Republican Convention 2012

Yes, the 2012 GOP Platform is For 'vigorously enforced' Laws Against Pornography and Obscenity


Well, the rumors were true. That is to say, here is one thing Morality in Media (and The Daily Caller back in July) got right, the 2012 GOP platform does in fact mention obscenity and pornography beyond just being opposed to the child kind (not exactly a daring stance to take, that). 

Straight from the the elephant's mouth, the wording under "Renewing America's Values" and then "Making the Internet Family-Friendly" reads, after a call to outlaw Internet gambling, as follows:

The Internet must be made safe for children. We call on service providers to exercise due care to ensure that the Internet cannot become a safe haven for predators while respecting First Amendment rights. We congratulate the social networking sites that bar known sex offenders from participation. We urge active prosecution against child pornography, which is closely linked to the horrors of human trafficking. Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.

Isn't just the Republican party for you? Being opposed to sex trafficking, even being okay with social networking sites booting "known sex offenders" (such people, of course, are not guaranteed to be convinced serial rapists, or anyone vile like that) is opposing harm and or just wanting to let websites choose their terms of service.

This is a call to make sure laws against consensual activities are good and followed. This is a call to use government resources to further crack down on consensual activities. And it's not just obscenity, mind you, it's "laws on all forms of pornography." Pornography, if not classified as "obscenity," has First Amendment Protections. So, even if you buy the "know it when I see it" Miller Test nonsense, laws against porn are particularly absurd and censorious. 

Head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, who is apparently responsible for this flashback to the Bush Department of Justice, is too chicken to call for new laws against porn and obscenity, though one can guess that he's for them. But the much more sensible thing is always to call for enforcing laws already on the books. People invariably have a harder time arguing with that. But consider that to this day, people are prosecuted and threatened with draconian jail time, simply for making an extreme or disturbing form of speech (porn). That is completely antithetical to the idea of "small government."

And this may be the executive we'll be getting if Mitt Romney beats Obama in November; a president who has a long history of approving of restrictions on pornography.

Even if Paul Ryan wasn't a small government fraud, even if Romney wasn't an opportunist, empty suit consultant, this little part of the platform is a nice reminder that the GOP is no more interested in individual choice than is the Democratic Party,

NEXT: Court Slaps Indiana Sex Offender Registry

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  1. So, there is no hope?

    1. Oh no, there is still hope, you will always have hope. You don’t have a chance.

    2. I ran out of hope over a decade ago.

  2. this little part of the platform is a nice reminder that the GOP is no more interested in individual choice than is the Democratic Party

    I don’t know about you, Lucy, but that’s a reminder I don’t need.

    Frylock: You know what tonight is?

    Carl: Yeah, the night I’m downloading porn at 14 kilobytes a second! Ha! I’m just kidding. I got a cable modem back here.

    1. Psst, I am not writing for you, dude. I am writing for the people that forgot.

      1. I don’t think anyone forgot, Lucy. They either remember, or are conveniently ignoring it for partisan reasons. I mean, is there anyone who actually believes the GOP is for individual liberty?

        1. Dunno. Let’s go find them and pat them on the head in a condescending way.

        2. I mean, is there anyone who actually believes the GOP is for individual liberty?

          nah; the Repubs just talk about it being a good thing whereas Dems are upfront about their contempt towards individuals in general and individual freedom in particular. The line between so-con and liberal is differentiated only by the things each wishes to control.

          There is a wing within the GOP, mostly fiscal conservatives, who believe the small govt talk but they get nowhere with the establishment types. Case in point – all the ire directed at Tea Party frosh in Congress was just as virulent coming from entrenched Repubs as it was from entrenched Dems.

      2. Don’t let his irrelevant cartoon quotes fool you. He forgot. He’s just too arrogant to admit it.

        (After watching an online movie on the solution to the garbage problem in New New York)
        Fry: Wow. You got that off the internet? In my day, the internet was only used to download pornography.
        Professor Farnsworth: Actually, that’s still true.
        (The movie continues)
        Female Scientist: Now that the garbage is in space, Doctor, perhaps you can help me with my sexual inhibitions?
        Male Scientist: With gusto.

