More on Batman Shooter: Joker Referenced, Fandom and Cosplayers Blamed


  • After surrendering, James Holmes is no longer talking to investigators. His apartment was booby trapped with jars of chemicals connected to wires. (It's not clear how or even whether these traps would actually work)

  • New York City's police commissioner claims Holmes had painted his hair red and called himself "Joker." Joker's hair is obviously green, but this unconfirmed report didn't stop Fox News from running with the whole tired "Does violent entertainment make people violent?" hand-wringing.
  • Other eye-rolling musings: Was Holmes a card-carrying member of comic fandom driven to a rage by The Dark Knight Rises' less-than-stellar reviews? Tip: If you say it's too early to speculate about motives, then just don't.
  • Slate's David Weigel speculates based on accounts of the craziness going on inside the Aurora theater that another armed person inside could not have stopped the murders. A gun trainer, though, responds with a bit more knowledge of how a gun-owner with skills might have succeeded.
  • It's all cosplayers' fault!: AMC has banned costumes and masks at their theaters.