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Man Arrested For Walking Into Colorado Movie Theater Armed

Man was disarmed and arrested, areas were evacuated, handgun was confiscated, police reviewing case. Colorado is allegedly an open-carry state.


A 48-year-old man arrested Sunday night at a Thornton movie theater for wearing a holstered weapon said he was simply exercising his right to bear arms.

"I was a threat to no one. I didn't threaten anybody," said James G. Mapes, who was taken into custody after carrying a handgun into the Cinebarre movie theater at 1001 Grant St.


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  1. CO is supposedly an open carry state*, so unless there were signs similar to the Aurora theater saying that it was a “gun free zone” (IOW, “commit mass murder here”), they shouldn’t have been able to arrest him. I suspect that they technically arrested him on some bogus catch all bullshit charge like “disturbing the peace”.

    *I say “supposedly” because this schmuck isn’t the first person to get himself arrested for open carrying. Unfortunately there’s enough “OMG GUNZ R BADD!!!!11!!!!” dipshits here that one of them will shit their pants and call the cops on you if you try it.

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