Fehrnstrom: Romney and Paul Share Common Concerns


Tampa – In a short interview at the Republican National Convention Mitt Romney's right-hand man, Eric Fehrnstrom, said that he thinks there is plenty of room for fans of Congressman Ron Paul in the national Republican Party.

"Ron Paul has earned for himself a leadership position in the Republican Party. Mitt Romney respects him as a leader and as a friend. They share in common, I think, a big conern about the fiscal crisis facing this nation, the rapid accumulation of debt over the last four years, and the necessity of putting America back on path towards a balanced budget," he said, leaving the convention floor.

When asked about disgruntled Paul fans who plan on voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson, Fehrnstrom dodged the question.

"Well, look, every convention is marked by discussion and debate over procedure and rules," Fehernstrom said. "This convention is no different. As far as Ron Paul goes, Mitt Romney respects Ron Paul and his followers for the passion they bring to the party, and for their focus and concern with the debt and deficit."