        1. Irrelevant?!?

          1. Oh, you’re probably wondering which I’m calling irrelevant, the cartoon or the quoting. The answer is whichever one goes on hurting you.


            2. Whichever?!?

              (I tried to do the KHAN thing with FoE and lots of Es but the spam filter says “fuck you”.)

              1. Yeah, it doesn’t like one-word posts.

      3. Episiarch thinks everything is done for his sake, Lucy. Just like he thinks other people watch ATHF.

        He’s a deeply deluded individual, and it’s best not to challenge his fragile grip on reality.

        1. So Hugh, this dude back where I worked at the, uh, Styrofoam peanut factory, like, he converted the toilet into like a bong, and you just sort of put your face over the seat. It was pretty badass. I went in there, someone had done a Number Two, so I fish it out, load it up. Gotta do something to get through that shift. Later on, when I became an adult, I was thinkin’, you know, “That’s gross,” but, man that bathroom was so awesome in high school.

          1. Don’t make me post a jenkem video. seriously don’t.

    2. Well with the Democrat’s Net Neutrality and the Republican’s Net Morality, you soon will be downloading porn at 0 kilobytes a second.

      1. The Irish monks did a bang-up job preserving knowledge in the Dark Ages — any chance we could convince them to do a follow-up act? I’ve got some prime specimens of, uh, knowledge that I wouldn’t mind adding to the collection before porncopalypse.

        1. Where’s “teenage girl” when you need her?

            1. Well played.

  3. Republicans ——- It’s for teh childrenz

    Democrats ——— It’s for teh explerted womenz

    1. Impossible, the Rethuglicans have a war on the wimins folk and they want the childins to die in the street from lack of health insurance. Only the noble Dems can save the wimins and childins. Their plan is to let the Muslims take over and implement Sharia law. Nothing can go wrong.

  4. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Again with teh pron.

    Thank you!

    1. It’s what I am here…for?

      No, that’s not it.

  5. Fuck the GOP. I am more glad every day that I have already made the decision to vote for Gary Johnson.

    I was at Reagan airport earlier today and my wife wanted to stop and browse in some of the gift shops since there was no way I was going to make it back to work in rush hour traffic between DC and Balmer.

    In one shop they had lots of political stuff and to my surprise there was a fairly equal amount of blue/red Obamney stuff. My wife asked me the silly question(unknown to her), ‘Why don’t they have any shirts for that guy you are voting for?’. I just said ‘long story honey, explain later’, but then I said loud enough for everyone in the shop to hear ‘If they had a Ron Paul shirt I might buy one’.

    I saw just a few minutes of the GOP convention on TV just moments ago, replaid not live, and it was a bunch of redneck looking old fucktards waving cowboy hats and Mitt signs. About made me vomit. SoCon was written all over their puffy red faces. I think if the GOP and Libertarians go their separate ways, the GOP will have to form a new party half socon, half neocon. SneoCons.. NeoScons? Snowcones? Haha, I need to drink so that will sound funny.

    1. I think if the GOP and Libertarians go their separate ways,

      Happened a long time ago bruh. There’s only one Libertarian Republican out there now, and no one dares speak his name.

      1. I think you just summoned the d-d-d-d—d-word!

      2. Jesse Benton?

  6. More and more I feel that libertarians need to find a nice deserted place to call our own.

    1. I think the plan is to take Greenland. With AGW and all, we will be growing us some fine grapes and other good stuff there real soon. All of us will drive gas guzzling SUVs all over the island to hurry the warming, and then launch broken off ice sheets at Europa and the US as a warning to not fuck with us. Also the melt will flood their coastal cities. It will be totally badass, like Greenland is a harsh mistress, bwahahhahahhaaa!!!

      1. Sweet. Since Greenland is the least densely populated country on the planet, we can probably be there quite a while before the Greenlanders notice. Of course, it would be a nice gesture to offer to buy the place. Denmark wouldn’t sell it; but, what with the new global economy, perhaps now ….

