Which Presidential Candidate Has Killed More Innocents? Let the SuperPACs Fight it Out!


Pro-Obama SuperPac Priorities USA runs an ad more or less accusing Romney of being responsible for a woman's death. You know, Bain Capital restructured a company, man got fired, no insurance, wife delays a doctor's visit, cancer, DEAD! (UPDATE: Peter Suderman had earlier today torn apart the factual basis of this ad.)

Enjoy the ad below. It's very tasteful and restrained, for that sad and untrue story it tells.


At the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf notes that blaming your opponent for people's deaths should be a little awkward for Obama fans, what with the drones and the death rained from the sky on the innocents and all that:

It would be nice if Obama defenders could respond that he's done everything in his power to minimize civilian casualties, but that isn't true. Drones that fire missiles, then sometimes fire again when rescuers rush to the scene, or when funerals are held, does not minimize civilian casualties. When a drone program defines "all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent," the effect is not to minimize civilian casualties, but to maximize the cover the United States has to kill people without raising alarm from outside observers.

Do Obama supporters who cheered this anti-Romney ad understand the sort of commercial that grieving family members of this 16-year-old American boy killed in a CIA drone strike could make?

Lucy Steigerwald blogged in June on half-assed liberal defenses of Obama's killin' ways.

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    1. FUCK! I should have known it was an Onion article.

  1. The kicker is that if you look into the story, Romney is not even remotely tied to the woman’s death. He left Bain two years before her husband was fired in 2001, she had her own insurance until around 2003, and she didn’t die until 2006.

    Oh, and she died only a few weeks after being diagnosed, because they caught the cancer very late, at a stage where there was absolutely nothing that could have been done for her.

    There was absolutely nothing Mitt Romney did or didn’t do that caused her death, and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it short of being Jesus reincarnated.

    1. See there! The murderous bastard just couldn’t be bothered to even try that.

    2. Plus, Bain offered the guy a buyout, which he declined.

      Apparently this SuperPAC ad was filmed at the same time as an official Obama ad, even though there’s supposed to be no coordination between campaigns and SuperPACs.

      It’s so over-the-line that it’s been condemned by the Washington Post and Lanny Davis and other reliable Democrats. But, of course, if Tony comes by, he’ll defend it.

      1. I don’t think people really understand just how hellishly awful, incompetent, and shameless Ebony “The Tremendous Cunt” Messiah really is.

      2. I think this lazy fuck hated his wife and wanted her dead. That’s why he didn’t bother getting another job.

  2. Obama never strapped Seamus on top of the family predator drone.

    1. No, he ate Seamus instead.

  3. ? “Romney hath slain his thousands, and Obama his ten thousands” ?

    1. Obama was very angry; this refrain galled him. “They have credited Romney with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the presidency?”

  4. blaming your opponent for people’s deaths should be a little awkward for Obama fans, what with the drones and the death rained from the sky on the innocents and all that

    Don’t worry, it won’t be. They’re way past any stage of embarrassment and are in full fantasyland mode. One of my knee jerk TEAM BLUE Facebook friends posted a link to a picture of a smirking Romney today that was captioned “I can say pretty much whatever I want and Republicans will still vote for me. Watch…I bet I can propose an economic plan that cuts my taxes while raising theirs and it won’t even matter…heck they won’t even question it. What IDIOTS.”

    I almost choked, the un-self-awareness and projection was so fucking strong. How delusional do you have to be to be an Obama fan and then post that picture?

    1. Almost as delusional as you have to be to claim that I’m not a force around here.

      1. You’re the expert in being delusional, Tulpy-poo, so you’d know.

      2. I suppose delusional self grandeur can be force.

        As god emperor around here I will give you that.

        1. Wait. Tulpa is the god emperor? I thought he was just the bouncer from Road House.

          1. When we overthrow the editorial staff and install a dictatorship of the commentariat Tulpa will be the first brought before the Tribunal for judgment.

