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Is the GOP Still a "Major Party" in Washington State? The Libertarian Party Says No, and Sues to Get Romney off the Ballot


The Stranger reported last week on an interesting (though I'm guessing ultimately fruitless) attempt on the part of the Libertarian Party to actually hold the Republican Party to annoying rules governing what qualifies one as a "major party" and thus exempt from expensive and onerous ballot-access requirements.

Seems the letter of the law dictates that, because the GOP did not officially nominate a candidate for Senate in Washington in 2010, the Republican Party no longer qualifies as a major party.

The suit claims that Dino Rossi, the guy who got to the final Senate ballot through the state's relatively new "top 2 winner" open primary, though listing Republican as his preference, was not officially nominated as such by the state GOP.

Given that Romney did not follow the ballot access rigmarole and signature collection required of a non-major candidate for president, the LP says his name should be stricken from the state ballot.

I look forward to a tortured court ruling amounting to, well, whatever, LP, of course the Republican Party is a major party. That's just metaphysically true, no matter what our silly laws say.

The LP's court filing.

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  1. God this would be fucking hilarious if it worked.

    1. My thought was “funny as shit”, so it seems we’re in agreement.

      1. No, it would be fucking hilarious! Funny as shit isn’t even remotely the same!

        1. I agree it would be pretty goddamn amusing.

          1. Epic entertainment. Hopefully it goes to federal appeal in the 9th Circus.

          2. No…it would be fucking hilarious.

            1. oh the laughs which we would then share.

              1. Exactly, because it would be pretty goddamn amusing. Everyone agrees.

                1. This WOULD be kinda funny

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                    5. If this were Westeros, or, Hell, America 80 years ago her parents would be offering her up to a successful middle aged gent like you.

                    6. So I take it this ‘Westeros’ is somewhere in Missouri?

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                    8. The TV series version applies American age conventions and mores to the books. Dany was only 13 when she was married to Dago. The same for Sansa when she marries Tyrion. The actress playing Lady Catelyn was my biggest disappointment. She should have been a vibrant red head in her early thirties at the very most, not the homely middle aged woman that was used in the show. She had her first child in her mid teens and he is only around fourteen or fifteen in the first year of the song.

                    9. Seriously? Who gives a fuck.

                      Game of Thrones is the most disappointing horseshit ever made.

                      The first book, and thus the first season, was a good read. But the following books were terrible.

                      Page after page of morons walking around in complete and utter denial of their capacity to affect their destiny. Fuck, How long do you need to see Sansa and Arya passed from strong man to strong man before realizing that Martin has a fetish for helpless little girls?

                    10. If you don’t give a fuck then shut the fuck up as proof!

                      Feminist absolutely hate Sansa. That’s reason alone to adore the character. As for Arya, your understanding of what Martin is doing with that her is . . . lacking.

                    11. I will shut the fuck up as soon as dipshits stop trying to show their post-modern street-cred by acting like they totally get Martin, while all the other horny, bloodthirsty adolescents groveling at his feet are clearly just sycophants.

                      I could give a shit about what feminists think of Sansa. She is a plot device, not a character. Which would be fine, except we have to watch through her eyes as strongman after strongman makes use of her. She might as well be a goddamn chair as interesting as she is.

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                    12. You must have been disappointed that she didn’t rush up on to the septa and save Ned from being beheaded with miniature sword. You thought she was going to pull it off. Of course you did; that’s why your post was so blubbery.

                    13. Uh, what part of “the first book was a good read” didn’t you get?

                      The problem is you can’t just keep writing the same book over and over. Unless you are Stephen King…or George Martin.

                      My problem is that it is clear that martin is more interested in plot twists than he is interested in characters. That is why none of the starting POV characters have any internal character changes through the first four books, where I finally gave up. Ned? Nope, stupid idealist. Sansa? Scared little freak. Arya? Same headstrong little waif in over her head.

                      There are two characters with any sort of character development- Piggy up north, and Jamie. But to give a shit about Jamie I’d have to give a shit about a man who would throw a kid out of a window so he could safely fuck his sister. No thanks.

                    14. Bran? Nope, we barely see him. Snow? Nope, he just continues to be swept up by events.

                      Tyrion? Maybe…Maybe he has a character change…I didn’t read the 5th book, so maybe he gets better after killing pops. Dany? Ok, she shows some character change, but is completely absent from the 4th book.

