force is authorized to prevent it

          and despite the reason double standard false meme, a woman shoots a guy trying to rape her who even if she KNOWS he is unarmed etc. she will be free and clear. as long as he is attempting to commit the crime against her or another- shootign justified.

          no weapon needed.

          not that non-cops need to think a guy has a weapon to shoot a guy. there are plenty of cases where they are not prosecuted andor legally justified under a LOOSER standard applied to them than applied to cops



          in that case, if you read the followups, the prosecutor did not charge based on the LOOSER civilian standard

          under tenn. v. garner, a cop doing this would be committing manslaughter (shooting a fleeing felon who he has NO reason to believe is armed , has no reason to believe has committed a crime involving deadly force, has no reason to believe he presents a danger of deadly force to society if not immediately apprehended)

          plenty of cases like this…

          an ACTUAL analogy to police UOF’s since it’s a de facto arrest situation by a civilian

          1. i NEVER READ your WALLS of randomly capitalized TEXT anymore.

            can you please learn how to TYPE?

          2. It’s astounding how you manage to skip all the dozens and dozens of examples of LOOSER standards applied to police that are posted on this very website every week. But then, I guess without confirmation bias, you wouldn’t have anything to say.

  8. What Obama should’ve done was hit his head with his shoe, saying, “That was my skull! I’m so wasted!”

  9. I tried to read the comments to the video on youtube. I got about 4 pages of comments in before my brain started trying to escape. Couldn’t take it any longer.

  10. I used to buy weed from a guy who refused to believe that the DEA was raiding medical marijuana operations because the Lightworker had promised. I told him he didn’t have to take my word for it; he could just Google the news. He still refused to believe it was happening.

    Eventually it annoyed me so much I took my business elsewhere.

    1. My neighbor just scored some medical marijuana and I was all excited to try it until I read “Sativa” on the label.

      Why the fuck are you going to spend all that fucking money on dope and get fucking sativa?

      It’s nothing but glorified shmersh! Fuck!

      1. and it’s not even medical mj.

        fwiw, there are TONS of substances that are over the counter and ACTUALLY effective, unlike sativa.

        until last year, mephedrone was legal, and that drug was at least as effective for “high purposes” as cocaine.

        many consider it much better

        and the science backs it up

        .” Mephedrone administration caused about a 500% increase in dopamine, and about a 950% increase in serotonin. They reached their peak concentrations at 40 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively, and returned to baseline by 120 minutes after injection”

        iow, until last year, there was a LEGAL drug easily available that was AT LEAST as effective as cocaine, and with similar effects to cocaine (and to some extent meth)

        there have always been and will always be legal highs out there, because the chemists are WAY ahead of the enforcers. the latter are always playing catch-up

        it’s true now, and has always been true

        sativa, otoh, is generally crap

        1. You’re thinking salvia.

          Sativa is a strain of marijuana derived from the tall plants cultivated for rope.
          Indica is a strain of marijuana derived from the short plants cultivated for seeds.

          The cannabinoids in the different strains are in totally different proportions to each other resulting in completely different effects.

          Or at least that’s what I’ve been told 😉

          1. “You’re thinking salvia.”

            Beat me to it. Saw his stupid fucking factually incorrect rant and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he kept saying “sativa” like it wasn’t marijuana.

            And salvia isn’t “generally crap”, where dumpy got that idea I’ll never know, although I’ll wager he’ll claim it was from using it.

            1. you are correct. i saw sativa, but READ salvia

              iow, i was wrong

              i admit it. bfd. and i move on

              i have been wrong before and will be wrong again.

              the difference between me and most of the people here is that i can admit when i am wrong

              otoh, i do believe SALVIA is generally crap. it’s risk/reward ratio sucks, etc.

              mephedrone, as an example i gave, was phenomenally effective illegal drug alternative (to cocaine) that was legal until last year

              and actual y’know scientific evidence proved it via serotonin and etc. levels

              but again, i misread. i was wrong

              no problem admitting that

              1. “the difference between me and most of the people here is that i can admit when i am wrong”

                So, in addition to being an unmitigated force for good! you are also extremely modest?

  11. I’m awaiting the ‘fact-check’ columns on this ad.

    1. Fact: The ad is from the Obama campaign/DNC.

      Status: Checked.

      1. If it’s not true, it’s only because you don’t have enough faith in the administration.

  12. Who has the coveted Gregory House vote?

  13. “as if all it takes to seduce marijuana users is a hastily made video that characterizes smokers as junkfood gobblers with pubescent attention spans.”

    To be fair, I’m pretty sure that IS all it takes, usually.

  14. “Barack? Barack’s not here dude.”

  15. Gary Johnson should have a reply ad showing Harold and Kumar being sent to Guantanamo.

    1. Dude that’s already a movie

    2. That’s the big disconnect in Hollywood isn’t it? They will write a movie script or act a scene that is either a real portrayal or at least a parody of reality, claiming that the thing in the movie is a bad thing. But then once the scene is over or the movie production finished, they go right back to fellating the policies that keep people in the doghouse.

      1. The TEAMS are good at making people think they have to pick sides.

  16. i really really hope we pass legalized MJ in WA … not just because it’s good policy, but to see what kind of federal meltdown it causes.

    i am not that hopeful we have enough votes, unfortunately.

    otoh, any person who votes against it and then whinges about taxes in WA state or our state economy can go suck it… legalized mj under the intiative in WA state will CERTAINLY improve our economic situation by eliminating many wasteful prosecutions/investigations AND by getting tax revenue from a previously black market source

  17. This video isn’t an appeal, it’s a half-hearted reach-around.

    I thought it was documentation of Obama’s Job Council.

  18. Legalize pot, Obama!

    1. it’s going to happen, incrementally and will be because of citizen initiatives etc. on a state by state basis. EVENTUALLY the feds will be forced to concede they are wrong on MJ and will reverse

      imo, it’s inevitable

      MJ will follow a path similar to gun rights. most of the early expansions of liberty in decades past happened at state level, and MJ will occur similarly

      we are already in a much better situation than years past. many states have decrim’d it, many have medical MJ (which in many of those states is de facto legalization since anybody with a pulse can get legal medical MJ if they know how to sweet talk a doctor), and even in my state where we have no decrim’d it (although we do have medical MJ), nobody in my general area gives a flying fuck, cops routinely give verbal warnings for possession and prosecutors, if they even decide to proseute usually accept piddly fines and brief probation

      nobody in my jurisdiction or most others RATIONALLY fears legal repercussions of mj possession as long as they are not selling/growing , they are smoking in their home etc.

  19. You’re interpreting the video in the wrong way. Obama is actually talking to the SWAT team about to bust down Harold and Kumar’s door.

    1. And shoot their dog.

  20. Here’s one for you Mr President. A NYC teen ran from two unidentified men in plain clothes, to his apartment. The men followed! Wait for it, and shot him dead. His offense? Possession of a small amt of marijuana. Want another one? NH Man shot to death in his own bed in front of his family.. If he lived, he would have been charged with possession of a small amt of marijuana. It made his widow a well to do woman at the towns expense. I have hundreds of these Mr President.
    Legalize and Regulate marijuana as we do alcohol, Mr President, the model is in place. If you get flack from the right, march out the LIBERALS, Wm F Buckley Jr and Barry Goldwater, both who favored legalization in one form or another. IOW’s stop giggling like a school kid and do something to stop this morally bankrupt policy. rant over.

    1. Buckley and Goldwater are not in the best shape for marching

  21. Good time to throw it over to a different Penn. Penn Gillette’s now infamous Obama rant:

    1. Jillette. Sigh.

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