Planned Parenthood To Lose Texas Funding

Abortion connection makes the organization's clinics political kryptonite


Planned Parenthood said Wednesday that Texas clinics are operating like normal for now, even as state officials move to quickly freeze funding after a federal court gave Republican lawmakers a victory in their efforts to punish health providers linked to abortion services.

The court ruling allows the state to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider in the Texas Women's Health Program, while a lawsuit over the issue moves forward. But just how fast Texas can sever funding remains unclear.

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  1. Good move by Texas. There’s no reason government should be funding products or services that the free market can provide.

    If you disagree, then you’ll agree the goods/services I provide should also be paid for by government. That would help my pocketbook, at everyone’s expense.

    Communists and progressives seem to think government should provide everything. Socialists seem to believe private markets should provide some things (e.g. oil and gasoline) but not others (solar panels) depending on what their rent-seeking friends are producing.

    Libertarian free market types think government should only be involved in protecting our liberties, and only where force is needed to do so. That’s a much smaller role for government, and one that maximizes our freedom

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