                      But other than that, you just have a bunch of windup toys- moving around while other characters constantly jockey for position. Why should I care about the house of stark when they have absolutely no ability to impact thousands of pages of story? Instead we just watch as they stupidly walk into ambush and betrayal because Martin doesn’t know what “Honor” really means.

  2. Power to them.

  3. Romney will not win WA state in any case. Those on the west coast of the state will find glee in a Republican shutout. Those on the east coast of the state will be ignored as usual…

    Still would be fucking hilarious as funny shit if it worked!

  4. Took you long enough to get a post up about this!

  5. I hope they win. The major parties, and the GOP in particular as of late, write rules to exclude competitors and then ignore them when the rules become an inconvenience. They should get a taste of their own duopolistic medicine.

    1. Given that they love the two-party model so much that calls for a double penetration.

  6. I think Johnson, with his socially liberal positions on marijuana and gay marriage, would actually draw far more votes from Obama than he would Romney in states like Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mittens wins Colorado and New Mexico, which went blue last time, and thus wins the election because of the LP?

    1. I think you’re giving voters way too much credit by assuming they vote based on things like politicians positions and voting records.

      Blue Voters will vote Blue because voting Blue is what Blue Voters do.

    2. Ironic, yes. Possible, no. Lefties are scarred for life over Al Gore’s loss in 2000. They will never abandon TEAM BLUE again. And certainly not if it means the first black President will lose.

    3. He might get some disaffected young blue male voters. I’m seeing a lot of subarus and priuses with Obama 2012 stickers.

      1. No matter what they say about disappointments or disaffection, almost all the sheep wander back to the TEAM by election time. Just like Clevelanders keep supporting the Browns.

        1. So what you’re saying is that both groups are retarded.

          1. I’m saying you’re retarded.

            1. Hey I’m not retarded! I root for the Broncos.

        2. Fuck you. THIS IS THE YEAR WE TURN IT AROUND TURN IT AROUND turn it around…turn it around…

          *fades into infinitely nested series of flashbacks*

          1. I thought the NFL kept the Browns around to give the Stillers 2 more wins

      2. There is not an excuse for a single human being including Obama to vote for Obama that goes beyond sheer delusion. He is not executive material on an epic scale never witnessed in the annuals of Western History that doesn’t involve genetic degeneration through royal inbreeding. That he is still dicking around with the job is an indictment of just how much a vain loser the man happens to be. Yes, Biden would be better even with senility apparent.

        That new Politico e-book has a scene where Obama is fretting that Romney might win and luck up with an economy on an upswing and get the credit for it that Obama thinks should belong to him. I would have shit my pants laughing at that notion if I weren’t reading on the crapper at the time. We may scoff at the Romans who once suffered Caligula who marched his army to the English channel and brought back shells to prove he conquered Neptune. This fucker loser we have now is every bit as delusional as that.

  7. Shoot zem… shoot zem both…

  8. Didn’t something similar happen in TX, where the Repubs (or Romney?) missed some filing deadline and the LP (or maybe Ron Paul’s people?) did their best to enforce the rules as written? Only of course to be shot the fuck down because, you know, we can’t have you guys interfering with the status quo.

    1. I was going to post about this. I think it was 2004. So often third parties are given the “rulez is rulez” to keep them off the ballot. In the TX case it was something like the R’s had to have their paperwork by COB Friday and they turned it in on Monday. No “rulez is rulez” for them!

      … Hobbit

    2. Yep. Here is the full text of the decision. I guess Doherty is going to miss out on his “tortured court ruling”.

  9. The Libertarian Party should let Washingtonians throw their votes away on Romney if they want.

    1. You know who else let people throw their votes away on another party…

      1. Almanian’s Evil Twin| 8.20.12 @ 9:44PM |#
        “You know who else let people throw their votes away on another party…”
        Mao? No, wait…

      2. Bernie Ecclestone?

      3. Not the North Korean Kims.

  10. IIRC, certain “major” candidates were not on the primary ballots of certain states due to improper filings. If those screw-ups were not, um, overcome, why should this one be?

    Taking it to the Supreme Court and “sullying” the election a la 2000 — *that* would be hilarious.

  11. Fuck The Stranger. I wouldn’t trust that “paper” with anything remotely resembling politics. Here’s the PI’s report on the debacle. Fuck The Stranger.

