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The Final Co-Option of the Ron Paul Grassroots?


When Ernest Hancock–a Libertarian Party guy and freelance anarchist revolutionary who does his Internet business over at Freedom's Phoenix–designed the very popular "Ron Paul rEVOLution" logo (as seen on the cover of my book Ron Paul's Revolution) I'm quite confident he never dreamed of this, the logo used for today's ongoing Ron Paul rally at the Sundome in Tampa, Florida:

Hancock told me in vivid terms when I interviewed him for my book he was very, very uninterested in any attempt to turn the Paul movement into something fully embedded in the Republican Party. I sought comment from him today but haven't gotten it yet; I'll update if I do.

But Hancock never wanted to claim ownership of that logo or idea. What's more important is whether all the Paul revolutionaries will see their future as being "good Republicans" or people trying to use the Republican Party as a tool for liberty. The talks so far here at the Paul rally–which I'll be reporting on more later today–are leaning nicely, for the most part, in recognizing that it's about liberty, not Party.

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  1. Hey Doherty, you SugarFreed the link.

    1. No, I think that’s what they did. They made an ironic “missing image” logo to symbolize completely missing the plot. Well played, Republicans!

      1. Damn, that ruins my plot to make him come back here and eat his liver.

    2. I don’t know if anyone linked to this yet, but here’s a really good detailed run-down of how the RNC is breaking all their own rules to shove Ron Paul out of the picture.

  2. So, why “Re’LOVE’ution”, anyway?

  3. You appear to be trying to tell me the image isn’t embedded. Alas, on my screen it is, so I am unable to trouble shoot this right now. It is a “Ron Paul RepubliCAN” logo with the “Can” in the red stencil block.

    1. And besides, this is a low priority compared to finding out where all of our ampersands have gone.

      1. And why “preview” STILL DOES NOT WORK.

        1. Wachutalkinbout dude? Preview works. What browser are you using?

          1. Safari. Haven’t tried Firefox yet.

    2. Looking at the page source, the link points to an attachment from your Gmail account. So you can see it, but no one else can.

    3. This is why alt text is important. Some text looks better than square box with x in middle.

      BTW, you wouldn’t be trying to link that to an attachment in an email, would you?

      If so, save file to server, point link to saved file. Works every time. (:

  4. He never dreamed of a little square box with an x in the middle?

    That isn’t at all what I have envisioned for the logo of the revolution. And it damned well better have some fucking orange in it! LARANJA, BABY! Tis the color of liberty!

    1. Well, the Ancient Greeks considered “orange” to be a shade of Gold, so you might be on to something there…

      1. Replace fiat currency with Oranges?

    2. Tis the color of liberty!

      Orange reminds me of McDonald’s.

      1. FTW? There is no orange in Mickey D, it’s fucking yellow and red.

        1. Yellow and red does not remind you of orange?

  5. Well, dang, you learn something new, on some days. It might be fixed.

    1. Fixed!

      1. And this is the most exciting thing to happen at H and R today. Where the fuck is everyone? Watching football? No one knows of the miracle called NFL rewind?

  6. I like the banner, but it doesn’t have any orange. That is a deal breaker.

  7. Hancock told me in vivid terms when I interviewed him for my book he was very, very uninterested in any attempt to turn the Paul movement into something fully embedded in the Republican Party.

    There is such a wide streak of crazy in this.

    ‘I don’t want to turn the process of supporting a republican running for the republican nomination for president into something fully embedded in the republican party.’

    Ron Paul is a republican. He gets elected by republicans–not by ‘the Ron Paul Movement’. The Ron Paul Movement is blind if it cannot see that.

    Ron Paul exists and is elected as a part of the GOP. He may be fighting the old boy network–but what he represents is part of the GOP—there is no equivalent for Ron Paul in the Democrats.

    The LP candidate for president was/is a republican. There is no equivalent for Gary Johnson in the Democrats.

    All the fringe politicians in the Democrats want more statism, more socialism, more crushing of liberty.

    The finges of the GOP? That’s where the LP and other assorted libertarians find the people they support.

    Think about that as you all start your leftward drift.

    1. Good thing there are more than two options, then.

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