Election 2012

Romney Advisor Argues Against Even Throwing a Bone to the Gays in GOP Platform

Compares civil unions for gays to polygamy, drug use.


During a Tuesday morning meeting of the Republican National National Convention Platform, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach expressed his opposition to a platform amendment that would have allowed for "civil unions" by likening homosexuality to drug use and polygamy.

A Nevada RNC delegate argued in favor of the amendment on behalf of a young conservative group, stating that "the freedom to marry is in line with our core belief in limited government and individual freedom. To quote former Vice President Dick Cheney,'Freedom means freedom for everyone.'"

She continued on to warn that the exclusion of pro-gay marriage views from the Republican Party platform could alienate younger conservatives who might be tempted to leave the party: "They are Republicans, and they should not be condemned for their desire to have civil unions. And as had been said in many pages here about a union being the best environment in which to raise children, a couple union, these people also deserve to raise children as a couple."