Ex-Marine Busted for Anti-Government Facebook Postings

Brandon Raub was into wacky conspiracy theories, but made no explicit threats


A man who recently served overseas as a U.S. Marine was arrested Thursday evening in Virginia for making anti-government statements on Facebook.

Brandon Raub's arrest was captured on citizen video by his brother, which at least allows us to see that he was not whisked away in the dark of night by men in black.

But the men who arrested him were compiled of FBI and Secret Service agents as well as Chesterfield County police officers who did not have a problem being video recorded.


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  1. His posting about the Bush family raping children in a secret castle made me giggle. I thought that was Michael Jackson’s racket.

  2. What would happen if just anyone could make anti-government statements? We’d be up to our eyebrows in Pussy Riot.

  3. It’s depressing that this story is not exponentially bigger than the “Akin: Rape” story.

  4. What the AP article irresponsibly fails to mention is that the ‘Sharpen my axe’ post is a popular line from the song ‘Bring Me Down’ by the major rap group Swollen Members. Raub had other songs by the rap group posted on his wall as well as a large number of other hip-hop related posts. Posting of violent rap lyrics on facebook walls is commonplace and not cause for concern.

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