Syphilis Cases Lead to Outbreak of Nanny-Statism—UPDATED

A temporary self-imposed porn film shutdown to screen for disease is apparently not enough for the regulation class.


Here is your government-approved porn. Enjoy!

Forget about the corn; we've got a porn drought coming! Via the Los Angeles Times:

Jolted by the possibility of a syphilis outbreak among its ranks, a Los Angeles-based trade group that represents the adult film industry announced a nationwide moratorium on X-rated productions while more than 1,000 porn performers are tested.

The Free Speech Coalition issued the call on its website after reporting that one performer tested positive for syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, and had begun notifying sexual partners of that information.

The Los Angeles County's Public Health Department reported five cases of syphilis in the porn industry within a week. According to the Free Speech Coalition's site, porn producers within the industry are covering the costs to tests all the performers through its Adult Production Health and Safety Services Program. (UPDATE: The Associated Press reports four more cases have been identified, bringing the total to nine.)

The timing is notable, as there will be an initiative on the ballot for Los Angeles County residents in November to mandate condoms in porn shoots (and also require permits, inspections and other regulatory fees). So, of course, there's going to be some politicization of the outbreak:

Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said Monday the developments show that adult film companies are incapable of policing themselves. His group said the syphilis incident would be used as part of the campaign for Measure B, a proposal on the Nov. 6 countywide ballot mandating the use condoms during professional X-rated shoots. And it accused adult film productions of being "bad corporate citizens," saying that no other business would tolerate transmission of any diseases, sexual or otherwise.

"We don't settle for that in food preparation. We don't settle for that in factories," said Tom Myers, general counsel for the group. "I can't think of any other [workplace] where there's an acceptable level of transmissible diseases as a normal course of business."

Hrm. Interesting comments. Who called for the moratorium again? And as for the transmission of disease, kindly Google "hepatitis outbreak" and take note of all those restaurants that are still in business. What we "don't settle for" in the food industry and all those regulations and inspections doesn't actually stop outbreaks from happening. We clearly do "settle for" a certain amount of risk of food-borne disease.

The Times makes a point of mentioning that syphilis transmission in the state jumped 18 percent from 2010 and 2011, but that jump was to 2,500 cases for the year. California's population is more than 37 million people.

Does the continued existence and transmission of HIV mean that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation tolerates the transmission of a certain level of the virus? Do they need to be policed? What an absurd argument.

So what's really going on here? The answer might be found in the Measure B petition itself:

"Each applicant who is also an individual must also provide the department with proof of successful completion of a blood borne pathogen training course that has been approved by the department."

Rent-seeking: not sexy in a French maid's uniform or a leather harness and jockstrap or however else you might dress it up. No doubt the AIDS Healthcare Foundation would be perfect providers of such a training course, right?

Earlier in the year, gave Nanny of the Month honors to Los Angles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for signing condom regulations for porn filming within the city. Measure B, if it passes, would stiffen these measures (and not the good kind of stiff):


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  1. Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said Monday the developments show that adult film companies are incapable of policing themselves.

    So, an incidence of syphilis well below the average for non-porn-performers, causing the porn industry to promptly and vigorously voluntarily police their ranks, is evidence that “adult film companies are incapable of policing themselves”?

    1. The porn industry is made up of numerous corporations that make large profits and employ bunches of people, in California. Obviously there’s something there that needs regulating. [/sarc]

  2. More jobs that will move overseas. Californians don’t need to work really, since the rest of us can still afford to subsidize their lavish lifestyles.

  3. Apparently this outbreak is Aletta Ocean’s fault. I blame her terrible fake tits, because she was so cute before she got them.


    1. Aw crap, not this argument again.

      Aletta’s fake boobs (both sets) are fine, just like Rebecca Linares’s.

      Want an example of a terrible boobjob? Angelina Valentine is Exhibit A.

      1. No, Linares’ are a fucking abomination. You disgust me!

      2. Fakes are always an abomination.

        1. John don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? Some fakes are bad, others are fine.

        2. One example of amazing fakes are Maggie McNeill’s. Her surgeon hit it out of the park.

          1. Sorry, Kristen, but those look like skin-colored watermelon halves. The only pairs that I find tolerable are Tera Patrick’s (less so) and Sunny Leone’s (more so).

            1. Those two girls’ tits are fake??? Damn, I am not a good spotter. But at the same time, I can appreciate some good lookin boobies regardless of the realness.

          2. Negative. They’re fakier than a fake thing that was manufactured on Fake Island during the Fake Festival on Fake street, right in the center of Fake Town.

            1. The center of Fake Town? You mean the Fake District?

      3. I find both of MBC observations to be accurate.

        Maybe it’s just that I like Rebecca Linares’ style a lot more. Angelina Valentine is too damn loud.

        1. And you disgust me as well. It’s because of goons like you that she got them in the first place.

        2. Angelina V’s look so bad in photos, I never bothered to see what she looks (or sounds) like on video.

          Priya Rai can be a little loud, but in her case I just turn the volume down.

  4. Vegas says COME ON!

  5. One should note that the the chance of contracting an STD while masturbating to porn is Zero.

    1. Re: joshua corning,

      One should note that the the chance of contracting an STD while masturbating to porn is Zero.

