Election 2012

RNC Shuns Ron Paul, Supporters Root For Romney Defeat


"I want to make sure that when the Republican Party loses, terribly to, in my opinion, the worst president in history, I want [them to know] it's because they systematically shut out the most intelligent, most youthful and active voting bloc in American history," said Ron Paul voter Mike Timoney.

Timoney's statement accurately reflected the mood at PAULfest, a celebration held by Congressman Ron Paul's supporters at the Tampa Fairgrounds on the weekend before the 2012 Republican National Convention. With controversy surrounding the seating of GOP delegates in several state conventions, many who caucused for Paul feel disenfranchised by the actions of the GOP and vow to turn against the party this election.

While certain attendees went so far as to call Mitt Romney a "monster," most of Paul's youthful supporters exhibited more frustration and disappointment than anger. 

"[The GOP] made it clear yesterday that they see us more as a nuisance than as potential allies," said John Jones, one of 10 Ron Paul-supporting Maine delegates that the RNC stripped of their delegate status on Friday.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson was a headlining speaker at the event, which was in part sponsored by the Libertarian Party.

"The frustration, I think, can get focused in a way that can impact this election," said Johnson. "And that would be, voting for me."

Many Paul supporters at the event expressed support for Johnson's campaign, and even those who didn't vowed not to vote for Romney.

"There's no way I could support someone like him," said Kenosha Fisch, an Oklahoma delegate who lost her seat in a bitter power struggle.

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  1. I just saw a post this past week that said, “I wish we had a third choice!” I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!! This is a travesty!

    I sent a message to Janet Brown at jb@debates.org She is in charge of the Commission of Presidential Debates. Ms. Brown needs to know that we believe all candidates with their names on enough ballots to potentially win the election (there are FOUR this year, not TWO) should be represented in the debates that help the people of this country decide who deserves their votes!

    We deride other countries when we see inequalities in their elections; why do we not see the inequalities in our own? If you care, write to Ms. Brown to let her know how you feel…I will be boycotting the debates unless they are all up there. The Democrats and Republicans will have ZERO chance to influence me through this medium if it’s not a fair process.

    1. Ms. Brown needs to know that we believe all candidates with their names on enough ballots to potentially win the election

      She does know, there are two candidates with their names on enough ballots to potentially win the election. Neither of those two candidates are named Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or anything other than Mitt Romney. It’s structured this way purposefully.

      1. It’s called math, you can study it. Gary Johnson will be on 50 state ballots out of 50.

  2. Great Ron Paul supporters, lets root for a Romney defeat so we can get a kick in the teeth from Obama win he wins. Brilliant. Very strategic…

    1. Because getting kicked in the teeth from Romney is so preferable.

      Wait, how does that work again?

    2. Oceanea has always been at war with Eastasia.

    3. So my choice is a dirty sanchez or a dump on the chest?

  3. It is not news that Ron Paul supporters do not like Romney. Yes, they will all gravitate to Gary Johnson who is very much like Ron Paul but with teeth. Now is the magical time for Gary Johnson to make every effort to advance his brand and national awareness. If he can just climb a little higher in the polls and get on the debate stage, sparks will fly!

    1. The LP is a real threat to establishment power. The Commission on Presidential Debates will never allow an LP candidate in the debates.

      1. It might actually do more to discredit the system if he were to do well in the polls without even being in the debates at all!

      2. The LP is a real threat to establishment power.

        Perhaps somewhere, in some galaxy, far, far away. Here on earth, in the United States of America, the Libertarian Party is about as much a threat to establishment power as the Flat Earth Society. The stink pickles headlining the D and R tickets are very much reflective of the values of the vast, vast majority of Americans. The unfortunate reality is that libertarians don’t win because most people don’t agree with us – not because they’re ignorant as to our values.

        1. Or perhaps they’re ignorant to our values, and hence don’t agree with us.

          I find my version to be true far more often than yours.

          1. Sadly, I think PM is correct.
            Most people don’t want liberty. They want security.
            Most people live fearful lives full of boogermen. They want to be protected from every setback.
            That’s why we get the govt we do.

            1. You’re on to something.

          2. I think you’re both right.

        2. given a level playing field, a description of the 3 major candidates’ records, and an accurate description of the 3 major candidates’ stances on the issues, a plurality of Americans would vote for Gary Johnson.