            1. I picked the wrong week to start ‘What Would Robespierre Do’ as my guidance conscience.

              1. Just remember how helpful I am. Like this is a very tasty recipe when you add one third of a cup of capers in at the last step. Made it for super tonight. Incredible.

            2. Tulpa will still be allowed to post, but only under the handle “Tulpa the Mongoloid” and can only comment about TV shows on the CW and movies that John Malkovich has been in, except for Con Air.

            3. So he’ll be the first up against the page margin?

          2. Despite being a force of some sort here, he is not a Kwittheshitz Hadenough, the one who can be offended in many ways at once. Only those of us bred to be thus for thousands of years can achieve such exalted status.

          3. Wait. Tulpa is the god emperor?

            No serf! I am!

      3. Jesus Tulpa you make it too easy.

    2. Did you write back? I would suggest, ‘tithing was traditionally ten percent. Does government promise you immortality too?’

      1. No, I didn’t want to get sucked into the vortex of stupidity.

  5. The republic is doomed. The Obama strategy is working. Romney is losing ground, hus favorables are down, his unfavorables are up. The people have seen fit to reward blatant lies and transparent character assassination. We get more of what we reward, so we will get more thuggery from the administration. Because it works. Because our fellows let it work.

    1. Obama will lose in November.

      Your first statement may still be correct.

    2. The idea that we know what we want and deserve to get it good and hard, RC.

      1. Oh, the “Good and Hard” clause to the Constitution?

    3. Don’t tell me you think we should vote for Romney now.

      One Tulpa is enough.

      By the way fatty is right Obama will lose in November. The economy has sealed his fate.

      1. We need to Roseanne. She’ll be the first President to also be the Prime Minister of Israel.

    4. I think the mask is starting to slip on President Not My Fault. This last PAC ad stuff has been laughable if it’s an indication of what he’s running on come September.

      Remember that Gore had a lead in the polls (a big one) through most of September in 2000. Things can change.

      Romney will get a spark from the convention and then we’ll see.

      But Mencken was right, good and hard.

      1. I want to agree with those saying Obama will lose but what o what evidence is there in the polls for that? Romney is dead in the water and Obama is stable. There’s just doldrums.

        1. I stand by my assertion that Obama is polling well above his actual position due to a number of people being uncomfortable saying that they don’t like a minority. Yes, things are that far gone when it comes to identity politics.

          That issue disappears in the voting booth.

          Aside from all that, a stagnant economy isn’t something that can be hidden, nor can being caught in blatant lies and missteps.

          1. That’s pretty much the ugliest of the desperate rationalizations for Obama’s superior position out there.

            1. Even uglier than presupposing that those who disagree with Obama’s policy position are inherently racist?

              I’m not sure you have much room to charge others with using race as a motivating factor.

              1. I’ve never made that claim.

                I’ve said that the Republican party’s primary vote-getting strategy for decades has been convincing old white people that black people want to take their money. That’s just fact.

            2. Of course, my point was that they don’t like Obama as a president and are scared to admit that due to fears of being slimed as racists.

              Mark my words, Obama is going to lose my a significant margin, despite the weak opponent. Where will your god be then?

              1. agreed. The last poll that mattered was Nov 2010. Barry needed to tack hard to the center, he didn’t. He will lose by an “unprecidented” margin.

          2. There’s also the apathy of the electorate. Those who like Obama mindlessly like a lot (see below) and respond to these surveys. Those who vote Romney do so with little enthusiasm. Goodness lets hope so.

      2. Obama’s ads have been crafted by the most sophisticated poll testing ever, and seem to be proving effective despite beltway antipopulist huffing. I don’t know about the superpac ads. They may not do the candidates any favors.

        But this particular one can only be the result of some superior 3-D chess skills. Nobody cares that it’s a lie. They’re all lies nowadays. What people are talking about is Romney’s spokeswoman telling the truth in response about how the individual mandate would have saved the day.

    5. While Romney is simply a lousy candidate, I still think that Team Obama overreached on this kind of pathetic and low character attack. If this what’ll they’ll be putting out for the next 3 months I think they’ll do more damage to Obama than Romney.