      Don’t talk to me about the odds! I’ll take my chances!

    2. What if you are a gynocologist who just examined an infected patient?

      1. Professionals know to lick their fingers clean before touching themselves. Honestly.

  6. Why does the AIDS Healthcare Foundation have a fucking hard-on for regulating the porn industry? You know how few cases of AIDS happen in the porn industry?

    Oh noes, syphilis! Yes, untreated, it’s bad. But you treat it, it goes away, and you’re back in business.

    Jerri: Do a lot of the people die of syphilis?

    Noblet: Oh, absolutely. Historically, syphilis is right up there with Germans. It wiped out the Romanovs, it decimated our fleet at Pearl Harbor, and of course, Fidel Castro impersonated Marilyn Monroe and gave President Kennedy a case of syphilis so severe that eventually it blew the back of his head off.

    1. For Pete’s sake, Epi – stop reading those damned comic books!

    2. maybe they assume people in porn don’t care about themselves, How can they if the chose porn?

      They must be protected from themselves.

  7. Say, why does the world need new porn? Isn’t there enough already? In other words, isn’t Peak Porn in sight?


      1. Isn’t it SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH ?

        1. ProL isn’t a whore. He’s a lawyer, and I couldn’t think up a nasty enough word to use. Other than lawyer.

          1. Good call. Calling a lawyer a whore would be insulting to whores.

    2. I dunno, I don’t make a habit of watching porn but I did catch one episode of this surprisingly engaging Cinemax anthalogy series called Femme Fatales. It’s like a soft-core Twilight Zone.

      1. You just happened to catch an episode. Funny that.

        1. Yeah? Isn’t that how most people discover a show?

      2. You lost me at “soft-core.”

    3. You are one sick fucker, ProL.

      1. I imagine there are hundreds of thousands of porn videos on the web at this point. How many do you need, Almanian?

        If only we could harness this porn energy for other great goals, like conquering the Milky Way!

        1. I’m harnessing this energy to ensure a steady sypply of fresh…

        2. Let’s assume there are other intelligent species in the galaxy.

          Given that, it’s reasonable to assume most species have something they happen to be the best at. What if ours turns out to be porn?

          1. Define “best at”.

            1. Depends on the topic. In this case, I was thinking of “best at creating porn”. Which I’m not sure if I meant creating the best quality or the most quantity or something else…

              1. That’s what I was asking you to define.

              2. Sollywood! Home of the galaxy’s best porn and its hottest females–Homo sapiens! Witness perversions unimagined by even the most advanced races!

    4. have you no imagination?

    5. They’re still producing porn? I’m just getting recycled crap from ten years ago. Isn’t Sylvia Saint retired and on social security by now?

  8. Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said Monday the developments show that adult film companies are incapable of policing themselves.

    No it shows exactly the opposite fuckface.

  9. So wait… Some people that choose to have a lot of sex with a lot of people, usually without a condom, end up with an STD? The government must step in to fight this inconceivable outcome!

    1. This is correct. The only solution is to launch a massive research project to develop convincing CGI porn, which would end the need for actors. The Masturbation Project. Probably needs about $100 billion/year, for five years.

      1. But….who could lead such a project?

        1. Well, for a small stipend, say $1 billion a year. . . .

          1. You are a bastard…but you’re a bastard with a HEART…

            1. Truly, I exist only to serve.

              1. To serve….man?

      2. Nah, all we need is an immature comedy actor working in his office for several months.

  10. Also, Kirsten Powers is a fucking hack. A subtle hack, but a hack. I despise her.


  11. Alt text full o’ win

    1. I’d like to think that, in some small way, my pestering of Rusty made this possible.

      1. I almost posted a picture of Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion making out, but the angle wasn’t very good and you couldn’t see who they were.

        1. I don’t need that image! NTTAWWT

        2. I am OK with not having helped make that happen.

  12. as there will be an initiative on the ballot for Los Angeles County residents in November to mandate condoms in porn shoots (and also require permits, inspections and other regulatory fees).

    Great. Thanks, L.A. Way to make sex something produced by the Post Office. If you want to make sex uninteresting, L.A., I have a better idea: Put the producers of HBOs Real Sex in charge of it, and I’ll never be interested in watching nude women again.

    1. Seriously. When I was a teenager and didn’t have access to internet porn, Real Sex seemed like the coolest thing ever. Now every once in a while I come across an episode and I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

      1. I even find HBO’s non-porn originals somehow make female nudity tedious.

        Sure, it made sense to see boobs on The Sopranos occasionally because Silvio owned a strip club. But usually when Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire need to meet their T+A quota, I’m sitting there thinking “Put your top back on, sweetheart, I’d rather hear dialogue!”

        Yessir, the Internet has really changed things since the days when seeing a naked chick on Dream On was a big deal.

        1. You don’t watch True Blood, do you?

          1. Nah, I’m single, so no need to please my nonexistent wife by suffering through True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy.

        2. I find it amusing that while Game of Thrones shows lots of naked women who are anachronistically shaved, Boardwalk Empire actually takes the time to find actresses with period-authentic 1920s unkempt bush. Or they wear pubic wigs.

          1. “Anachronistically”, as in, not appropriate to the real historical time and place in which Game of Thrones is set?

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