    1. Sometimes when I’m alone, I sit on my hand until it goes numb, and then I masturbate with it. I call it a Stranger. Have you ever given yourself a Stranger?

      1. I’ve tried, but to no avail. Would it work better if I used my less dominant hand?

    2. And so you post a link to the PI…which is actually worse then the Stranger…

      1. How so? They’ve changed with the times and shed their print when it became necessary.

        The Stranger has LustLab, and that’s it.

  12. OMFG!!!!

    the WAC says at “the last preceding presidential election.”
    but the RCW says “at the last preceding state general election in an even-numbered year.”

    I don’t know about other states but the WACs are written by bureaucrats for bureaucrats and do not go through the legislature. I run into this with land use regulations. (“the WAC says you can’t do that” “but fuck you the RCW says I can”) I don’t even know why they exist. I guess sometimes the legislature sometimes says ‘Ok assholes you guys fill in the blanks and make some rules”

    For some reason in Washington state this is done for everything.

    Anyway judges in Washington mostly say fuck you to the WACs and look at the RCWs and case law unless the RCW specifically says to write some rules…and even then if there is a conflict they choose the RCW over the WAC.

    Anyway Washington state went to a 2 winners regardless of party go to general system…most likely this law (RCW) is a hold over that they missed when they changed it. The judge will probably rule that that the intent was not to hold back metaphysical majority parties.

  13. It doesn’t matter what the law says. The judge (or judges) will rule in favor of the major parties, and against the minor parties. Period. Because the overwhelming majority of judges are dishonest, dishonorable oathbreakers, as are the overwhelming majority of everyone in our political and legal system.

    1. Obama’s house slaves make the beer. I imagine they would continue to do so even if Mittens got elected, because it would mean moar beer for them.

    2. They even pay for the upkeep on the beehive. What’s next? Fan of Dune?

    3. You know who else brewed his own beer?

  14. He didn’t brew that.

  15. When did Train turn into a Maroon 5 clone?

    1. Or is it the other way around?

      1. I’m not sure.
        While Maroon 5 is newer, the new Train songs sound more like Maroon 5 than older Train.

        1. Maroon 5. Aren’t they some kind of pop band for aging thirtysomething white folks still wanting to feel cool?

          1. Oh god yes, I just youtoob’d ’em. It’s Matchbox 20, but not as edgy.

  16. On of these days the right wing extremists of the republican / tea party are going to be seen as our own taliban.

    I dont always agree with the libertarians on financial isssues but respect them for their support of equality under the law for our gay friends and neighbors.

    The republican party is digging its own grave. So be it.

  17. The Libertarian Party seems obsessed with remaining irrelevant. Does anyone in their right mind think they can possibly win this lawsuit? Can they not think of better uses for their resources?

    1. It’s the state party running this. There were literally zero LP candidates running this year in Washington.

      1. Because they have their silly top-two system. The same system California is starting this year. Ugh.

  18. More than a little ironic, isn’t it, that the LP is using laws that presumably they wouldn’t otherwise support to do something that is probably a major reason they wouldn’t the support the law in the first place?

    1. Huh. It’s almost like it’s going to make some sort of point about the law in question.

    2. It actually makes sense. Many people will support an unjust law because they figure that it will only apply to The Others. Insisting that the law be uniformly enforced makes the absurdity of it more apparent.

  19. After the B.S. the Michigan Secretary of State pulled (who is a true-blue Republican) who stuck Gary Johnson on the GOP primary ballot when he didn’t ask to be then when they realized it and filed the paperwork to have him taken off so he didn’t face sore loser laws and it was stamped three minutes too late (4:03 pm) and thus are trying to keep him off the ballot there, and this bogus lawsuit challenging signatures in Pennsylvania ,then election officials in Tennessee throwing out just enough votes to try and disqualify Gary Johnson from the ballot there (new signatures were submitted, but Gary had to fly out list minute to sign all the petitions personally), I think this is payback of the KARMIC JUSTICE kind.

    Romney’s people and the GOP are going to pull this B.S.? Payback is a bitch. Just you wait and watch how people will leave the party in droves.

    I’ve been a life long Republican (never voted along party lines) because they *used* to be the party of fiscal conservatism, but not anymore. And now this corrupt lawsuit B.S. I’m officially leaving the party and signing up as Libertarian. They’ve lost another Republican because they are not only inept, but proven themselves to be just as malignantly corrupt as Democrats.

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