      1. A Romney ad filled with Obama statements about civility and bi-partisanship and such insincere blather would be good.

        1. If I were Romney, I’d focus quite heavily on Obama’s many contradictions and failures.

      2. The guy’s a robot. They should be hitting him for not being cool enough to lead the Red, White and Blue. Do you want a guy that figured out how to take his dog on vacation or a guy that said ‘screw it, I’ll eat the dog before I go on vacation’? Do you want a guy that can sing Al Green or an Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas medley? Are you voting for the Lizard King or Pat Boone? Are You Experienced or are you Yahoo Serious? Or something.

        1. Are you voting for the Lizard King or Pat Boone?


    6. Do not despair! We’re not quite dead yet.

  6. This will never get old:

    Lilly’s father then told a story that has stuck with me ever since. As she lay dying in a pool of her own blood and vomit, the overpoweringly putrid scent of death wafting in the air as her father cupped the intestines spilling out her mangled abdomen, the littlest Ledbetter faintly breathed her final words. And like columnist Ezra Klein, she was laudably on message.

    “It’s so cruel,” she said, whimpering as tears fell from her bloodshot eyes to her blood-smeared cheek, “what Mitt Romney did to that dog.”

    1. Speaking of which, I admit that this made me laugh:


  7. Heh, PriortiesUSA had to disable both commenting and the like bar for the video. I guess they didn’t like the feedback they were getting.

  8. For those of you who do facebook I would invite you to “like” this page for “Barack W Romney”. There’s some hilarious shit on there.


    1. Hah, that’s pretty fucking good.

  9. If anybody clicks on the link to The Atlantic article, do NOT read the comments. Jesus Christ we are beyond doomed.

    1. The one at the top has the DNC on speed dial for those times in the day he forgets how to breath.

      Sam Smith 13 hours ago

      The first difference is that Mitt killed people as part of a business strategy and Obama killed people as part of a war. The second difference is that Mitt killed Americans and Obama killed foreigners.

      I agree that the drone program is indefensible but I don’t really see how it relates to the fact that many Americans die due to a lack of health insurance and issue both Mitt (as Gov. of Mass.) and Obama in supporting the ACA have addressed.

      1. That almost turned me noninterventionist. Holy I don’t even

    2. And this one discovered the formula for creating a reality distortion field. impressive:

      You’ll never believe this, but for some reason I keep saying it: trickle-down economics, such as those practiced by starve-the-beast anti-government Republicans since 1994, have vastly damaged our economy’s stability and increased income inequality significantly. By focusing on enriching the rich, they created the cultural environment that encouraged de-regulation and greed . . .

      The GOP, ironically, shifted business’ focus on slow, steady growth (a conservative position) to a focus on instant gratification and massive, immediate profits (a profoundly radical position).

      Both parties may be corrupt, but it’s the true believing oligarchs and militants of the GOP that have derailed this country.

      1. Get the fuck already

  10. Libertarians should be happy with drones. You don’t have to pay for their healthcare.

    1. When the soldiers figure that out, they’ll turn Luddite and start shooting them out of the skies.

    2. And Liberals should be happy with drones because it lets them flex their hardon for state-sponsored violence. And what do you know, they are happy.

      1. Tony is so full of shit. Liberals love giving more power to corrupt people.

  11. It is my sincere hope that history remembers our functionally retarded commander-in-chief as Emperor Barack the Despicable.

    1. They probably will.

  12. Glenn Greenwald had a much better article in Salon on the murder of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

  13. Lucy Steigerwald blogged in June on half-assed liberal defenses of Obama’s killin’ ways.

    Is there any argument that liberals make thet isn’t half-assed?

    1. They’re very thorough and heartfelt in their argument that THEY DESERVE FREE SHIT WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  14. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    Isn’t giving aid and comfort to anti-constitutionalist insurrectionists like his entire appointment list and staff and usurping power not expressly delegated tantamount to this?

    I eagerly await the President’s impeachment and trial.

    1. Beautiful, brings a tear to my eye.

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