Police Abuse

Cop Bashed Kid

Corporal Ricky Adey, a Prince George's County, Maryland, police officer has been indicted for assaulting a 13-year-old boy with his hands and a gun


A Prince George's County police officer was indicted for assaulting a teenage boy, a day after receiving praise for helping evacuate residents from a burning building.

Cpl. Ricky Adey was responding to sounds of gunshots in Capitol Heights on August 4, 2011. When he arrived at the 6900 block of Walker Mill Road, Adey saw a large group of juveniles running from the

scene, police said, and Adey chased down one of the individuals, 13-year-old Kyre Jenkins.

Adey allegedly pulled Jenkins down from a fence the boy was trying to climb to evade police and assaulted him, at one point putting his gun to Jenkins' head, according to prosecutors.