  4. “Oh. I am part of the lame stream media.”


  5. Why does the GOP seem to want to actively deter people from voting for them?

    What possible upside could there be in their actions here?

    1. Team Blue is not the enemy of Team Red. They’re more like rivals. The GOP doesn’t loose when the Dems win because the same institutions of the establishment (Big Ag, Big Finance, Big Defense, etc.) are still given first suck at the public tit.

      Ceding anything more than empty rhetoric to the libertarian wing of the GOP would threaten the existing power structure.

      1. Had they seated the delegates, though, they wouldn’t have poked the sleeping bear.

        This just seems like a gratuitous, “Fuck you.”

  6. The GOP may have once again snached defeat from the jaws of victory. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot I will vote for Gary Johnson. If neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson are on the ballot I will stay home and not vote at all.

    1. I think the Paulites are far more likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There’s a reason why Paul has been a member of the GOP all this time. He’s found a place to influence the GOP and espouse his views even when they’re sharply critical of the party “mainstream”. They only problem is that he won’t live forever. Paulites don’t need to defend Romney and they shouldn’t. But they shouldn’t quit the field either. If they do, they’re just as much a dead end as OWS.

      1. ^^The most sensible comment in this thread.

  7. If Ron Paul isn’t going to be the nominee, and he isn’t going to endorse Mitt Romney, then I hope he makes a clean break of it and endorses Gary Johnson. The two don’t agree eye-to-eye on everything, but they have a huge area of overlap on the issues, much more than Paul has with any other candidate who is on enough State ballots to win in the Electoral College.

    1. You’re delusional if you think Paul or Johnson will get -any- electoral votes in this election no matter how many ballots either of them are on.

      1. Are you saying you are an anarchist or we should just collectively fold? Quite the maverick.

  8. I hate it when Paultards come on here..

    1. And I say that being a big Ron Paul guy. I just cant stand the stupidity from the rest of the supporters.

  9. After the Todd Akins controversy, you guys think the RNC will go out of their way to highlight Ron Paul, the man who ran a newsletter that ran racist content and accepted donations from unsavory individuals?

    The only reason why the MSM hasn’t treated him like Todd Akins is because they long accepted him as a quirky, character third party candidate. Someone like Ross Perot or Ralph Nader. A cultish sensation, not a player in the national stage.

    The only, and I mean ONLY voters who could theoretically put Ron Paul over the top are the GOP base who will support their nominee in the end. I live amongst non white people and immigrants, and they know Ron Paul as much as they know Weird Al Yankovich.

    You can scream “both parties suck” until your face turns blue, but they’re part of the nation’s history and tradition. Those two parties have produced presidents and policies good and bad for decades. The “We’ll undermine one of major parties and rally against their candidates until they accept us” tactic will certainly NOT endear the RP crowd to either of the party base.

    1. What a depressing conformist you are.

      1. Assert your independence when it actually counts for something.

  10. I’m rooting for a Romney AND Obama defeat.

    GO GARY GO!!!

    1. Way to waste your vote, sir! Everyone knows if you don’t vote for one side the other side will win!

  11. “The frustration, I think, can get http://www.toairmax.com/air-max-bw-homme-c-10.html focused in a way that can impact this election,” said Johnson. “And that would be, voting for me.”

  12. Win the argument in the public mind and the votes will be there. Apparently you have to march through the institutions first. Perhaps a brisk walk in these fast-moving times.

    If the economic turnaround guy can delay the government/banking bubble from bursting in the next few years, the revolution can spread. Soapboxing the finer points of Madison or Jefferson during a zombie apocalypse would make a fine comedy sketch if I could watch it remotely from the private, air-conditioned comfort I enjoy now.

    If it bursts now, who’s been making ready to assume control?
    Continue to reform the stupid party, don’t knife it in the back before a battle.

  13. Many Paul supporters at the event expressed support for Johnson’s campaign, and even those who didn’t vowed not to vote for Romney.

    “There’s no way I http://2013modemax.wordpress.com/ could support someone like him,” said Kenosha Fisch, an Oklahoma delegate who lost her seat in a bitter power struggle.

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