Republican Convention 2012

Major Party Political Conventions, Brought to You By Taxpayer Funding


They party. You pay. Federal taxpayers help finance the major party conventions, and in 2012, the tab could exceed $100 million. Via The Maryland Reporter:

Federal taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $136 million to cover the cost of the major political parties' presidential nominating conventions.

That's the estimated total taxpayer tab of this week's Republican Party National Convention in Florida, and next week's Democratic Party National Convention in North Carolina.

And campaign finance trackers say the millions more flowing into cocktail soirees, celebrity mixers and cigar tent sideshows paid for by unions, corporations and other special interests could eventually come with a higher price tag for taxpayers.

…"The general public does not know that taxpayer dollars are used to underwrite these conventions. I think it's wrong," said Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause Wisconsin, part of the national nonpartisan public-interest organization. The group traditionally supports left-leaning issues.

Congress appropriated $100 million — $50 million for each convention — to cover the cost of security, which, so far in Tampa, appears to be much tighter than the 2008 GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The two major parties will each receive public grants of $18,248,300 for their conventions, funded through the Presidential Election Campaign Checkoff. 

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  1. Alas, this story won’t have any impact. Some people will just continue to naively assume that the political “elites” are completely trustworthy paragons of virtue who would never think of stealing money taken from working class taxpayers and spending it on hookers and blow.

    Others will think of themselves as sophisticates because they dismiss such robbery with an airy wave of the hand. “Bah, it’s not so much money and it’s how teh system works!”

  2. OT: Speaking of funding, can any Reasonoids point me to some good resources regarding self-directed financial planning and/or recommend some sane fund managers? I have a couple of old 401ks I need to roll over, and I don’t like the advice I’m getting from my government-approved financial “advisor”?

    I’ve been thinking about starting one of those self-directed IRAs, and I even found a lawyer in the area (Tampa) who advertises that he helps people set them up. Not sure if it’s worth the hassle, though.


    1. I feel like most accounts these days can be handled online. Alas, I am still very young in my retirement saving and have only switched between two retirement accounts, so it may get more complicated the older one is.

  3. Hypocricy? From the Republicans?! Say it ain’t so!

    1. So it’s OK that the Democrats do it?

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