        1. I have $2 and some glass beads to trade. Who else is pitching in?

          1. I’ll part with my 1st edition 2112 vinyl if it’ll help.

        2. Denmark? What is that podunk little spit of land going to do, if we take it in the most manly ways as possible? Throw their danishes at us?

      2. But it will just end up like The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, with authoritarians in charge again.

    2. What about Peter Thiel’s libertarian island nation?

  7. Now let me get this straight here… Umm, the GOP have included as part of their official platform… internet freedom. But they want to censor the internet. Am I missing something here?

    1. Freedom=Slavery. Neutrality=Intervention. War=Peace. Beige=Taupe.

      1. If you google image search “taupe” there are like five pictures of moles.

        The animals, not the things to get checked by your dermatologist.

        Taupe: the official color of moles.

        1. According to teh Wiki, it was originally coined to describe the color of French moles.

        2. I hate moles. Why don’t people have them removed? Get a cat, folks.

          1. Cat’s can’t catch them. Little fuckers don’t come out very often, if at all.

            Best way to get rid of them seems to be traps that you shove down into their holes. Sonic emitters seem to keep them from coming in, too.

            1. Fuck that. My cats are like little fucking mole surgeons.

              1. Ours must be lazy as hell, then, because she doesn’t seem able to dispatch the little bastards. Neither do the strays that run around.

                Unless you’re confusing moles with gophers? Gophers are easier for cats, because they come out fairly often.

                1. Wait, what? I thought we were talking about those weird hairy growths that people get. What the hell are your cats chasing?

              2. Josef Meowngele?

                1. My cats are regular Erwin Rommeowls for mice.

                  1. My cats are regular Erwin Rommeowls for mice.

                    So they ignore your orders and let the mice go?

    2. You are not missing anything. We have a nice little FEMA camp for over there

      ————————–(greater than symbol)

        1. Wow, no symbol. Damn squirrels.

    3. Where do they say they want to censor the internet?

      1. Are you blind, willfully obtuse, or just that stupid?

        1. d) All of the above

  8. Did the GOP just have a collective shit themselves when they realized they might actually win this one?

    What can we do to make sure not even a single 14 year old white boy will ever want to join our party? Let’s have Aunt Phyllis go over there and give him a big hug, and as he stews in her old people odors remind him masturbation is evil.

    1. And just a couple days ago I said the youth were there for the taking, for us Libertarians, and people laughed at me. Looks like the GOP is going to prove me right after all. I had vision no one else could see.

  9. As far as I know there aren’t any laws left against non-obscene pornography with adult performers. Haven’t they all been struck down? (I’m not talking about restrictions on adult toy shops, not the same thing)

    Please tell me you’re going to go over the Dem platform with the same fine-toothed comb you’re raking the GOP with. I hope you have a ton of server space because the resulting blog posts would probably take up a few exobytes.

    1. Uh oh, somebody’s a little upset that his TEAM is getting picked on? Hey big guy, you want to go get some ice cream? Maybe a Happy Meal?

      1. If you take him to McDonald’s, Epi, you’re responsible for him if he soils himself.

      2. Michelle is going to be pissed if you start taking kids to McD’s.

    2. Did we make them write stupid shit and put it in their plank? No, they did that themselves. How rude of us for noticing.

  10. this little part of the platform is a nice reminder that the GOP is no more interested in individual choice than is the Democratic Party,

    The Dems have ALL THE SAME POSITIONS on this issue. Plus they consider anyone who dares make money or employ someone to be ipso facto the governement’s slave.

    1. For the second time today cenotaph, reason is allowed to right anti-Republican articles without being Democratic shills. Calm down. It’s not like Republicans actually believe in economic freedom either

    2. The Dems have ALL THE SAME POSITIONS on this issue.

      So, you DO get it. Neither party is worth spit.

    3. When Democrats and Republicans are both bad on an issue and you rip the Republicans without mentioning the Democrats, that’s a shill of omission.

