Ron Paul

Gary Johnson is "Wonderful", Says Ron Paul

Ex-GOP candidate thinks the Libertarian Party presidential nominee is doing a good job


Ron Paul hasn't issued a general election endorsement and doesn't seem likely to, but he at least had some warm words for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

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  1. We know that Ron Paul will be voting for Gary Johnson, not Romney. Ron Paul has to play it cozy on a direct endorsement for the sake of Rand’s future in the GOP. Meanwhile, the only candidate who will actually be on the ballot in all 50 states and who estolls the virtues of Ron Paul is Gary Johnson. Right now, getting Gary Johnson’s popularity numbers up just a little more would get him into the national debate. We could use more airing of the voice of liberty in this election.

  2. Dr. Paul told fox news, “Gary Johnson is wonderful and is doing a good job-each individual must make up his own mind.” After the rotten treatment Romney and the GOP gave Dr. Paul, what better way for him to give them the F@#k U bird than to endorse Gary Johnson? Have you ever heard Dr. Paul utter one word of praise for Romney? Stay tuned for a surprise. Ron Paul will vote for Gary Johnson.

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