Wozniak Fears Internet Regulation

The Apple co-founder says online freedom is at risk from governments


It has been nearly 40 years since Wozniak, now 61, started Apple out of a central California garage. At the time, today's concept of the Internet was unheard of. In an exclusive interview with RT, though, Woz says he is happy with how things developed, even if regulators have gone about legislating technology in all the wrong ways.

"The Internet, when it first came, it was a breath of fresh air. It was so free. Nobody owned the Internet space.Countries didn't own it; they didn't control it. It was worldwide. It was people to people. It was like we little people of the world all of a sudden had this incredible resource and we didn't have to go through other people selling it to us and delivering it to us," Woz tells RT.

The Silicon Valley legend says that the openness of the Internet "has changed a lot" since then, in part of an array of laws introduced since home computers became more and more commonplace. And while he doesn't dismiss that efforts from regulations have been at time in good intention, he says, "These were new laws that were just going to totally try to put up roadblocks to services that had other very good purposes in our life."