      1. Uh, that’s probably because this post is about the GOP platform? They don’t have to do both parties in the same post, you know. Not to mention the DNC convention isn’t until September.

      2. If reason only ripped Republicans you’d have a point. It’s not like they don’t hammer Obama and the Democrats on a daily basis either

  11. Meh. I don’t exactly remember a lack of porn in the GWB era. Or Bush I. Or Reagan.

    It’s asinine, but it’s just a placebo to placate the religious crazies.

    If there is ever any serious threat to pornography, it’s going to come from the left and feminists….

    1. The serious threat to pr0n will come in the form of burdensome health and safety regulations that will push productions underground where performers will have no legal basis for contract enforcement and protection from actual physical coercion.

      1. Oh get serious. Try to come up with something that could happen in the real world.

        1. maybe you’re being sarcastic, but isn’t that what the LA City Council did?

          1. Definitely being sarcasmeowc.

    2. If there is ever any serious threat to pornography, it’s going to come from the left and feminists….

      I always assumed it would be a joint effort.

  12. ….such people, of coarse, are not guaranteed to be convinced serial rapists….

    Of coarse?

    Tsk tsk.

    1. Don’t be so rough on Lucy.

      1. Considering how much more often I use “course” as opposed to “coarse” that is a strange mistake indeed.

  13. (such people, of coarse, are not

    This is an outrage! I can’t bear to look.
    Lucy, come quick! Fix it.

  14. Alt-text win:)

  15. Dirty Harry shooting someone in the face. That’s what America is all about son. Beautiful naked woman’s ass. Clearly the devil’s work . How fucked up is our society.

  16. I’m currently downloading all the porn on the internet and saving it to my hard drive, for when it becomes illegal.

  17. I’d like to know what Arch Puddington thinks of all this.

  18. As far as I know there aren’t any laws left against non-obscene pornography with adult performers. Haven’t they all been struck down? (I’m not talking about restrictions on adult toy shops, not the same thing)

    Why are adult toys, another matter of speech, on private property a different matter?

    Anyways, there’s no legal definition of pornography, only obscenity. The way the Miller test works results making any erotic work potentially obscene, since it does not rely on any objective criteria whatsoever in judging the evidence, but rather purely other people’s reaction to the evidence. It should be noted that the work in question still remains quasi-legal even after successful prosecution. It isn’t banned speech but is unprotected speech.

    Your neighbor may be lucky and escape conviction, you may not be for the exact same work. Or it’s possible for you to be charged, then have it thrown out, then next time for the same work, you aren’t so lucky. It’s like removing the speed limit but punishing speeders based on other people’s whims

    As Trueman president of Morality in Media, and former DOJ official stated:
    “unless it’s just waist-up nudity of women’s breasts it probably can be found obscene somewhere in the country”

    It’s not just for producers as receipt and possession can also be criminalized. It includes non-performers, non-human, fictional drawings as well

    1. These are some examples of the later part above:

      U.S. v. Christopher Handley
      Georgia v. Gordon Lee
      Texas v. Jesus Castillo
      Oklahoma v. Planet Comics
      Florida v. Mike Diana
      Illinois v. Correa

      Only Correa’s case was successfully overturned. The rest have all remained felons.

      As I mentioned about its not-banned but unprotected speech legal status, these comics are still available, some through Amazon or other retailers

  19. The SoCons who are all paranoid about Islamic Sharia law creeping in to out legal system seem to have no problem with imposing CHRISTIAN SHARIA LAW over all of us, which is no less of a threat to this country.

    1. Yes, it looks like this election is about whether you side with the USSR or the Taliban.

  20. This is great news… their overbearing control bullshit will drive hundreds (thousands?) to the libertarian banner.

    THANK YOU, self-destructing GOP socons.

    1. Tens, Rastonbot. Tens.

  21. Okay I read this over and over again. Is there something else? Because this sure seems to be aimed at maintaining the status quo.

    Where are the calls for new anti-pornography laws(that do not apply to chil-porn)?

    This just looks like much ado over nothing.

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