Will Smith a Secret Tea Partier? Says "God Bless America" to France's Proposal to Tax Rich at 75 Percent

He'd pay anything to keep his country going, but it doesn't sound like he'd pay that


The blockbuster actor Will Smith was in France a few months ago promoting Men in Black III. Because it was French presidential election season and French cable news isn't too much different than American cable news, the actor was asked about issues on the campaign trail in France, specifically taxes. Smith told the anchor he'd "pay anything" his country needs to keep going. So he was asked about then-presidential candidate Francois Hollande's proposal to tax the rich at a level of 75 percent, a promise he is trying to make good on now that he is president. A visibly shocked Smith said "well that's different" before finally deciding on "God bless America."

Video below, question starts at about 1:11