Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan is Romney VP Pick

Announcement made to supporters via phone app.


US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has named fiscal conservative Paul Ryan as his running mate in November's election.

Mr Ryan, 42, is a congressman for his home state of Wisconsin.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty had also been tipped to run with Mr Romney as vice-presidential candidate.

The BBC's North America Editor Mark Mardell says the decision is a bold and ideological choice.

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  1. Well, that sure beats any other choice Mittens could have made with the exception of a Paul. I will be voting for Johnson, but will be not as unhappy when history is made with our first Mormon President.

    1. Might as well vote for Obama, you’re throwing away your vote one way or another

  2. Romney has made an outstanding choice in selecting the highly competent Paul Ryan to serve as our next Vice President.

    Thanks to the magnificent work of Paul Ryan and the outstanding career of Mitt Romney, in Nov 2012 American voters will get to cast the most important vote of their lives — do you want America to go down “The Path to Prosperity” and not only SAVE but RESTORE the GREATNESS OF AMERICA, or do you want the country to continue to careen out-of-control down the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist TAX-AND-SPEND “Road to Hell” plan to turn America into a HIGH TAX, LOW GROWTH, bankrupt European style ENTITLEMENT STATE – i.e. another Greece – headed by a totally incompetent, ego-maniacal president and his embarrassing Bite-Me side-kick?

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