"2016: Obama's America" Doing Well at the Box Office

Grossed $1.24 million over the weekend after only opening in one hundred and sixty nine theaters


Its nearing election time in the US and candidates for the presidential elections are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to campaigning. The latest being a political documentary called `2016: Obama's America' was a complete head turner. Last weekend it grossed a whopping $1.24 million out of only 169 theaters. The independent film whose making costs were $2.5 million is being distributed by Utah based Rocky Mountain Pictures was premiered in Houston six weeks ago and continues to enjoy its box office success. Rocky Mountain Pictures is expanding the anti-Obama documentary into 1,090 theaters this weekend. The anti-Obama film, released to coincide with the Republican National Convention, was making a relatively strong showing alongside The Expendables 2 and Premium Rush.